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How Can Article Writing Get Traffic to Your Websites?

To get high traffic to your websites acts as the biggest achievement for a successful enterprise. It resembles the success of your internet business as well. To become a good traffic attractor the basic requisite you should have is the flair to good marketing skills. You need to do it by interest not by necessity.

Article writing is one of the most profitable ways which connects you to the rest of the world. What you write represents your individual personality to the world. Readers like reading relevant and to the point piece of writings only.

Article Writing Get Traffic

There are some proven ways to get traffic to your website through article writing. Some of such ways are given below:

Concise and relevant Article writing for the readers

To get good amount of traffic on your website you can incorporate an easy method of gaining full attention. Online readers like reading about the interesting stuff whenever they get a chance to. So incorporating article writing and posting relevant and concise articles on your website can drive more traffic.

Top article directories and search engines should have access to your articles so that greater amount of traffic could connect to your website anytime. Providing valuable and good quality article through article writing can increase your traffic multiple folds in a small span of time.

Posting classifies advertisements

Around a million of users are online all the time throughout the day, thus classified advertisements or we can say ads when posted on WebPages help the webpage owners to make good amount of money there and then.

These advertisements are regarding products and services which a reader might like to subscribe to. Promoters make agreements with webpage owners for posting their ads over the WebPages for some amount, and that amount works well for the webpage owner. They get easy finances and heavy traffic by this.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a quick fix method to gain larger amounts of traffic to a site. These are the common search engines which provide users the facility to search anything on the web world.

When a site brings a search engine on its webpage majority of the readers get used to it. They start sticking to that site. SEO works on the keywords which can be distributed in the form of MetaTags, title, article and alternate tags of the graphics on the WebPages etc.

Whatever you choose article writing goes with all. There needs to be good articles and text so that it impresses the people and helps you gets more traffic and profits in return.

What are The 3 Major Types of Traffic that your Websites or Blogs can Get?

Today most of us start a blog to earn money through blogging. The key component of every website to earn money is always the traffic to a website.

You should therefore necessarily know the 3 major types of traffic that your website can get, so that you can benefit from all of them. More you get traffic to your website more you can make revenues from it.

There are many ways by which one can generate traffic to his blog and by concentrating on these ways; you can make more and more money through blogging, easily within few months.


The websites or blogs with no traffic cannot sell its products. Website traffic is essential and if there is no traffic, no one is going to come and read your articles and you will not be able to make any money from your blogs or websites.

There are three major types of traffic that a website or blog can get.

1. Paying For Getting Traffic

The most important way of getting traffic for your website is by using Pay per click advertising. This is widely used to get more and more traffic by paying for it. Google Ad words program, Bidvertizer, Yahoo Network Sponsored Search, etc. are some major names in the market of paying for getting traffic.

This technique is very successful but it is very essential to do lots of research for your chosen Pay Per click vendor. The price you would have to pay for each click depend on many factors such as how many people are competing for the same keyword and the position you want to occupy for that same keyword. If the competition is high, the cost will also increase.

2. Traffic Borrowing

Traffic borrowing is a method which does not prove to be beneficial for every individual working for his blogs. This is an option for those who cannot spend money on generating the traffic.

There are mainly two ways of borrowing traffic. The first method is what we call as link exchange. In this method you put links of another websites on your own site or blogs and in return they put your links on their websites. This is simply a give and take method.

The second method of borrowing traffic is the affiliate marketing. In this, you have to contact other companies or marketers who are having the products that complement yours. Now if they are interested, they can put an entry of your products on their blogs or websites informing their own visitors about your products. This will ultimately help in advertising your products and you can get a good traffic from it.

3. Creating your own Traffic

The best way to start bringing traffic to your website is by creating your own traffic. You can have your blogs or websites popular only by getting a good traffic. This will ultimately help you to earn good money from them. There are many ways of creating your own traffic. The most important and successful method is your good  up to date content.

If you have good content on your website, you will surely get good traffic. It is also important that you update your sites from time to time. Articles are the best source of generating traffic for which you can create articles on your chosen niche and put them on your blogs for getting regular traffic.

Directory submission is also one of the best techniques to increase your rankings in the search engines and thus increasing traffic for your blog.

If you want to use the Directory Submission Service, use the best one which will help you a lot in getting all the benefits you are looking for.

Directory maximizers provide their best services and are best. You can try out their services to get the maximum results.

List of 10 Best Adsense Alternatives You Should Try Out

After having set up your Blog, your blog is now ready to get monetized with best pay per click networks to get maximum profits. One of the most important things to consider when adding revenue sources to your site is to diversify. Care has to be taken that you don’t put all your eggs in the same basket.

If webmasters want to monetize their websites, the great way to do it is through Adsense. Although there are various other adsense alternatives also, but Adsense is the best. There are lots of webmasters struggling hard to earn some good money a day through their sites. But then some of the “geniuses” of them are enjoying hundreds of dollars a day from Adsense ads on their websites. What makes these webmasters different from the other kind is that they are different and they think out of the box.

The ones who have been there and done it have quite some useful tips to help those who would want to venture into this field. Some of these tips have boosted quite a lot of earnings in the past and is continuously doing so. If you don’t know about Google ad sense you are sleeping up till now. This is the platform which every blogger should have if you want to make money from blogs. Google displays some text and image ads on your blog that are targeted to what you’re writing about.

Google Adsense is a very genuine and honest company which has changed the Internet to an online money making market in recent few years. This is a best way to earn online for the website owners and bloggers. They pay good and honestly if your work is unique and constant and if you continue to follow all of their program policies. Many of people are just blogging for making money on internet through Google Adsense or other ways.

Best Adsense Alternatives

Unfortunately there are some who can not cope up with their program policies and are banned by the Google. There are also many webmasters, bloggers and publishers who are not happy with Google Adsense and are looking for Alternative of Google Adsense to be able to earn online again because either they dont like Google Adsense (i don’t know why). People are looking for Better Adsense Alternatives as a new source to earn and they make some extra bucks. Webmasters or publishers which are not accepted in Google Adsense, Banned by them or do not like to go with Google Adsense will like this list of Adsense Alternatives given below.

Google Adsense – Is It Important?

Most of the blogger friends know this fact, that Google Ad network “Adsense” is a must for them if they want to earn some revenues from the ads served on their blog. Unfortunately there are many bloggers who cannot use it because either they are banned from Adsense or not yet qualify as their member.

The first and the most important reason to use Adsense on the sites, is that it is the best money maker for the bloggers. Google Adsense displays the ads which are more closely related to the content of the site. As the visitor goes to different page of the particular site, ads displayed also changes as the content changes. This makes the visitor more possibly to click on the ads, for which he is searching for. Nowadays Adsense is, not only the perfect source of making money through your blogs, but there are hundreds of available Adsense alternatives by which you can make good money if you cannot get with Adsense for any reason.

These Adsense alternatives not only monetize your blogs perfectly but also helps you out in making passive income online through your blogs continuously day after day without making any extra efforts.

1. Buysellads
2. Infolinks
3. Chitika
4. Tribalfusion
5. Cpmleader.com
6. Clicksor
7. Affinity
8. Bidvertiser
9. Smowtion
10. Kontera

Although there are many more in the market which are recommended and claim themselves best, I personally recommend using buysellads and Cpmleader.com. The best attractive part of using Buysellads is it has great variety of advertisers and pay good. And with Cpmleader you can get good earnings with each impression you get. Also as their payout is very less ($5), you can request the payout early and earn more.

So do not DE-motivate your self. As there are many other options for you to earn with your blog, after Adsense, you can always earn good if you are passionate about blogging and know who to write and share good content with your readers.

Want to Start Making Money Online For Free and While Sleeping

If you are really excited about making money online For Free through blogging you are at the right place. Here you can learn all about starting a Blog and using your blog for making money online for free.

Perfect blogging tips here at the site can help you out in blogging for dollars and you could easily be making money online for free while you are just sleeping. Just by following simple steps on How to Blog, you can start earning loads of money from your own blog or a website, if you are dedicated and passionate about it.

Make money while sleeping

How I started Myself?

When I first started to blog in 2007 using the free blogging platforms like Blogger, I had no idea where my interest would lead me to. I’ve always blogged for fun, and initially, like most of you, I had no idea that good amount of money can be made out of this activity which I just love to do.

I started a blog and just shared my blog’s link to my friends, colleagues, relatives and to more and more people whom I know, just to make them read my ideas. They really enjoyed reading them and complimented my work and creativity.

I was not having idea what it can result in the near future for me. The fact i realized that people can earn a living out of blogging. May be in near future I am able to quit my job and make a living from free Blogging campaigns and can make my dream come true by Making Money Online For Free.

Although making money online for free out of blogging takes some time. You need to concentrate on your goal by feeding your blog with some unique and good content regularly.

Get Ready to Write Loads of Content

If you want to blog for a living, you must be ready to write new and innovative content consistently (as 5 to 7 times a week) for many months until you start seeing the fruits of your labor coming in. Yes, there are some exceptions out there, but in most cases; most of you won’t see a penny before 5 or 6 months of hard work.

Making Money Online For Free can bring you income month by month and you see your money rolling into your bank accounts automatically. You don’t have to do anything to maintain them except deposit checks, and in most cases you don’t even have to do that because the money is automatically deposited to your bank account.

I love this automated income and guarantee that all of you love it too. With the blog income you can just make free money online round the clock and even while you are sleeping. I’m still able to generate a reasonable (and growing) income through blogging.

Gone is the time when people have to do their 9 to 5 jobs. Today it is the time of internet and you can let technology work for you to earn money through blogging. Imagine how it would feel to wake up each morning, go to your computer, and check how much money you made while you were sleeping. It’s a really nice situation to be in.

My Site Ranked on 1st Page on Google but Not Getting Sales

Having your website ranked top on Google (or 1st page of Google) search results does not mean that you will get much increased sales and leads. There includes a lots of reasons for not getting enough sales even your website is ranking top on Google and other search engines. First of all, you have to take a look on the appearance of your website.

Your website may have had the same look for years. Having more advanced looking website will help you become more credible to potential clients and customers. This way, you will be able to organize your website so that clients may easily get your contact information and other pages. The most important reason for not getting increased sales and leads may be related to copy. You know what is copy?

Copy is the content persuading customers to give you their money. Having a top ranking website that lies on 1st page of Google and other search engine results is only a part of getting more sales and leads. The other part is promoting potential customers to pay for your products or services. Now, the question is how we can accomplish this?

The answer is pretty simple. Just have a good copy (content) on your website. When customers visit your website, they are more than probably already interested in your products or services. However, they also have doubts and concerns about doing business with your website. Therefore, having a good copy of your website will remove the doubts and concerns of customers and will make interested visitors as paying customers.

Factors that decides best lead generation

Go and consider any of your website pages. Now imagine that you are visiting the page for the first time, and ask yourself certain questions such as, the purpose of the business, customers of the business, trustworthiness of the business, practicability of products or services, and so on.

If the web pages give right answers to your most questions, then you can ensure that you are on the right track to taking away visitors’ doubts and concerns. The more doubts that the website pages remove, the more probably they are to pay you. You must tell your website visitors that why they need your products or services.

When people visit your website, they will have one question in mind at the end. What is in it for me if I give the company my money? They don’t care whether your business lies on 1st page of Google or 2nd or 3rd.

So, provide them with the benefits of what you are offering and you may expect the best lead generation that you dream of. You must appeal people’s emotions with providing information about your products’ benefits. Moreover, emotions are the reasons why we purchase certain things. So, always consider the content on various pages of your website.

Do your web pages tell visitors what they will get if they pay for your products or services?

If not, then think of the same and convince your visitors to pay for your products or services and get something beneficial in return. Keep these points in mind and work on the same to get more sales and leads to your top ranking website.

8 Tips to Consider When Searching for and Reaching Out to Potential Guest Blogging Opportunities

Link building is an essential part of search engine optimization in today’s marketing world, and it is well-known that guest blogging (and obtaining a backlink) is one of the best ways to do it. As a marketing assistant for a cruise travel agency, I am constantly reaching out to relevant blogs and websites in an effort to obtain backlinks and build relationships with great websites and bloggers.

Through my experiences, I’ve learned a lot, so I have put together this list for you with 8 tips to consider when searching for and reaching out to potential guest blogging opportunities.

Guest Blogging

1- Peruse through the website. Don’t just read the website name and decide whether or not it is a good option. Look through the website, click on a few pages, and check out the tone, the style, the content. Make sure it is a good fit for you, and use this information when reaching out and writing for the website.

2- Look for a section regarding guest post submissions. This may seem like a rudimentary tip, but you’d be surprised at how many people fail to read simple guidelines and rules before reaching out to potential guest blogging opportunities. If you can’t find this section, be sure to ask for guidelines in your first contact e-mail.

3- Consider how you can get the most value out of a link. When you are crafting your first contact, and are pitching an idea (which I expand on in # 4 & #5) consider how you can make the most of your post. Don’t be afraid to write a blog post around a link you really need to get out there, but make sure you do it subtlety! For example, lately I have been trying to promote our cruise destinations (e.g. cruises to the Mediterranean) so if I find a food blog, I would discuss food excursions available on an Mediterranean cruise. If I do this subtlety, I am able to include a link that compliments my content.

4- Compliment the reader before asking for an opportunity. Let’s be honest, everyone likes to be complimented. That being said, bloggers aren’t stupid. Read an article on their website about a topic you enjoy, and tell them what you thought of it. Or, find a feature you think is cool on one of their pages. Most readers will be more receptive to your request this way.

5- Be honest.  When you are reaching out to bloggers, be transparent. Tell them how you found them, why you’ve contacted them, and what you’re looking to get out of it. Trust me, your chances will be much higher when you go about things the right way and tell the person up front what you are trying to achieve. Whether it’s a backlink for your corporate website, or increased traffic for your personal blog, just be honest. For example, if I am trying to increase traffic to our Caribbean cruise deals page, I will try and let the potential blog know up front.

6- Keep a list of declines, follow-ups, and successes. By having a good record of your outreach, you will know who you have already contacted, who you need to follow up with, and where your links have been placed. This helps if you want to form a relationship with a certain blogger, or you want to publish a follow-up post.

7- If you can’t find an e-mail to contact, use the contact form. Many people will leave a site or blog, because they can’t find a person or e-mail to contact. Always make sure to look for a contact form first. Blogs almost always have a contact form, and some webmasters will check their contact form submissions more frequently than their email.

8- Be courteous. Everything you would do when calling someone on the phone, should translate into your contact email. Be clear and succinct. Let them respond to you in any way they would like (make sure you have your contact information displayed prominently so they can easily respond). Most importantly, thank them for their time and consideration.

There you have it, 8 tips for those searching for and reaching out to potential guest blogging opportunities. Next time you are conducting blog outreach, pull up this article and use it as a checklist. After you start becoming more successful and comfortable with the process, make your own list! If you have a tip you think should be on this list, tell us in the comments below!

Author: Austin Gambino is a marketing assistant at The Cruise Web. The Cruise Web is a travel agency that specializes in cruising. The expert cruise consultants focus on providing travelers with the best value for their time and money in finding and booking a cruise vacation! Interact with us on Facebook and learn more.

3 Perfect Ways to Launch Contests on Your Websites to Gain Targeted Website Traffic

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Webmasters today continuously find newer and effective ways to increase blog traffic for them. In this race it is found that launching the contests on your blog or websites is one of the brilliant ways to gain targeted website traffic.

Today contests are the common ways used by many of the bloggers in this blogosphere, by which they are getting a tremendous boost in their traffic within that specific period of the contest that goes on increasing thereafter.

Moreover these contests increase the interest of the bloggers for your blog and you get increased number of subscribers for your blog. You can start it simple or can take some complex contests according to your niche and interest.


Offer them a prize like a small amount of money if you can’t afford bigger amounts. Or you can just offer your services if you are not planning for the money investment. Depending upon the size and nature of your prize you can easily gain targeted website traffic that can still go on tremendous boost after the contest also.

There are many of the ways you can launch and manage your contest. Here are the three simple ones:

  • You can simply ask your visitors to retweet the contest page where you have just detailed your contest. Ask them to retweet your different pages maximum in order to get an entry to the random draw. And offer the prize to the blogger who just retweets your pages maximum.
  • Similar to above you can also ask for the maximum comments on your blogs on different pages. But do clear them that these comments should be relevant and up to the point so that they do not post scam.
  • You can similarly launch a review of your site contest where participant have to write a short review about your services or products in their blogs to enter into the contest. And you will be paying the good handsome prize for this to motivate people to write about your services. You can get very good quality of the one way backlinks this way which can tremendously increase your sites performance in just no time.

Besides these 3 tips you can also launch the voting contest for your visitors where they need to vote for your site. You can just launch the traffic contest where your visitors need to send the traffic to your blog and you will be paying the site owner who sends the maximum traffic in the specific period of time.

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