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5 Qualities of Powerfully Successful Social Media Campaigns

Nothing has proven to be quite as successful at rocketing your blog to fame as social media.  Yes, SEO is important.  Sure, content might be king.  But what is a king without a kingdom, a following? If social media is an important part of your marketing strategy as a blogger — and you know it should be — make sure that your campaign has these qualities:

AuthenticMcKinsey Quarterly recently reported that “the trust gap between consumers and things in general is widening.”  Given that one of the most important functions of social media is to build trust between you and your readers, it is obvious that any social media efforts you make have to be genuine, and framed as authentically as possible.  Don’t be overly self-promoting, engage with your readers on a personal level; send social media updates that are full of personality and charm.

Agile:  This might not be one of the qualities you expect to see in a list about social media campaigns, but the truth is that changes in the social media world happen in the blink of an eye, and you have to be able to respond just as quickly.  Don’t build a campaign that is so expansive that you don’t see the small changes.

Positive: All your social media efforts should be appeal emotionally to your readers.  Instead of focusing on getting a message about yourself and your new content out, try to foster a positive emotional response from them when you post.  The way to do this is to “turn happiness into a resource,” as McKinsey Quarterly puts it.  What drives your readers’ happiness?  The answer to this question will help shape your social media campaigns

Unexpected:  It is pretty amazing to see how quickly paradigms form with new technologies — already there is a generally standard method of posting social media updates.  Any time you deviate from this standard, you will pique the interest of your readers.  Visual components are especially effective when trying to catch your readers’ attention.

Shareable:  Making your social media updates shareable is paramount to the success of your campaign.  Your campaign could have all the above qualities in spades, but if you don’t provide tools that make it easy for your readers to share your content, it is very unlikely that your campaign (or your content) will ever leave the ground.

Blogging is a great way to bring in extra-income or even replace a traditional job, but if you don’t have the marketing tactics to support your blog, it’s unlikely that you will ever see the kind of success that you want.

Some are naturally better suited to blog, such as students at online colleges who are often already familiar with the technology and are in many cases online for a great part of their day to begin with, but anyone can learn the principles of a running great blog.

It starts with analyzing what you are doing, and comparing it to what works.  Review the list above and ask yourself what you could be doing differently to get your blog popular.


Video Backlinks Helps Getting More Hits to Your Website

You are keenly submitting your tutelages to the varied article directories to increase your traffic as well as your website grading, but all in vain. You have tried hard to find the loophole, but it is adamant to not to work. Me too have fought hard in establishing myself, the reasons I was lacking, and you might be lacking could be the same i.e. video marketing.

Ever tried to get out of the routine back-linking, and try to renovate them into media formats? This idea didn’t click, Okay but why not give a try and see. For me it certainly worked, it will work for you too. While trying out these kind of online marketing tactics, one should consider it from the similar kind of view point i.e. SEO viewpoint.

Video Backlinks

Audio video marketing is considered to be the highly effective medium that attracts visitors to the website. When there is huge number of masses starts taking notice of your visuals, than there are high possibilities that they are going to be glided to many places.

Now that your videos are having enough mobility, they habitually are getting noticed into varied search engines that help them to get the better page standing. Through this method your video backlinks helps you to get the latent output, which is still a dream to achieve both in monetary as well as getting recognition.

I am going to explain it here that why video backlinks plays a major role in reaching the superior website ranking. Being a non-techie person, I was not able to process further, but the know-how of the SEO pattern certainly helps with your video marketing campaign to get you the backlinks.

While marketing your site, we calculate how many backlinks you get back on your website. With an example it would be easy to do it. If your advt. appears on the main page of the magazine or newspaper, a lot number of masses are going to ask in and find it about, so think will it bears the similar influence if placed that advt. on the second or inside page? I don’t have to answer this, we all know it. So, if you have designed a potential video you are for sure going to great traffic of backlinks.

How many times people visit your website and is clicked for any number of reasons, all these activities are tracked by these searched engines, and if these clicking’s are showing a substantial figure then it will spontaneously give you the authority of your web content. With the help of audio video marketing there are high prospect to enhance your clicking.

You just have to gather 4-5 pictures relevant to the web page and think of appealing tag lines using a video application that simply merges with the pictures, get some sound in it and you are done it all.

Video backlinks are the primary components that help your website rank better in the search engines. With the increase in your backlinks means your videos are actually doing good and helpful in driving traffic to your website.

Buy Facebook Fans to Boost Your Online Marketing

To buy facebook fans and to increase the visitors to your fanpage is one of the best ways for enhancing your online marketing. This in turn can increase your sales and profits significantly.

Social media marketing is today much in demand. And along with search engine marketing, more people are now concentrating on social media marketing due to the vast benefits it offers. Not only it markets your product and services to large audience worldwide but also it helps in getting better search engine rankings.

facebook fans

However there are many trusted and reliable social platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Digg, etc. the one which is most popular is Facebook. Having millions of registered members, it offers a range of wide opportunities to marketers to expand their online business in no time.

One of the most important reasons of facebook getting huge popularity is its customizability. People can use it to build their business pages for marketing their products and services and can gain best results in no time.

There are people who spend number of hours each day on facebook. This can be for marketing, gossiping, chatting, gaming, socializing and much more. For those who are using this fabulous platform for marketing, it is essential that they have large audience who visit their page to see their business and in the event one can easily expect high returns when these people turn into potential customers.

Building a fan page is a very first step and gaining more fans (or likes) is another that can help your business grows overtime. You can target viewers that have same interests and can be easily converted into potential customers when you market your products and services in front of them.

Every single thing you post on your fan page (including your advertisements) will go to about every fan’s news-feed which in turn expands excellent visibility to your business.

Buying facebook fans can do wonders for your business. It not only enhances the visibility but also you get better reputation and brand-ship when your business gets seen in front of large audience.

And as there are number of service providers out there, care has to be taken that you only go for most trusted and reputed service providers to buy facebook fans. They will help you get the targeted fans that can actually convert and can easily boost your online marketing.

Why Twitter is the Best Social Media Marketing Tool

Markets change and so must we in order to face upcoming challenges that face our business, and with this in mind, social media is something that has to come into focus when we try to increase brand awareness on the one hand and create a strong voice for our companies in the online world.

So it would come as no surprise that, when managing your social media presence properly and being aware of changes on a constant basis, you can influence your business positively, even though at first it may seem tricky to get a hang of all things social-account related.  And since possibilities are endless, especially since businesses can manage campaigns across more than just one social network, your main concern is to obtain the sought after engagement by driving credibility and leadership through your desired market position and being aware of the online competition.Twitter

And out of the many platforms out there, Twitter is by far one of the easiest, most user-friendly ones, which seems to have struck many business professionals’ fancy, not to mention marketers. CEOs who use this extremely efficient micro blogging tool to link information back to their desired web pages (for instance a selected blog or website you are trying to promote).

The important thing is that Twitter is the platform where everything is happening in the “NOW”, that means this is where all news breaks, where real –time conversations are being held, where events are best coverer and ran live. It also addresses key areas of any marketing strategy belonging to self-respecting companies: online reputation (this can be easily managed through your account), Thought-leadership and the online brand.

There are also numerous Twitter Comparison Tools that make it easy to manage your campaigns and be aware of competitors or friends Twitter usages or other management tools that allow you to discard unfollowers, clean-up inactive users, reciprocate followers, and of course follow new and enticing people.

When analyzing the needs of your markets, you may want to first and foremost get to know your target audience and determine the key influencers.  Afterwards, study the times at which tweeting is most effective, be aware of the timelines of both your followers and competitors and use tools to establish de optimal moments to tweet.

Another aspect of a successful business correctly advertised online stands in the marketing of conferences, seminars and workshops. And even here, Twitter is perfectly designed to come to your aid, seeing that hashtags and search algorithms make it easy to find either speakers or interview topics.

So without a doubt, Twitter is a social network that should be in the toolbox of any serious marketer, even though there are some disadvantages, like for instance that your content becomes available on Google+ and Google organic searches and you may wait some time for replies to articles shared and its many features such as fast follow programs or advanced searches will make it easy for any new-comer to ensure the enforcement of an efficient online marketing strategy.

Author Bio:

Jordan Martin is also a freelancer who specializes on writing and search engine optimization. Nevertheless, he considers that a digital net agency can also produce great results for clients.


The Good and the Bad Points Concerning Social Media

What is social media? To start with, social media is the newest means of communication that is highly utilized by anybody as long as there is an available internet connection. Hence, social media is equated to the word interaction.

Social Media

Through social media, people are able to share ideas, post pictures from recent experiences, and discuss certain issues that are relevant to them. Hence, social media has vastly increased the awareness and sense of communication by anybody.

So what are the advantages of using social media? Let us read then read on below:

  • Opens the line of communication

Through social media, anyone is highly welcomed to join a forum wherein they get to communicate with the people who joined. Hence, the means of communication is enhanced at large since people are now very vocal with what they think and act.

  • Efficient interaction between colleagues

This is especially true when someone is working with a team or when a student needs to ask a classmate about something, social media can be the best communication tool that efficiently connects you with somebody right away and be able to gain answers from your queries.

  • Promotes business deals

Be it a large-scale or small-scale business venture, social media can be very useful in creating a boost on its site. For example, one can make an advertisement about your company and post it online so that a lot of people will get to notice your products are the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way. This is of course made possible with the use of links so that viewers will not have difficulty searching for your website.

  • Improves internet marketing

Social media is the number one tool when it comes to marketing these days. This is because the market has now transferred through the internet; hence, if one tries to promote and create campaigns concerning his/her company, there is a huge possibility that it shall be noticed by a large number of clients.

However, despite its huge acclaim, there are still disadvantages when using social media such as:

  • Damaging one’s website is inevitable

It is said that a means is also one’s end. With social media, this is particularly factual because your website’s ending can also be done by hackers that will probably create viruses in order to destroy your online business empire that you have worked so hard before.

  • Scamming has become a new business

With the market now transferring on the internet, social media poses theft and scammer from creeping. And this mostly happens to individuals that are utilizing social media in hopes of landing a good job, but were unfortunately met by opportunists.

  • Employees have no time already for work

Since internet connections are highly used in offices, employees now have a wide access to using social media as well. However, caught by their curiosity and eagerness to socialize, most of them usually lost the track of time, which results to undone works in the end.

As seen, it is therefore okay to use social media. However, one should impose a strict limitation when using it.

Author Bio:

Austin Richard is an IT professional from prep nerds. Are you really looking for Prepnerds.com Assistance? Take the benefit of ACI Certifications and pass your exam easily.

How to Grow the Popularity of Your Website and Manage Its Online Reputation?

When it comes to impressing your customers, and grabbing the top spots on Google SERPs, you need to gain a lot of social love, and manage the online reputation of your site/brand. So, here are a few tips that can help you in the process.

Online Reputation

Blog Commenting is a Dying Art

Blog commenting has been one of the oldest forms of link building, but it has been losing significance, primarily because SEO agencies have been using automated tools to blast out spam comments, in the hope of building links from non-moderated blogs. But, that’s certainly not the way to build quality links through blog comments.

If you really want to achieve great results, you ought to master the art of blog commenting. And, if you manage to do so, you’d be surprisingly pleased with the results.

Create a Buzz in the Blogosphere

If you want to garner the attention of bloggers, you can’t afford to miss out on Technorati as it is the biggest search engine for blogs. After getting registered, you can starts tracking the blogs that may consider linking to yours. After registering, simply subscribe to the RSS alerts; this way you get to know each time someone writes a blog post about your brand.

Alternatively, you can make use of SEO tools and plugins like BackType. It is a commenting solution, which allows you to claim your comments on few specific blogs, and target a particular keyword. You can also view the conversations from a specific post or article and can subscribe to that particular conversation using this plugin.

Make Use of the Advanced SEO Tools

It’s extremely critical to use advanced SEO tools provided by reputed sources like SEOMoz or Ahrefs, to carry out competition analysis, keyword research, and formulate a game-plan to outsmart your online competitors. Without the power of these tools, managing everything manually can be painful, and very inefficient.

Unless you know what your competitors are up to, it can be quite tough to formulate a strategy to outsmart them.

Managing Your Online Reputation

Another tool called ‘Social Mention’ works almost like Google alerts, and it is customized for social media. Social mention helps in tracking and also allows you to be in touch with the immediate conversations, and also catches various web pages containing the specified keyword presents on the blogs, articles, news, videos, and comments.

You can choose to subscribe to feeds and receive the email alerts or download Excel file containing all the images. This can also help you in managing your online reputation, and address negative feedback in an effective manner.

Click here to know more about online reputation management.

Don’t Try Your Luck with Shady Black-Hat SEO Tactics

You may succeed in achieving good results with black-hat SEO during the initial stages, but the major drawback with such shoddy tactics is that they don’t work in the longer run and once you falter, which you’re bound to, in due course of time, you may have to start looking for few more such low value tactics and the process would continue killing more and more of your time and not adding value to your website(s). Far worse, you may even end up getting your website in Google, and all major search engines, and may be forced to change the domain name, and start all over again.

So, work ethically and patiently on growing the reach of your website on social media, and invest quality time and efforts on the branding process, and you can rest assured that the results will certainly be quite encouraging.

Author Bio

Jean Claude Sampras is a social media marketing consultant who has been working in the field for past 7 years. Click Here to know more about the reputation management process.

Free Website vs. Facebook – Which First?

Let us assume that you have decided to start your very own business. Most businesses today are run online as it is the era of the internet. So what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of an online business, a website or social media? Some people might recommend your very own website while some might say having a Facebook page is better. Both of these options have advantages as well as disadvantages of their own. So, given a choice, which one would you choose first? Let us have a closer look at both the options.

Starting a Facebook page is the easiest thing in the world. First, you need to make sure that you have a personal account through which you can login. If you don’t have one, it’s fine. You can always register yourself. Once you have done that, all you need to do is click on “create a page” and follow the guidelines. It’s as easy as that. Now, the biggest advantage of having a Facebook page is that it already has a database of millions of people. It is like a goldmine of potential customers, just waiting to be struck. All you have to do is reach out to them and introduce your product or service. And what’s more? It is completely free.


This advantage is not available with a website. A website will never give you a ready base of audience to communicate with. Social media also makes it possible for a brand to study the trend that is prevailing. We all know that trends change every now and then and Facebook is the best way to track them. This allows a brand to adapt with the latest changes and get innovative with the needs of the ideal customer. Brands can also check out what its competitors are doing and use that information to stay in the competition. But Facebook is only the start. In order to establish long term presence and build a loyal consumer base, your brand needs a website.

There are also a few disadvantage of having a Facebook page. Let us not forget that we a building something on someone else’s platform. Social media platforms can change policies, suddenly start charging you for your page or even shut down one fine day due to losses or some other reason. The point is that you don’t have complete control over the long term implications of having a Facebook page for your brand. Besides, nothing spells ‘professional’ like a website. A consumer will always buy from a brand that has its very own website. Somehow, a URL sounds cooler to convey than a Facebook page.

A website, however, must always be the base of your brand and social media should only be used to promote it. Of course, there are many brands that are built only on social media, but having a website is a good option, especially if it is absolutely free. There are also a lot of web hosting data centers that offer free registrations.

So it is safe to conclude that having a website should be the first choice and social media should only be used for marketing and customer servicing purposes. Besides, once you contact people on Facebook, you need a website or some other page that has established your brand image. This will get the consumer quickly involved in the workings of your brand. So, given a choice between free website vs. Facebook page, which one would you go for first? I think the answer is pretty much clear to you now.

Pinterest: The Power of Pinning for Your Blog Marketing and SEO

Pinterest has about five million users presently, and is yet rapidly growing. Nearly 1.5 million unique users visit Pinterest daily, spending at least 10 minutes a day on the site. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media that is attracting a bigger mass using its visual feature. Umpteenth users are flocking to the site for not only window shopping or entertaining and recreation but also to trade.

As the name has it all, Pinterest is all about pinning the favourite things that are featured on a board. And the ‘Like’, ’Repin’, ’Comment’ and ‘follow’ allow us to pin and get them in our collection. This is similar to bookmarking our favorite urls.

Pinterest uses a heavy emphasis on sharing images and one can use it like any scrapbook or even as shopping carts with items of choices. Because of its easy accessibility and connectivity across the global it is developing as a marketing platform for anything and everything from books, stationeries, costumes, other varied products, services and many more.

Pinterest (Photo credit: stevegarfield)

Pinterest a tool for SEO

SEO specialist looks at different websites and uses them to their benefit. Since Pinterest is growing rapidly, so is the domain authority. This is the reason why Pinterest had also become one of the most favorite sites among the SEO experts and professionals.

1. Each ‘Pin’ for an Item has a link to the original url it is generated from, unless one uploads it from a personal computer. These links help in building quality back links.

2. Follow links are found on the pins and these can be put on the description field of the pins.

3. Rich keywords are used to attract the users and to determine what your pin is about and search engines then catch them soon.

4. Different tags like has H tags in the pins help in identifying the pins and display them in search results better.

Because of its massive growth Pinterest is encouraging the users to improve the overall presence of the website and thus the SEO is very effective here. This Search engine optimization is a technique which helps to manage and format the website as the count of page views and pinning increases. So with Pinterest actually SEO works as if it is automatic inbuilt.

Once the article, link or item is published for the Pinterest the viewers can avail just by searching with the related keyword through any search engines. Thus marketing and SEO is itself done once the Pinterest gains popularity. The keywords of the pinned items get focused and thus the item and related website which helps the overall business in getting popular.

To maximize the exposure and use of the pinned Items SEO plays the vital role. Business should include links to their websites from their Pinterest pins. Potential customers can find more about your products and services and also give their own feedback which can in turn increase the productivity of the website where it is pinned.

Search engines always look for the Pinterest board so posting fresh, useful content help contributes to the overall online advertisements on the website. SEO has now found a great and powerful assisting tool called Pinterest. So why not make use of it. Just sign up there, if you haven’t yet.

Author bio: This article is written by Kelvin. If you are looking for an answer to how to Do my own SEO effectively and profitably, here you can check out a good site to get an answer.

How To Convert Microsoft Word Files

Microsoft Word is by far the most popular and used word processing program on the globe. Most people grew up with the earlier versions of Microsoft Word, and have seen the many changes it has made over the decades. Many computer geeks have a preference and nostalgia for one version of Microsoft Word over the other ones.

There have been some gripes and groans over changes that Microsoft has made, but for the most part, the general consensus is that Microsoft Word gets better and better, and more sophisticated, with each new version that comes out year after year.

Microsoft Word Files

There are many great things to say about the Microsoft Word platform: it is reliable and consistent, fairly intuitive and easy to learn, practical and it is considered the industry standard when it comes to the word procession industry and field.

But, when it comes to converting Microsoft Word files (whether it be from one version of Word to another, or from across different operating systems and platforms) it can get a little confusing and frustrating. Here is a simple breakdown of how anyone can go about converting Microsoft Word files and documents without pulling out their hair:

The Batch Conversion Wizard

This is the way that is recommended the most by Microsoft to its users, consumers and customers. The Batch Wizard is a converter program that can transform a Word document to and from different versions of the default format (.doc and .docx,) and it can also convert a file into other formats (.pdf, .txt, .rtf, .jpeg, etc.) It is a really handy tool because it pretty much guarantees that you will never run into another problem with file exchanges across platforms and operating systems.

It is pretty much like having a universal language library, in which you can pretty much communicate with whomever you wish, no matter their location.

Not only can the Batch Conversion Wizard do that, it can also allow you to change anything you want into a Word (.doc or .docx) format, so as long as you have Microsoft Word, you’d be able to read all kinds of text-based files, and even some image-based files, as well.

Other Options

There are also plenty of free downloads for file converters that can be found online. These converters are just as reliable as the Batch Conversion Wizard and are often very easy to learn and to use. Really, if your end goal is to just do basic file conversions, you cannot go wrong with either of the options discussed above.

Jacob is a freelance writer for numerous web sites, blogs, magazines and newspapers. He spends much of his free time writing about the many wonders that can be found in the modern technology industry and the field of new media. He is a big fan of calibre and recommends it to anyone who bothers to listen to him.