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How to Find the Page Rank for a WebPage?

More or less every Blogger talks of the Page Rank and its importance. But unfortunately many of the pro bloggers don’t know how to check the Page Rank of the web page or the site. Here you can see how easily you can check the page rank of the website or your blog and how much importance Google is paying to your site by assigning it a page rank.

If you install the Google toolbar on your browser, the page rank will be displayed on the tool bar. Each time you look at a web page, the display will show you the page rank. It is practical to know if you are looking at a page that Google has ranked as valuable or if it is not rated.

There are many of the free as well as the paid tools for the webmasters who can use these tools to get the information about their site’s PR, Back links and many other things which determine the Quality of your site. Such as Alexea site ranking, site mapping, etc.

I recommend using the free tools unless there is much use of the paid ones, which provides some of the other benefits. My favorite one is http://checkpagerank.net/. This is a free tool that gives you enough knowledge about the particular site. It freely gives you information about:

  • Your website’s page rank
  • The age of domain
  • Number of backlinks to your domain
  • Fake page rank if any
  • And many other things

Just try it out and test your site now, if you have not checked it recently.


SEO Press Release Submission – How to Make it Beneficial for Online Business Blogs?

SEO Press release submission is one of the very best ideas for you to gain lots of free backlinks as well as online exposure. It helps you in building up a strong reputation and in maintaining the high credibility for your business.

You can today opt for various options for doing the effective SEO press release submission for your growing business.

If you have time and want to do it on your own you just want to ensure that you do it the right way and that should be effective. Also be prepared to spend much money and time for the press release as this can prove the best for your business to take it to the newer highs.

First and the very vital of all the things is the effective writing for your SEO press release submission. Creating a compelling content for your business is must and should be done efficiently by the experts and professionals, if you are not good at it.

As these press releases need to be well written you can hire an expert for you on a monthly basis that can manage all your SEO press release submission.


SEO press release writing services helps you to get press release written in such a way that it include relevant and less competing keywords so as to rank high in the search engines for your keywords. This gets your website with important backlinks that will help boost its position in the search engine rankings.

SEO press release today holds much importance for the businesses whether small or large. Today there are several free press release distribution sites that you can consider for your SEO press release submission. Frankly speaking, you will only get paid for what you actually pay, so it will be better for you if you consider some of the paid press release distribution websites also.

Basically there are today different ways of distributions for the press releases. These depend on what you are just aiming at by the SEO press release submission. You may need to review these different distribution ways carefully and choose the best that helps you in achieving your goals faster.

The top 5 free online press release distribution sites that you can consider are:

1. prlog.org

2. pr.com

3. openpr.com

4. 1888pressrelease.com

5. free-pressrelease.com

These sites are best for improving and enhancing your business in this competitive world. This creates opportunities for you by developing strategies that can gain most of the potential customers for your online business.

Online SEO Press Release – Best Way to Market Online Business

SEO press release is one of the best methods used today to get online exposure for companies and businesses all over the world. Companies for the marketing purposes are including this very advantageous internet marketing plans to grow fast and to get success in this competitive world of today.

Press release for marketing

SEO press release is today effectively used to introduce new products and to market the newly launched websites of the online business. These are effectively and efficiently used to promote new services of the small as well as large online businesses. A very well written and distributed SEO press release can have greater impact on your online business by targeting the potential customers of your niche. This also helps you in introducing your newer products or services to a large number of audiences to whom you are actually targeting at.

Effective press release (PR) generates an effective buzz about your company and builds up a strong online reputation for your business. There are certain things that you should focus on while getting to SEO press release. First and the foremost thing include writing compelling and effective content. This directly hit your audiences’ minds.

First impression is the last impression and if your target audience gets this first impression wrong, may be they will never see you again. Anyhow if writing is not your strong point you should always invest in hiring a writer to do your SEO press release for you.

An effective and efficient SEO press release is vital for your business. It helps you in improving brand awareness and reaches out to the entire community of the business world in your specific niche.

SEO press release writing services allows your business to grow strong in no time. This is also necessary for your business if you want to maintain a strong online reputation for your business for long time. Press release can be started for any small or large business and proves equally beneficial to all. It can be done for any budget. If you have a larger budget, there are many of the leading paid press release distribution sites that work best for your business.

However if you have smaller budget you can chose the distributors that are free and enable you to get effective press release marketing. Depending on your requirements and budget, your press release will always prove to be worthwhile and can give you better ROI and profits for your business. The need is to proper target and proper start.

5 Perfect SEO Tips for Getting High Search Engine Ranking, Optimizing Your Content

SEO or search engine optimization is the process which every blog and website needs to gain link popularity and success in this competitive world of internet which is full of several millions websites and blogs.

Getting a SEO ranking is basically an ongoing process for every blog and websites, which should be done in order to gain visitors and profits.

There are several SEO tools and processes which various experts and professional SEO companies do to get your sites and blogs high search engine ranking. This can be done by any hired professional or professional SEO company which is expert in the field. But SEO ranking can be easily understood and done if you spend some time into it.

You can also adopt these methods for your own blogs and websites to make them easily indexed in the Google and gain more profits by getting more and more visitors throughout your life.

From the several processes used, content building and content optimization is one of the most important parts you should know and understand to get high search engine ranking. Here are the 5 different Perfect SEO tips related to the “content optimization” that you should understand and work on, to manage your first part of SEO ranking for free.

1- Build Perfect and Unique Content

“Content is a king”, this may be not the new thing you are hearing about. Every now and then webmasters and bloggers says about it. But this remains always true that you should always try to feed your blog with some new and innovative content that makes your blog perfect.

Perfect content, that is unique and interesting, can make your blog interesting to the visitors and also for the search engines. This makes the search engines to crawl faster to your pages which have unique and important information to share with the world. Perfect and unique content also helps you to make your blog stand out of millions and thus remains helpful in getting high search engine ranking.

2- Regular Content and Updates

Most of the visitors come to the blog again and again to know about the regular updates and content that you want to share with them. They are in regular search of the new material. Search engines also love and crawl through the pages of blog which are regularly updated with some new and innovative content. Search engines crawl through and checks for the modified date of pages also.

If you care of your existing pages and update them nicely and perfectly, these are more likely to get high search engine ranking fast and easy. Thus regular content and also the updates is also a part of your search engine optimization. You should therefore understand the importance of daily updating your blog and update it daily, if possible, to get high search engine ranking for your blogs.

3- Use Perfect and Relevant Keywords

Perfect keywords that are used after doing the research can also help you out in making your blog and site search engine optimized. As internet is a place where people search through using the keywords and phrases, use of perfect keywords and phrases helps your blog, to get high search engine ranking.

This results in increasing the site traffic to your blog. These keywords should be used at different places to get the best results. Keywords can be used in the title tag, Meta description tag and even on a web page within the body.

4- Writing the Relevant and Keyword Rich Content

First of all you should choose a topic and a niche for your blog and try to make your content and posts as relevant as possible, to this topic. If you try to maintain your relevancy by adding relevant content which is rich in relevant keywords, you could win half of the battle of SEO.

Also you should remember that if you have already put all your keywords in Meta tags and Alt image tags, etc. without adding your relevant keywords to the content, it can end up being basically a futile effort.

5- Write Naturally and Do Not overstuff with Keywords

While writing the content for your blog, you should write it naturally. You should of course add the relevant keywords to your posts to get better search engine optimized page, but in a manner that it looks natural and not awkward. Also do care about not over stuffing your content with too many keywords that can make it non sense and unreadable, for your visitors.

You can use as many keywords as possible in your content as long as it makes sense and easily understandable to your visitors. If the content you write is easily understandable to your visitors, search engines also loves these content and your pages will get high search engine raking in no time at all.

The part of content optimization is vital and useful for your blog without which your blog can be called as a dead blog. You may be managing your dead blog which is not getting decent amount of traffic which it could actually get, but it’s time now to start optimizing your content with the best keywords and phrases. Now, as you are aware of these SEO tips you can get far better results than before with these Perfect SEO tips.

You would also be getting the most useful and beneficial SEO Tips in our next part of this series which is about Perfect SEO tips for getting high search engine ranking by optimizing your links. So do not miss out these special parts and subscribe to this blog for your next update.

Hope you like the article and have got the necessary help regarding your search engine optimization by making your content perfect and search engine optimized. If you want to share your ideas and knowledge about the SEO you are welcome to talk about it at Prav talks. Use the comment box below to share your ideas…..

Easiest Ways for Getting Link Popularity for Blogging Business

Link building or Link Popularity is a best method to prove your credible online presence. If you want to gain more exposure and more web presence, you need to study very effective ways of link building strategies that help you in getting success in your blogging business.

In these tight market conditions, where every single cent is valuable for you, you want best and effective methods that are free for building your Google backlinks. Especially if you own your own online business which is small or medium scale, you need better SEO backlinks and better link building strategies for your blogging business, to get more exposure.

Here are some of the easiest ways of getting link popularity with free backlinks, which will expand your SEO backlinks and help you in getting better rankings.

Develop Unique Content worth Reading

Developing unique content is always one of the best methods of getting better link popularity by free methods. Nobody wants to link with the web page which is not worth reading or which is not worth sharing.

People automatically share your web page with their friends, if you develop the unique content which is worth reading and useful. Once you have developed great content, gaining links from various trusted or authoritative sources will be a lot easier for you.

Try out Social Networking and Social Bookmarking

Social Networking and Social Bookmarking is another greatest and easiest ways of getting Link Popularity. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc. and social bookmarking sites like Digg, Stumble, Delicious, etc. are available for sharing and bookmarking useful content which is eventually ranked high by the search engines according to their popularity.

Today most of the search engines crawls the sites by their link popularity on these social networking and social bookmarking sites. Spreading the word about your site and online business blog, will truly ensure in getting free backlinks for your blogs.

Post Comments on Various Relevant Blogs Regularly

Posting of useful and nice comments is also a better and easy means of getting link popularity in less time. Most of the bloggers allows commenting on their blogs freely. This attracts more and more visitors to their blogs which enables these visitors in getting free link popularity.

You should target the blogs that are relevant in your category and post some of the nice comment regularly. Make sure that you have something informative to share with your fellow bloggers while commenting. This ensures your comment for getting approval as many of the comments get unapproved due to spreading spam commenting.

Getting Link Popularity from SEO Friendly Directories

Getting Link Popularity from SEO Friendly Directories is one of the best methods used. There are several link directories and article directories that accept your link and articles for free. These SEO friendly directories provide you with free one way backlinks that have much importance and effectiveness in search engine rankings. These are today the best method for getting perfect Google backlinks for your business site and online business blogs.

Directory submission is one of the best Link building techniques that can be done on your own or by hiring some experts. The most important condition is that it should be done manually and not automatically. As various SEO directory submissions service makes the submission auto, you should avoid using them as it can penalize your blogs.

If you are looking for best directory submission service, you should hire a directory submission service, which helps you in getting effective link popularity for your business blogs. These are experts in their fields. Directory Maxi miser is one of the greatest services that I found effective. They help manual web directory submission and help gaining Link Popularity fast for your business. You should try out their services to ensure the benefits they provide you.

Don’t forget to download a FREE E-BOOK on Directory submissions and know about A-Z of Directory submission at the right corner of this site. This explains all the benefits of directory submission in detail and a step by step process which are involved and should be focused on while doing directory submission.

These all methods are free ways of getting link popularity and increase your SEO back links. This also directly helps in increasing your site traffic. Also you will get better search engine rankings and search traffic, together with all these methods.

Importance of Keywords for your Business Blogs

If you are into an online business and your ultimate goal is to achieve success in your internet venture, you have to learn the strategies that are used to grow the traffic to your blog or business websites using the various competitive keywords.

You have to learn about various online business tactics that your competitors are using to attract more and more traffic by choosing the exact keywords and key phrases related to your marketing products. In all you have to learn all about Keywords and Importance of keywords for your online presence and online business.

Various companies, business and online ventures around the world are today making use of Websites, Business Blogs and Web pages for their online success. These companies, individuals or other blog owners from different parts of the world use a common strategy of keywords researching to grow their online business by the websites and blogs.

Here comes the usage of most common and effective keywords that can provide the most accurate and perfect search results when anyone searches anything over the web. If your business website or blog include the particular keywords that can match up with the search results and can provide the best knowledge that people are looking for, you are the winner and your online success will not be very far.

The most important benefit of researching and using the right keywords in your content is that your research will let you help in determining your target market, how does these audiences searches, and what they are looking for. This is the information which will be beneficial to you when you optimize your web pages according to these groups and markets.

Keyword research also gives you the information you need to optimize your pay-per-click campaigns. Your ad copy, keywords, and landing pages can be developed to take advantage of your new found knowledge. You should learn how to be a better marketer by using the perfect online tactics and strategies by using the exact and perfect keywords that suits your niche and business.

You have to take care and choose about the perfect keywords for your perfect business blogging that will be going to work for your online business with the help of your business blogs and business websites.

For getting best keywords you can do research and spend your time while finding some of the best and competitive keywords for your niche. You may have to research for the best keywords for your web page, website or a blog and can also implement a comprehensive keyword campaign.

While using WordPress as my favorite blogging platform, i found an excellent WordPress Plugin that helped me greatly to do my keyword research lot easier.

If you also want to ease your keyword research job while creating new posts hereafter, you should check out this excellent:

Keyword Winner –  Revolutionary WordPress SEO Plugin

How to Use Perfect Keywords and Tools for Perfect Blogging and Business Blogs

You know that keywords and key phrases are very important for the online business, marketing, blogging, etc. You should also realize the  importance of keywords for your business websites and blogs and use them thoroughly on your sites to gain more success in less time.

The keywords and phrases in your blogs’ content should be used in such a manner that it can target your audience and helps you out in meeting them in the middle while searching information over the web.

The keywords that you choose for your blogs, while producing the well optimized content, need to be the ones that most people would think of and use when searching the Internet.



Keywords and its importance is known to all perfect webmasters and bloggers who run the perfect blogs. Although according to many of the Great bloggers and webmasters, the keyword selection and usage is most tricky, complicated and cumbersome part of your search engine optimization campaign, the investment of your precious time on the keyword research is well worth it. The strategic and effective keywords research can bring out success from your online business much faster than anything else.

It has been seen that many of the webmasters and online business owners do not even try to attempt the tough task of keyword research and usage. But once you got used to it, it becomes a fun part for you and helps you in getting higher search engine rankings and the subsequent high volumes of traffic that come with it.

If you are among the one who uses the business website online and want to see high growths in future with your online business, you should know the importance of keywords and the effective keyword tools that can help you in growing your website and blogs. You can actually stay competitive in this competitive world with the help of most effective keyword tools that can help boost up your website traffic.

You have prepared a perfect business blog or website for your business needs and optimized it with effective and good content. Now you must also integrate this content with the most common and effective keywords that match up with your site and have the ability to rank your site higher in the search engines. For building your online reputation and stand stiff in the competitive world of business you need proper and effective tools that can help you in growing your business.

It is also experienced that using some short phrases instead of single words are often more profitable for your site. These short phrases get cached by search engines more quickly than the single word keywords. Thus including the longer phrases other than single words can give you greater chances to show off and perform well at Google search engines.

You can now easily figure out various effective keywords for your site and for the particular products or services that you are selling to grow your online business.

Have you ever thought of a SEO plugin for wordpress that helps you in keyword research each time you create a new post for your blog. So here it is. This can save you a lot of time for your keyword research.

If you also want to ease your keyword research job while creating new posts hereafter, you should check out this excellent:

Keyword Winner –  Revolutionary WordPress SEO Plugin

What are Deep links and In-bound links?

Inbound Links or Deep links are one of the best ways to get  good page rank for your site and building back links. Unfortunately there are various bloggers, I come across who haven’t heard of the deep links and inbound links. In this very post I am talking of deep links and inbound links to explain some basics of these links and how they are beneficial for your web page.

A Link is created when you link your site to any other domain whether yours or any others. A deep link is created when you link to an article within the particular domain. The domain being the same, you just create the different links within your present that provide your visitors the knowledge of your previous posts.

One of the main advantages of creating in-bound links is that it provides a tremendous increase in page views for your blogs. As the Deep links usually point to a specific piece of information or relevant topic on the inner page, these also increase your CPM and revenues. Your visitor in this way will remain for long on your site and go through all the useful pages while surfing through your inner pages.

Google and other search engines, when determining your ranking and placement in the search results, count these inbound links very positively. These are counted as an effective back linkswhich gives your various pages of the blog, more exposure to the search engines.

Deep linking should be an important part of your natural SEO strategy in order to achieve higher rankings of your internal pages or sub-pages in search engines. Your inner pages get well indexed and also get more traffic through the back linking strategy used this way.

Deep linking strategy can also be one of the best strategies used by you, if you want to direct targeted visitors from search engines or other related pages straight to your internal pages instead of letting all traffic flow through your main page which may result in loss of traffic once this traffic reaches your internal pages.

Linking back to the internal pages also let know the search engines that you have interesting content not only on your index page, but throughout your website. Back linking from the particular and proper keywords also increases your search engine rankings from these keywords.

According to my experience and observations, deep links are one of the most important factors that search engines take into consideration while determining the authority of websites, while assigning your page ranks and also while indexing your site.

Thus as a rule, when writing a new blog post for your site you should always take care of deep linking some of the keywords used in the post to your previous post of the same or the other blog of your own or you can also exchange it for some other sites. This is today’s fastest and one of the greatest methods to earn you some money also. Bloggers I know are making some thousands of dollars, by placing the advertiser’s link in their post, every month.

75 Best Ways of Getting Backlinks for your Websites and Blogs

I think every blogger complains of having lesser time wasting of time, in making back links for their sites.

In my never ending quest of getting more back links for my blogs I have tried many methods and it has consumed my much precious time, which I may have used for my main job. But the results are coming day by day of that time which I used for link building.

At that time I never knew that it will help me in future in this way. The whole process was actually very tiring for me, the whole day long I was busy in submitting my blogs link to the directories, spending time on social sites, submitting articles to the article directories, commenting on high page rank sites, etc. etc. which you know is the main trend of building links.

The process is of course slow and monotonous, but when it reaches its higher limits and as the ‘clock goes on ticking’ you will start getting the fruits from the plant which you have grown some time back.

In this very post I am discussing the 75, very hard hitting and very effective methods of making perfect back links for your websites and perfect blogs. They helped me a lot and I hope you will be also helped by these techniques and strategies. You can use and apply many method from these tips to your site and feel the difference it creates day by day.

1. Comment on Do-Follow blogs (meaning the link in your comment will be followed by a spider)

2. Post your link in forums, and your forum signature.

3. Write an article and submit to article directories.

4. Don’t forget to link from some of your older, more established sites.

5. Hold a contest, and require that they link back to you for an entry.

6. Send off interview templates to big bloggers, and post up completed interviews.

7. Create a WordPress plugin.

8. Design a hot WordPress theme, and distribute it for free, requiring they keep your link in the footer.

9. Create controversy (be careful and don’t get into something you can’t handle)

10. Find a scammer/shady website or blogger, and make the world known about it.

11. Join Sindiket Forum for free Internet Marketing Learning Forum Sindiket

12. Submit a press release about your new product or news.

13. Submit your site to free directories (careful, only SEO friendly ones)

14. Submit your site to paid directories.

15. Submit articles to article directories.

16. Submit posts to blog carnivals.

17. Email a webmaster, and ask for a link.

18. Offer to buy a one way link from another relevant website.

19. Send unsolicited, yet awesome articles to other bloggers to reference or post.

20. Let your networked friends know that you’ll do reviews and testimonials.

21. Buy reviews on pay-per-post or a similar service.

22. Get on the Digg front page (and watch your serve to report breaking news (hard, but very effective).

23. Start a community helpful website, and get on the local news – they love it.

24. Set up an award system on your site, and have readers vote on best site.

25. Review bands, local restaurants, and small shops and get links on their sites in return for the exposure.

26. Crack the top 100 in Technorati, or create the largest MyBlogLog community.

27. Check who links to your competitors, and get links from them!

28. Start a content writing service website, and have clients link to you for a discount.

29. Make a super crazy viral type video, and get it on Youtube.

30. Network with like-minded individuals offline. Talk to them about tossing your link up on their site.

31. Review stuff on Amazon, and put your link in your profile.

32. Create a Linked-In page, and make sure to put your link on it.

33. Speaking of that, do the same for Facebook, Myspace, stumble and others.

34. Hire good writers to pump out quality content.

35. Write about the hottest celebrities, and make it unique. People love Hollywood.

36. Join the BBB (Better Business Bureau) for a free link.

37. Post a bulletin in your Myspace account about your new site.

38. Throw a relevant link in a Craigslist ad.

39. Create your own SEO tool.

40. Buy TV air time on a small station flashing your URL.

41. Buy Radio time for a short commercial spamming your URL.

42. Put bumper stickers on your car with your link on it.

43. Look for older, higher PR sites with Guestbooks, and sign them! Easy links.

44. Create viral link bait.

45. Write and give away a free E-book.

46. Offer an on-page language translator to reach out to other countries, which can lead to new links.

47. Buy post level links from other bloggers/webmasters. (usually cheap)

48. Don’t be afraid to ask for links, you just never know!

49. Do pro-bono work for a non-profit, and they may link to you.

50. Offer to be a guest blogger or regular contributor on a bigger blog.

51. Apply to about.com for a topic that you can write about.

52. Sell items on ebay and agree to donate proceeds to charity – they will link to you.

53. Hire someone from a webmaster forum to submit links for you.

54. Trade articles with industry related webmasters.

55. Rewrite old content they may have been buried to fast…breath new life.

56. Find out about getting a link on your local libraries website.

57. Launch an affiliate program for your site, ebook, or product.

58. Technorati tags all of your posts for good Technorati exposure.

59. Take advantage of “old world media” (newspapers, magazines).

60. Rent links from Text-Link-Ads or similar service.

61. If you have the ability, create a Firefox extension and release it.

62. Answer questions on Google Groups and link if necessary.

63. Call in to a radio show and shamelessly plug your site!

64. A good PPC campaign can draw exposure which could = links.

65. Head over to the slums (chat rooms) and mention your site if appropriate.

66. Create a controversial political cartoon and get it some attention.

67. Most local Fox sites have a blogging community you can tap into.

68. Hire someone to do everything in this list. Outsourcing is cheap and fun.

69. Get business cards, and distribute the hell out of them for exposure.

70. Drop your link on Xbox live.

71. Mention your link when you’re playing online PC games.

72. Donate a larger sum of money to a small charity in exchange for a link.

73. If you’re in school, put your link on your college website (even sneak it in for a free .edu backlink – lol)

74. If you have family friendly content, get a link from your Church’s website.

75. Set up a Squidoo lens with good content, and link to your site from it.


List of Best High PageRank Social Sites

We already know that joining social sites like Face book, Twitter, stumble, etc. and engaging in social bookmarking is a great way to get more and more back links for our sites. People want to join more and more social sites which can prove best for link building campaign and can help get them more and more visitors to their sites.

High Page Rank Social Sites

As Social sites plays a major role in getting you more back links and traffic for your blogs, getting more and more revenues, it is a must for every blogger to find out best and worthy sites where they can join and bookmark their links.

Here is a list of some best social sites which you can join and can get perfect one way back links for your sites by participating in social bookmarking. If you are looking for an automated tool that can help you bookmark your webpages to many sites, have a look at this brilliant social monkey tool.

Just add your link and information to get automated social bookmarks at hundreds of sites at a click of button.



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