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The PA Tech Awards Celebration: Bigger and Better than Ever

Technology is something to celebrate. It enriches our lives, and changes the way business is conducted. This year, the PA Tech awards is going all-out. The event has been running strong for 20 years now but, this year, it’s getting bigger. Now in its 21st year, there will be more than 300 C-level executives, academia, and other professionals.

The PA Tech Awards

The Categories

There are several categories this year:

  • Technology Leader of the YearThis award is presented to the individual who has demonstrated a prolonged commitment to advancing the growth and development of the tech industry in PA.
  • Technology Company of the YearThis award is presented to a company that has demonstrated an ability to succeed in the sales and marketing of its technology product or services. The company must also have achieved significant success in the marketplace in the last 12 months.
  • Technology Provider of the YearThis award is for public and private sector entities that have improved the operations and productivity of its clients through technology applications, equipment, solutions, and resources.
  • Innovation Company of the YearThis award goes to a company that has a unique product or service that is breaking new ground in the tech industry.
  • Start-up Company of the YearThis award is given to a company that distinguishes itself through growth and development in its early stages of commercialization.
  • Public Service Innovator of the YearThis award is given to an individual or company that utilized technology to improve the delivery of government services.
  • Technology Educator of the Year: K-12This award is given to members of K-12 academia who inspire students to pursue a career in technology.
  • Technology Educator of the Year: Post-SecondaryThis award is given to members of post-secondary academia who inspire students to pursue technology careers.

The Nominees

This year, there are many nominees in each category. While no Pennsylvania Internet providers made the cut, there is a wide diversity in the types of companies that did. For example, All Traffic Solutions (a road sign company) is being nominated for tech leader of the year along with 14 other companies.

There are 39 nominees for technology company of the year, including WebpageFX, Global Data Consultants, and Fiberlink. Chuck Davis, corporate faculty at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology and Government Technology Institute are both being nominated for technology educator of the year – K-12.

Technology provider of the year is very competitive this year with 47 different nominees while start-up company of the year has only 12 nominees – with the Vinyard at Hershey being nominated 5 times. Company of the year is divided among 16 different nominees and include DataForma Inc, Fraser Advanced Information Systems, Learning Breaks, GL Noble Denton, QBC Diagnostics and The Drucker Company, Hartman Executive Advisors, Applied Cognitive Systems, and WorkXpress, among others.

Tickets and Pricing

The event is held on Tuesday, April 9th, starting at 4:00PM at the Hershey Lodge and Convention Center in Hershey PA. Tickets for the event are $175 for TechQuest members and $250 for nonmembers and can be purchased in advance.

Rob Gallagher is a computer technician from Pennsylvania who loves to keep up with the latest technology and Internet news. In his spare time, he likes to share what he finds by blogging on various websites.


Benefits of Cloud Computing – Reasons Why You Should Opt for It

Cloud computing, a major computing application is allowing users to hive away important documents and information remotely in the safest manner than that of an office server or hard drive can. More and more people today use cloud computing but don’t recognize its importance and benefits.

Some web based mailing options such as Hotmail and Gmail, certain communication facilities like Skype and some music sharing sources use this application. Cloud computing offers a lot of benefits, especially for international companies. Some of the most important benefits of cloud computing are following;


Great flexibility is offered to users while accessing documents and information they need through cloud computing application. No matter if they are at home or outside the office; they can simply access the needed data using cloud computing application.

They just need to log on to the internet and access data from home, office, through a smart phone or even on the road.  This application lets users work collectively on documents and information, even if they are not working together. Users can view and make changes to the documents from different locations.

Quick and easy to run

The application is very fast and includes uncomplicated options. For example, you will need only certain minutes to make a Hotmail or Gmail account and start mailing. You just need to have a computer and internet connection.

Cheaper and less labor-intensive

Many companies find cloud computing very cost effective and less labor-intensive. Companies don’t need to purchase and install costly software as it is already equipped at online and companies just need to run it from there. There are lots of cloud computing applications offered at free of cost. Besides, users can also get wide disk space. Instead of buying the space, users can simply obtain the specific software regularly. Thus, users just have to pay for the application when they need it.

Online availability

This is one of the major benefit of cloud computing. Since it is available online, users can get almost unlimited storage space than hard drive and server limits. Also, cloud computing does not give rise to storage issues with equipment and server upgrades. Users just need to increase their monthly fee for extensive data storage.

No expert service is necessary

Users do not need to have specialist IT staff assistance in order to maintain and upgrade cloud computing software or to fix bugs, because all maintenance is executed by the hosts. It has a frees-up-in-house team to monitor the technical issues, particularly in business niche. Cloud computing offers remote maintenance and so it is easy for businesses to acquire the latest and most powerful version of any specific software.

Cloud computing offers automatic software updates that is helpful for financial or legal compliance reasons. For instance, accounting and book-keeping software changes the system automatically when the tax rates changes. There are lots of international businesses using cloud computing applications, as it has green credentials.

Recently, Microsoft claims that cloud computing can decrease a business’s carbon emissions by around 30% and so, companies don’t need to power a whole server.

Social Networking Tools For Your Online Business Benefit

With today’s pacing time, you get more and more involved into several social networking websites for your business. It becomes increasingly important to make sure that you get the best output of your time spend over the Internet.

This mind-set didn’t prevailed earlier, this we are talking about when the social networking websites didn’t influenced people life that much.  Personally talking, I use to just sit on my PC check the emails and that’s all. It is not the same scenario with so much of net socializing creating around.

Social Networking

There are many of you that can agree with me that doing business over the social media websites is no kids’ job.  Whatever amount of time you spend on to build social network for your online business is built through a peculiar mind-set whether it is going to give me a good returns or not.

However; there are additional some knock off social networking tools that gains a positive impact to your online businesses.

For instance, how would you know that when you tweet you are actually targeting the right audience?  Unless the positive reply doesn’t show it is just one more waste of trial. Why waste time when there is social networking tools to help get your online business gain the desired popularity. There are many free tools out there on the Internet that monitors your tweets and shows where to improve.

With the help of such tools, will help you improve on your online work, showing you how to target and what it takes to get the positive reply. As of more and more businesses are going online, the competition is becoming tough and it is important to stay connected with the present technology and to know what your audiences desire.

Here are too few pointers that will help you navigate with your online business.

Take One Thing At A Time: You are a techno savvy and know in and out of this trend, but it is not good that every social media websites that you come across should tried and tested. Take one thing a time.

Being Consistent: Most of the social networking sites comes with similar working features, if you have more than one it saves time to post info, videos and snaps. It is vital to keep your message consistent it’s what it counts.

Updating: It is important to keep updating the info, out-dated info and laziness suggest that you are not concern or busy.

Keeping It Professional: Rather sharing your personal interest and some silly quizzes and games, it is better that you post your professional info about your products and services.