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How to Get a Good Page Rank?

Here is a help for those blogger friends of mine that are new and cannot manage to invest much into getting better Page Ranks by the SEO tools like, submitting website to web directories, submitting article to article sites, etc and also can not invest huge sum of money with the SEO Experts.

With this help you can get a Good Page Rank without Investing Money. There are few things which determine the page rank of your site and if you actually want it to make better, and then you should invest much of your hard work and time in doing this, if you cannot invest money on it.

First of all the Age of your site affects the Page rank. It takes time to get a better Page Rank. Number of back links, linking to you also affects the Page rank. If you simply have back links with the high page ranking sites, it takes no time for you to get a good page rank for your site too. Since content is always the King. You can have a good page rank if you regularly give some actual good content to your site.

Another brilliant way for increasing page rank and Quality Links is to comment on blogs with high page-rank. But keep in mind that comments that you make should be relevant to the content of the article because if not, your comment may be removed by the blog owner.

Do not be too often commented on the blog because it can be suspected as spam and search engines hate it. As much as possible get links from websites that have the same topic with your website.
It is also necessary to have a Good back links than to have more back links.

Good back links are those, which are from the sites having good Page rank and which match with the content of your website. For instance, if your fashion site is back linked with some health web site, it will not have much importance. Preferably back linking with the sites having same key words as yours will count much in Google Search engine optimization. You may get such links free, by exchanging or you may get it by paying for that.

Page rank is a major factor that Google uses to rank a particular website or a blog. The page rank shows the importance of your site to Google and whether it is indexed in it or not. Better is your page rank better is your website. Most internet marketers want to increase their Google Page Rank.

They believe that a higher PR will automatically results in a better ranking for their search terms. In some case it may be true but most of the time it is not. Why? Because Google take into account the content of the page providing your link.

While reciprocal links are also valuable and easier to get, one way links are supposed to be having more importance. So I recommend investing a little amount of money for getting a better Page Rank and after wards people will pay you for having a better Page rank site, if you want it. We will cover the articles later on How to Earn Money from the Good Page Rank sites.

5 Top How to Blog Tips to Attract More Customers to your Business Blog

Blogging is now a matter of few clicks. You can start your own blog in just minutes with some clicks. Even a child with a basic knowledge of computer and internet can build an online blog and start attracting some visitors towards it.

909520a3-0d6f-427d-a133-6d09acd771cbBut to start a blog for your business and to attract more and more customers regularly to your business blog is a real challenge. Here are some top How to Blog Tips that can help you to blog effectively so that you can attract more and more customers to your business blog.

Develop keywords rich content and publish articles regularly

First of all you need to focus on using perfect keywords for your business blogs that describes your business best. Search these keywords online and use them perfectly in headings and all over the pages for your entire blog. Develop the keywords rich content and add publish articles regularly on your blogs.

Choose the right blogging platform

Right blogging platform is very essential for you to get. Right platform will always give you better opportunities to enhance your business blogs and go professional. Although there are many of the free blogging platforms to use, but if you are really serious about your business and want to start your online business blogs you should consider using paid blogging platforms like that of Worpress.org. This will provide you top benefits which you do not get at any free blogging platforms.

Make your business blogs look professional

Use proper themes and templates for your business blogs. It is important that you look professional and keep your business blogs neat and clean. Blogs with more flashy banners or ads may not attract more customers towards it.

Target your customers and share your expertise with them

Know your customers and target them. Instead of just going everywhere and anywhere you should try out better marketing methods to target your customers who are in need of your help. For instance when you are using social networking for marketing reach out to the maximum communities and groups where you can find people related to your niche. Start by searching the particular groups and communities by searching from your related niche and keywords.

Use top most marketing methods like SMM and SEM

Social media marketing and search engine marketing are the two marketing methods that are effective in attracting more and more customers to your business and online business blogs. Learn the tactics involved. With the right strategies and approach you will get success soon in your online business through your online business blogs.

These tips and strategies on how to blog can effectively help you to attract more and more customers to your business blogs and earn high profits with them.

Blog Content Ideas – How to Make Your Blog’s Content Worth Reading

Here are some great blog content ideas that will help you all to make your blog’s content worth reading.

The world today is of blogging. People all over the world are using blogs as a fastest source of communication on internet. There are also large group of people who starts the blogs as their private personal diary where they can post their daily activities, views about all kinds of things and any type of information that they want to keep safe or share with the world.

People here are totally free to add and put the words which are in their minds and which they want to share with their communities and friends. Some uses a particular theme so that all articles concentrate on a certain topic only which reflects their expertise whereas some of them uses a general theme blog to add more and more content related to various topics.

And also there are other sort of people who uses it for promoting their products and services to international society of people. Today the blog is effectively used by wider groups of people and they have just starting up money making from their blogs.

Here are the must have 5 Tips and blog content ideas for beginners to make your blog posts perfect.


1- Focus on the Content which is King

If your content is fresh and original, this means your blog has already standing out of the crowd and the time you are dreaming of is near to you.

2- Make Your Post short and to The Point

I know you are perfect writer until now and you know all about the content of your websites. But it will be better that your posts are short and to the point. First think and then write about it.

3- Avoid the Grammatical Mistakes in Your Post

When you have finished writing it, take a look and revise at the articles you have prepared for posting. This is a best blog content ideas that you should not forget about. You will see that there may be some of the grammatical mistakes that you have not seen, while writing. So always learn to edit your post before publishing it.

4- Do Not Just Copy your Content

You should not just copy your content but you should focus on expressing your own new and attractive ideas that can make your readers enjoy reading it.

5- Check Your Post before Publishing

You should always check your spelling and other grammatical mistakes before you submit your post. If your posts are full of misspellings and words that have irrelevant meanings, people will not take anything you say seriously and can leave your blog.

Also you should add some relevant pictures and videos for your post to make it really live and interesting, so that your readers will take them more seriously and interestingly.

Following these all blog content ideas can help you create a best blog for your personal or business needs which can effectively prove profitable for you in long run.

5 Perfect SEO Tips for Getting High Search Engine Ranking, Optimizing Your Content

SEO or search engine optimization is the process which every blog and website needs to gain link popularity and success in this competitive world of internet which is full of several millions websites and blogs.

Getting a SEO ranking is basically an ongoing process for every blog and websites, which should be done in order to gain visitors and profits.

There are several SEO tools and processes which various experts and professional SEO companies do to get your sites and blogs high search engine ranking. This can be done by any hired professional or professional SEO company which is expert in the field. But SEO ranking can be easily understood and done if you spend some time into it.

You can also adopt these methods for your own blogs and websites to make them easily indexed in the Google and gain more profits by getting more and more visitors throughout your life.

From the several processes used, content building and content optimization is one of the most important parts you should know and understand to get high search engine ranking. Here are the 5 different Perfect SEO tips related to the “content optimization” that you should understand and work on, to manage your first part of SEO ranking for free.

1- Build Perfect and Unique Content

“Content is a king”, this may be not the new thing you are hearing about. Every now and then webmasters and bloggers says about it. But this remains always true that you should always try to feed your blog with some new and innovative content that makes your blog perfect.

Perfect content, that is unique and interesting, can make your blog interesting to the visitors and also for the search engines. This makes the search engines to crawl faster to your pages which have unique and important information to share with the world. Perfect and unique content also helps you to make your blog stand out of millions and thus remains helpful in getting high search engine ranking.

2- Regular Content and Updates

Most of the visitors come to the blog again and again to know about the regular updates and content that you want to share with them. They are in regular search of the new material. Search engines also love and crawl through the pages of blog which are regularly updated with some new and innovative content. Search engines crawl through and checks for the modified date of pages also.

If you care of your existing pages and update them nicely and perfectly, these are more likely to get high search engine ranking fast and easy. Thus regular content and also the updates is also a part of your search engine optimization. You should therefore understand the importance of daily updating your blog and update it daily, if possible, to get high search engine ranking for your blogs.

3- Use Perfect and Relevant Keywords

Perfect keywords that are used after doing the research can also help you out in making your blog and site search engine optimized. As internet is a place where people search through using the keywords and phrases, use of perfect keywords and phrases helps your blog, to get high search engine ranking.

This results in increasing the site traffic to your blog. These keywords should be used at different places to get the best results. Keywords can be used in the title tag, Meta description tag and even on a web page within the body.

4- Writing the Relevant and Keyword Rich Content

First of all you should choose a topic and a niche for your blog and try to make your content and posts as relevant as possible, to this topic. If you try to maintain your relevancy by adding relevant content which is rich in relevant keywords, you could win half of the battle of SEO.

Also you should remember that if you have already put all your keywords in Meta tags and Alt image tags, etc. without adding your relevant keywords to the content, it can end up being basically a futile effort.

5- Write Naturally and Do Not overstuff with Keywords

While writing the content for your blog, you should write it naturally. You should of course add the relevant keywords to your posts to get better search engine optimized page, but in a manner that it looks natural and not awkward. Also do care about not over stuffing your content with too many keywords that can make it non sense and unreadable, for your visitors.

You can use as many keywords as possible in your content as long as it makes sense and easily understandable to your visitors. If the content you write is easily understandable to your visitors, search engines also loves these content and your pages will get high search engine raking in no time at all.

The part of content optimization is vital and useful for your blog without which your blog can be called as a dead blog. You may be managing your dead blog which is not getting decent amount of traffic which it could actually get, but it’s time now to start optimizing your content with the best keywords and phrases. Now, as you are aware of these SEO tips you can get far better results than before with these Perfect SEO tips.

You would also be getting the most useful and beneficial SEO Tips in our next part of this series which is about Perfect SEO tips for getting high search engine ranking by optimizing your links. So do not miss out these special parts and subscribe to this blog for your next update.

Hope you like the article and have got the necessary help regarding your search engine optimization by making your content perfect and search engine optimized. If you want to share your ideas and knowledge about the SEO you are welcome to talk about it at Prav talks. Use the comment box below to share your ideas…..

How to Intelligently Choose your Blogging Platform for your Online Business?

Today blogging and blogging for your online business is in air. You know that, you can start your blogs free of cost using the free blogging platforms. But it is important for you to intelligently choose your blogging interface which gives you profitable results for long time.

There are today many free as well as paid options for a blogger to start blogging. But if you want to blog for long and want to take it seriously, you should consider some additional things while choosing your blogging interface.

If you are a part time blogger and want to start blogging just for fun or for just sharing your thoughts and articles, you can use free blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress.com, or LiveJournal. But if you want to stand a successful online business through blogging, you should avoid using these free blogging platforms and get a self hosted blog for yourself.

For successful and serious blogging, first thing you may need is to get a personal domain name that will help you attain credibility and name. People and your contacts in business will take you much more seriously if you have your own domain name rather than having just a free platform and a free name given by these free blogging platforms.

This will not at all going to empty your pockets and will help you in long run. It will be going to be a good investment for you in future.


Then if you can pay some dollars for your hosting account it will be best for you. You can use much more features with this. You can easily download and install a copy of the wordpress blogging platform i.e. WordPress.org and not .com and gain greater benefits from day first.

Hostgator is one of the most reputed and genuine hosting company which can help you in getting cheap hosting plans for your basic as well as standard and premium needs.

What are the advantages of self hosted blogging platforms?

Using the self hosting plan like Hostgator or any other will make your blog totally yours. You will gain better abilities to customize your design in ways which are really impossible with the free services like blogger.

You can use various wordpress plugins with your blog to make your blog more professional and realistic that gives you more power to earn money through blogging. You can run your own ads freely which is not allowed if you use the free blogging platform of wordpress.com.

Free blogging platforms are much more appreciated than paid ones and can be used if you just want to START. Moreover free blogging interface are great for personal blogs, and experimenting with blogging before deciding to commit to it.

Paid blogging platform like wordpress.org will need some investment. Therefore you can go with it after some time, when you feel that you want to go serious with your professional blog and want to start your online business through blogging.

What are the advantage of own domain name?

When you own your domain name the, biggest advantage of getting it is that you can point this domain name pretty anywhere where ever you like. You could use it with your Blogspot or WordPress.com blog. But it would be again advised that you should not go for it.

While Blogger and WordPress.com are most likely the two best “free blog services” available, they’re limiting in terms of what you can do and have much lower features.

If you have a tight budget you should at least get a self domain and point it to the free blog so that you can switch that blog to the self hosted blogging interface in future and get your readers and backlinks intact.

You can easily switch and export your existing blog to a self hosted blog in future whenever you plan to invest in it. WordPress.org allows you to import posts from Blogger, WordPress.com, LiveJournal, and a few others (including RSS).

So without thinking any further if you are yet going with the free blogging interfaces, it’s time to get your own cheap domain and start your blogging business to reach to the highs you have never seen.

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10 Perfect Tips on How to Avoid Google Adsense Account from Banned Out

If you are serious about blogging for money you should use one of the most important ad networks for your blog which is well known as Google Adsense. But as the Adsense have very strict rules and regulations for the publishers who wish to run the ads served by Google, it should be noted that you fulfill their terms and conditions and work according to them so that you can earn decent income online for lifelong.

If you have just crossed the first stairs of getting approved into Adsense, maintaining into it is a challenging job which not everyone can get through. This is the post to help my dear friends who are new to Adsense. This will help them in continuing in Google Adsense.

Read the following if you don’t want to ban out from Google Adsense.

1- Do not publish or add the Adsense code on the sites that contain prohibited contents such as pornography, gambling, hacking news, violent topic, advertise of alcoholic drinks, tobacco & tobacco related products. This can result in immediate banning of your adsense account.

2- Do not ever say your visitors to click on your ads. Many bloggers do the mistake by adding the caption on adsense ads like FAVORITE SITES, HOT SITES, and EXCLUSIVE ZONE. Avoid using all that.

Never try to write any words that will make others to click Adsense ads like “Click & Win Prize”, “Click to Earn” etc.

Also don’t click on your own Google ads – I suspect this is the most common reason people are banned. You can’t click your own ads for any reason.

3- Avoid adding duplicate content by just copying  and pasting from other sites. However you can remake and rewrite it in your own words. Avoid carbon copy.

Many websites have same topics that you have. It does not mean that you just copy any article from that site & paste it in your blog.

4- Never put Adsense code on same page where there is no content and also don’t try to tamper with the AdSense code.

Unless you have permission you shouldn’t change the AdSense code. Some publishers have agreements with Google to do this but if you’re a normal publisher you are not allowed to make such changes.

Again – if in doubt contact the AdSense team.

5- Never promote your site (which contains Adsense ads) in pop up ads.

6- Do not ever sign in AUTO-SURF website. Auto surf sites generates artificial clicks & impressions. The visitor who surfs your website is not counted as a real visitor because the visitor surfs only to earn page impressions & nothing else. It is prohibited in Adsense policy.

7- Indian and China friends have to wait for 6 months till their site gains publicity. Google accepts only 6 months old blogs from India and China.

8- Your site should have some proper traffic when you sign in for the Adsense account other vice it will not be accepted.

9- Never indulge in the click exchange programs with your friend. Of course, first it will show an increase in your Dollars of Adsense account but Adsense will automatically track the fraud clicks and Ban your account.

10- Finally before placing Adsense code in your blog or website try to read carefully all the Adsense policy. It will give you a clear view about Adsense policy.

How to Submit Your Blog to Google?

Submitting your blog to Google makes a difference the people visit your blog. If you have very fewer number of visitors to your blog you can easily increase the number by letting Google know your blog.

This can be done in an easy way which most of the Bloggers don’t know about. If you have created your new blog and if you want to submit your blog to Google so that people will know about it easily while searching on Google, you can submit your blog to Google by following these easy steps.

Image via CrunchBase

Remember one thing that the main source of traffic to your blog is search engines, and the most famous search engine is Google Search Engine. So submitting your blog to Google Webmaster will not only increase your blog traffic but will increase your Page Rank also.

If you have not heard of Webmaster account on Google here it is. Click on to your Google account or “My Account”. You will see the webmasters account in the section. You can open it by using the same account details as you use at Blogger or G mail.

Now when you are there, you will be asked to enter your site URL. Enter your blog/website URL and click “Add Site“.

Then you will have to verify your account. There are two methods to verify your account:

  • Adding a meta tag
  • Uploading a HTML file

If you are a blogger you can use “add a meta tag option” and if not you can use second option also.

For Bloggers: how to submit sitemap to your Google webmasters account

Click on Add a Meta tag and you will be given a code. Just Copy the code given and open Blogger.

After that click on the Layout >> Edit HTML.

Search for and paste that Meta Tag code just after. Save your template. After saving go back to Google webmaster and click on verify.

After verifying go to Sitemaps in the left sidebar.

Then click on Add a Sitemap. In the drop down menu it will ask you to put the Sitemap URL. There are only two ways to add a sitemap and they are:


Just enter your desired option and click Add General Web Sitemap
Congratulations! You have submitted your blog to Google Webmaster…

How to Boost The Traffic For Your Business Blog by Creating Casual Look

When you are creating your blog for business, the biggest concern for you is too how to How to boost traffic to your blog. Traffic is the only factor which decides the success or failure of your business blog. Therefore webmasters and business people invest lots of money and time in knowing and implementing ideal ways to boost website traffic and for their business blogs.

The best thing to do when you create a blog for a business is to create one with a professional and casual look.

The visitors coming to your website, needs some important information that is ready on your blog. The information you provide should be seen as soon as possible, without finding it for, at your blog. Your visitors should feel that they are welcomed to your site which provides useful information to them.

If they get this, they will try again and again to visit your blog and you get traffic boost and increase in number of visitors day by day.

You should help your business blog to look professional and feel casual because you want your business to be seen as a professional. You should design your blog so that you appear as a well established and reliable online business company. People like to deal with established companies and believe in them, to get quality services.

Make sure the colors you use in your business blog, for the text and links, should be efficient, matching and appealing. Also focus on using the best available layout and themes for your business blog. These should be according to the nature of your business and should provide a nice picture about your business while maintaining a casual look throughout which indirectly helps to boost traffic to your blog

For instance if you are creating a business blog which is about money and finances, you could choose a theme which have some finance related picture at the header of the blog.

Also remember to keep the tone casual. You should focus on using simple terms and posting only, things in a conversational tone of writing so that each and every person can understand what you are trying to say. This way your visitors will find your content interesting and useful.

You may share your expensive ideas below at the comment section before leaving my blog. Hope fully this post has helped you in knowing about How to boost traffic to your blog.

How to Make Money From Blogging?

Can you really make money from blogging? This is the question which many of the blogger, while starting a blog, asks. This is the question many of my blogger friends ask me when I told them about my blogging ideas and when they actually wanted to learn about how to make money from blogging.

And I always reply:

Yes, absolutely you can earn money through blogging. Blogging is a perfect platform for free online money making opportunity and one can easily start money making with the help of it. Since there are whole lot of internet making money scams around the net one should concentrate on blogging and reap the results slowly and steadily because “slow and steady always wins the race.”

According to me blogging is one of the greatest internet money making ideas.  Yes it is very much possible for you also. Don’t bother if you have a day job and if you still want to work on the internet as a part time, it may take longer.

But don’t drop the idea in between if you are not getting the results. And commit to what you had decided to, it may take some time but believe me you nothing have anything to lose here. There are lots and lots of advantages for why should you start your blog, besides earning money through blogging.

Blogging is one of the Biggest Money making Opportunity present online in the crowd of most Scams. It can be started for free on the various blogging platforms like Blogger and WordPress which provides their free hosting. But while going to be professionally you should start it by paying some amount for getting your own domain name which acts like your Registered brand name.

Yes, there are lot of ways to make money from blogging. If you really want to get rich online then blogging is a perfect way for you.

What people like about professional blogging is that it is a haven of money-making opportunities in itself. With the tons of information present online, blogging has never been easier for you on internet.

As the blogging concepts continue to grow, people are finding more and more effective and easy ways to maximize their money-making potential. Bigger Internet-based companies such as Amazon.com and Clickbank.com are now offering you easy ways of making money through your blog without the effort!

The first money making opportunity is from content based advertisements. You can join free programs like Google Adsense, Adbrite, Bidvertiser, or many others that you can find and then implement their advert code on to your blog. Now every time a visitor to your blog clicks on one of your adverts, you will earn a certain amount of money. Obviously it helps if you can get a lot of traffic to your blog, and is beneficial if you try and blend the adverts in to the rest of the website as best as you can.

Then you can also Join various Affiliate programs like free Affiliate programs such as click bank, Affiliate Niche, etc. and if you preferably have a steady amount of web-traffic on a regular basis you can earn some revenues by the commissions getting on the sales you make from your site.

Other than this you can also write reviews and ideas about certain advertiser’s products and services on your blog post that can pay you for this. This is the best and sure shot method for make money from blogging and can make you decent money lifelong.

7 Tips On How To Step Up Your Search Engine Optimization

Every mind of any well-informed businessperson is thinking on ways of improving search engine optimization. Research shows that approximately over 90% of SEO users do click on organic search results and get over paid, and 89% of consumers use search engines mainly to create decisions concerning purchasing.

This raises a lot of concern whether the remaining 11% did not understand the question correctly. Recent adjustments to algorithms of Google have firms across the globe doubling or even tripling up their constant efforts to ensure that they optimize search. Search engine optimization is and will always be important no matter what all the other search engines will probably try to follow suit. Kindly use the following ways to improve your search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization

a)      Understand your number – Use analytic measures to identify how individuals are getting to know your website and the kind of keywords that are leading them there. Experiment and weigh all efforts, add the number of referrals from the search engines and replicate those that seem to be functional. Keep watching the rank of your page and any stimulants that can improve it. It is until you identify what assists it is when ought to keep your efforts up and focus.

b)      Permalinks and headings – It is important to involve your top most keywords, like say, ten keywords, in page headings and permalinks. This is a textbook way of improving search engine indexing.

c)      Keywords – Identify your top most keywords and use them appropriately in your articles and blog posts, and on your individual website. The reason behind this is to ensure that you are authentic.

d)      Internal links – An effective method to encourage the improvement of click through is by linking to your site internally. This is Google’s way of weighing engagement on your individual website. Instead of using arbitrary phrases such as ‘click here’, make sure you hyperlink the keywords.

e)      Share the love – Ensure you balance the links to your internal sites with those on the external sites. Remember, search engines will always be looking for evidence of relationships across the web. Appreciate other resources and sites through linking back and you will find that they will always reciprocate in the same way. In fact, one of the best methods to add flavor to your website is by having a greater and better websites link to your individual website. Public relations and partnerships build this scheme of awareness.

f)       Image optimization – Spiders crawl comments and text to both your site and images. Therefore, ensure that you tag your images using a keyword rich text.

g)      Use HTML – Proper websites do not use Flash. In some cases, it may seem to be good during special effects, but it destroy search. However, websites created in HTML are simpler for search engines to crawl, while those created mainly in Flash may not necessarily be searchable on all models on phones.

Do away with black hat techniques. Never undo any kind of your individuals work using sneaky techniques, as you will get punishment from Google. Specifically, avoid cloaking, keyword stuffing and duplication.

Author Bio:

James White aims to become a renowned name when it comes to coming up with innovative Internet Marketing/SEO strategies, similar to Eric Schiffer.