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Cloud Computing Security – Why It is Important?

Since invention, cloud computing is getting changed in all the way, and now became a crucial application that world uses to interact with and manage data. With all these developments, users are very much concerned about its security as well. Companies, non-profit organizations, education programs, and individuals are started using cloud computing for different internet requirements, but everyone has question in the mind that whether the application is secure enough for handling sensitive data. Well, the answer is ‘Yes’.

Cloud computing is as secure as a standard computing and hosting application. However, users sometimes feel that it is not secure because of the bad impressions arisen by the media.

It is true that cloud computing involves certain risks and this is why many providers give much importance for cloud computing security. Their schemes and physical security on site will be much tighter than old hosting platforms, wherein workers dedicatedly monitored how the network is working, and took action when intrusions detected.

The way how cloud computing has become a boon for society; simultaneously cloud computing security is much tighter for the network due to its security redundancy. Providers offer certain kind of encryption for the data so that when it enters to the server, it becomes impossible for outsiders to access.

The cloud computing and conventional computing differs in terms of nightly backups. It means, when something occurs, the latest backup is given from the night before while cloud computing offers backup after each transaction, quickly. Thus, a single fix quickly alleviates the issues inside the cloud. So, users don’t need to worry about the security of their data; cloud computing offers measures that ensure that their data is safe.

Though there are many hosts offering own kind of data encryption to help secure it, it will be more beneficial if users could take their own security measures so that when something bad happens, they can access to their data instantly. Besides, they can run their own back-ups of the data and keep their data in hands even if the cloud network goes down.

It is expected that cloud computing would be the future of data storage online because it offers instant access to information under a big and redundant backups for when the crucial fail should take place. Cloud computing security measures that protect the data will become the most stringent and therefore, users don’t need to worry about the security of their data.

Amazon and Google use cloud services to handle their big networks, and Amazon’s A3 services is available to the public as well. Getting space on A3’s network is fairly cheap in terms of cloud storage and distribution. However, having users’ data shared across many servers does give rise to many worries.

But all those worries are being wiped out these days with latest backups facilities by cloud computing. So, make use of most reliable and popular backup services by cloud computing and protect your data and information at the best possible manner.


Benefits of Cloud Computing – Reasons Why You Should Opt for It

Cloud computing, a major computing application is allowing users to hive away important documents and information remotely in the safest manner than that of an office server or hard drive can. More and more people today use cloud computing but don’t recognize its importance and benefits.

Some web based mailing options such as Hotmail and Gmail, certain communication facilities like Skype and some music sharing sources use this application. Cloud computing offers a lot of benefits, especially for international companies. Some of the most important benefits of cloud computing are following;


Great flexibility is offered to users while accessing documents and information they need through cloud computing application. No matter if they are at home or outside the office; they can simply access the needed data using cloud computing application.

They just need to log on to the internet and access data from home, office, through a smart phone or even on the road.  This application lets users work collectively on documents and information, even if they are not working together. Users can view and make changes to the documents from different locations.

Quick and easy to run

The application is very fast and includes uncomplicated options. For example, you will need only certain minutes to make a Hotmail or Gmail account and start mailing. You just need to have a computer and internet connection.

Cheaper and less labor-intensive

Many companies find cloud computing very cost effective and less labor-intensive. Companies don’t need to purchase and install costly software as it is already equipped at online and companies just need to run it from there. There are lots of cloud computing applications offered at free of cost. Besides, users can also get wide disk space. Instead of buying the space, users can simply obtain the specific software regularly. Thus, users just have to pay for the application when they need it.

Online availability

This is one of the major benefit of cloud computing. Since it is available online, users can get almost unlimited storage space than hard drive and server limits. Also, cloud computing does not give rise to storage issues with equipment and server upgrades. Users just need to increase their monthly fee for extensive data storage.

No expert service is necessary

Users do not need to have specialist IT staff assistance in order to maintain and upgrade cloud computing software or to fix bugs, because all maintenance is executed by the hosts. It has a frees-up-in-house team to monitor the technical issues, particularly in business niche. Cloud computing offers remote maintenance and so it is easy for businesses to acquire the latest and most powerful version of any specific software.

Cloud computing offers automatic software updates that is helpful for financial or legal compliance reasons. For instance, accounting and book-keeping software changes the system automatically when the tax rates changes. There are lots of international businesses using cloud computing applications, as it has green credentials.

Recently, Microsoft claims that cloud computing can decrease a business’s carbon emissions by around 30% and so, companies don’t need to power a whole server.