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Web designer tips: How to build a positive professional relationship with your clients

When you create a web design for a client, it is rarely a one-off project. Most web designers end up working with their clients over an extended period, as they often require tweaks, upgrades and additional design work at some point or other. The better you handle client relations, the more likely you are to profit from them, both financially and in terms of your reputation. In this article we will share our top tips on how to build a positive professional relationship with web design clients.

When meeting with web design clients face to face, show that you are taking on-board their suggestions by noting them down.

Listen to your clients

It is important that your web design clients feel like you value their opinion and input, therefore it is important to show that you are listening to them and taking their suggestions on board. If you are meeting face to face with clients, try to make good eye contact with them, whilst also noting down their key points. When it comes to showing your web design client the finished result, be sure to explain how you have incorporated their ideas into the design and how you have built the website with their needs in mind. This will show them that you care about their business and the work you are doing for them.

Be transparent

As a web designer it is important to not only sell your services to customers, but your personality too. You should be transparent about who you are and what you are capable of doing. If a client requires a service that you are unable to provide, recommend someone who can help them. The more honest you are with your client, the more likely they are to trust you and your services.

Educate your clients

Web designing and development is tricky, which is why clients come to you for help and do not try and do it themselves. When you take on a client, it is important to educate them about the web design process as much as you possibly can. The more information you provide, the more informed decisions they can make about their web design. By making more informed decisions, clients are more likely to be happy with your finished product and we all know happy clients usually leads to more work and recommendations!


Do you have local web design clients? If so, why not pop into their workplaces every so often to see how they are getting along with their website? This will show them that you care and are available if they need any additional work doing.

Improve your communication skills

In such a competitive industry, web designers need to find ways to make them stand out from their competition. As mentioned before, a great way of doing this is by showing your personality. The majority of the time, clients will base their choice of web designer on who they get along with the best, as well as their skills, experience and rates.

All business owners value communication, therefore making it important that you show that this is one of your strengths. Keeping in contact with your clients throughout the process, whether this is to ask them questions or give them an update on their web design, is a great way to build up a positive professional relationship. Rather than sending emails back and forth, pick up the phone every once in a while or pop into their work place. Trust us – it will make a huge difference to your business relationship!


Today web designers are required to do so much more than simply design their clients’ websites. In order to remain competitive and build profitable professional relationships, they need to sell their personality and people skills too. Whilst efficiency is paramount, it is equally as important to spend time getting to know your web design clients and showing them that you value their business in order to stand a chance at building long-lasting professional relationships that lead to recommendations and additional work.

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The Good and the Bad Points Concerning Social Media

What is social media? To start with, social media is the newest means of communication that is highly utilized by anybody as long as there is an available internet connection. Hence, social media is equated to the word interaction.

Social Media

Through social media, people are able to share ideas, post pictures from recent experiences, and discuss certain issues that are relevant to them. Hence, social media has vastly increased the awareness and sense of communication by anybody.

So what are the advantages of using social media? Let us read then read on below:

  • Opens the line of communication

Through social media, anyone is highly welcomed to join a forum wherein they get to communicate with the people who joined. Hence, the means of communication is enhanced at large since people are now very vocal with what they think and act.

  • Efficient interaction between colleagues

This is especially true when someone is working with a team or when a student needs to ask a classmate about something, social media can be the best communication tool that efficiently connects you with somebody right away and be able to gain answers from your queries.

  • Promotes business deals

Be it a large-scale or small-scale business venture, social media can be very useful in creating a boost on its site. For example, one can make an advertisement about your company and post it online so that a lot of people will get to notice your products are the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way. This is of course made possible with the use of links so that viewers will not have difficulty searching for your website.

  • Improves internet marketing

Social media is the number one tool when it comes to marketing these days. This is because the market has now transferred through the internet; hence, if one tries to promote and create campaigns concerning his/her company, there is a huge possibility that it shall be noticed by a large number of clients.

However, despite its huge acclaim, there are still disadvantages when using social media such as:

  • Damaging one’s website is inevitable

It is said that a means is also one’s end. With social media, this is particularly factual because your website’s ending can also be done by hackers that will probably create viruses in order to destroy your online business empire that you have worked so hard before.

  • Scamming has become a new business

With the market now transferring on the internet, social media poses theft and scammer from creeping. And this mostly happens to individuals that are utilizing social media in hopes of landing a good job, but were unfortunately met by opportunists.

  • Employees have no time already for work

Since internet connections are highly used in offices, employees now have a wide access to using social media as well. However, caught by their curiosity and eagerness to socialize, most of them usually lost the track of time, which results to undone works in the end.

As seen, it is therefore okay to use social media. However, one should impose a strict limitation when using it.

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Understanding the Value of Writing and Improving One’s Skills

Writing is important in all aspects of life. It is a good communication skill which is primarily taught in school. This is always part of the curriculum of every student whether in high school or college. This is one of the keys to better understanding that people needs to master. For some people they make writing as a habit while others write to earn a living. Learning the skill at an early age and understanding the basics and the standards of writing is very important.

The Importance of Writing

Good communication skills is one of the most important keys that leads to a person’s success and one of these is writing.  A good writing skill can help a person achieve his goals in life. This is the reason why a person is taught about the techniques of writing in school. Many companies are hiring employees who have good communication skills which cover speaking, reading and writing. The combination of good verbal and writing skills can help you earn a level in business or in any other career you want to pursue.

Writing skills Writing skills is very important for those who wanted to pursue a career as an article writer, blogger or author of a book. The author’s way or style of writing always matter because this is one thing that will capture the eyes of the reader. A well written article in a website would always attract internet surfers or gather traffics which are necessary for the business. The writer’s language in a book describes his writing styles and skills motivating a reader to read another book of the same author.

Writers are using two of the main styles of writing to entice the readers; editorial style and personal style.

1- Editorial Style – This is commonly observed in magazines and other publications. This style makes the work of a journalist unique. The writing ability of the advertiser in a publication is very important for a business. Their editorial style of writing will be the key factor to attract audiences and customers.

The editorial style comprises readability, length, layout, grammar, language use and sophistication which need to be learned.  A publication intended for a particular field would use different keywords in the article depending on what is it all about. Like for example, medicine; writing an advertisement or publication about doctors, surgeons or any other professionals in the medical field requires an editor to have a basic understanding on medical terms.

2- Personal Style – This style expresses more freedom as you will be using your own creativeness and you do not have to follow standards. However, this does not mean that you will not be careful with your grammar and sentence construction. It is important to remember that your writing style will reflect your personality which is commonly observed in the words you use and the way you use them.

Writing can be learned in school but it is up to you to find ways on how to improve your skills. Given the technology today, there are various innovations that will help you enhance your writing skills such as the word processing software. Most of the software that you may find online will help you check for spelling and grammar errors, helping you practice and exercise your writing ability.

Those who are planning to become a part of a writing team must learn first the basic skills that are necessary for writing and understand more about it online. There are websites that provide software applications which will help you gradually learn to discern both editorial and personal style of writing. Writing is what people should learn to master as this will not only make them smart but it will also help them become ready for anything in this changing world.

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Rhea is a professional writer and blogger. She gets inspiration from experts like Orlando Figes. She has been in this niche for more than five years now.