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Why you Need Improved Alexa Rank – Top 5 Tips to Improve your Alexa Rank

First of all before proceeding for the tips to improve your Alexa rank, you must know what actually Alexa rank is. Alexa rank is simply a measure of site traffic and web exposure your website is getting on internet. The low is the number of Alexa rank, the better is your overall rank considered on internet.

How does Alexa work?

It has been seen that from every 100 visitors that arrive on your site, 50 may have the Alexa toolbar installed on their site. Alexa measures your site’s search traffic and rankings by gathering data from these visitors who have Alexa toolbar installed on their site.

Improved Alexa Rank

Why you Need Improved Alexa Rank?

Better Alexa rank means lot to you. There are many reasons that you can explain for improving your Alexa rank. Some of these are:

  • To get better Alexa rank keeps you always inspired. You will be always active and try hard to improve the better rankings day by day. When you see the increase in your rankings you will feel satisfied with your efforts you are making.
  • More importantly this helps in increasing your site traffic by knowing various things about your sites. You can get better ideas for improving your sites rankings through this way.
  • Improving your Alexa rank will also help you in increasing your site’s value. You can get better advertisers for your blog and can get better revenues and profits from your blogs.

Top 5 Tips to Improve your Alexa Rank:

1- First of all install the Alexa toolbar on your site if you have not done it yet.

2- Install the Alexa toolbar on your site where it is easily visible.

3- Add Alexa stats to your site that attracts your visitors towards your site. It may be rank, graph, etc.

4- Write blog posts about Alexa rank and ways of improving it. You will get better known by this and can increase your rank dramatically.

5- Try to be active in social networks, forums, and other relevant sites.

You can try out various sites like digg, stumbleupon, reddit, facebook, technorati, etc. where you can find visitors that have Alexa toolbar installed and can help you to improve your rank.

These are some of the tips to improve your Alexa rank. Besides these there are many others like you can request reviews of your site on Alexa.

Also you should always try to go for the top ways by which you can increase your search engine traffic. The more targeted traffic you get better will be your Alexa rank.
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