Samsung Galaxy Note 5 With Revolutionary Camera


When it comes to the Samsung Galaxy smartphones, and if you were picking up the most-high end from them, then you would get the good designed, fastest and most reliable smartphones but still something is leftover like camera. Samsung smartphones needs serious tweaks in the camera configuration, so if you are relating these tweaks with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5 then you are absolutely right.


In the past Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 4, Samsung picked the Sony 16MP sensor, which produce enough quality. And the quality is better than Samsung Galaxy S5, with good results both in quality and speed, bearing in mind it’s a phone: given for giving but what it does, it does well. Although the photos are in great definition, the noise level is too high for a terminal in its class.

At least, delay shooting this Samsung is lower than average and can record videos in 4K. Of course, as in the Galaxy Alpha, the ‘Soft’ mode, which captures videos at 60 fps, only available when working in Full HD. It’s off the 240 fps that the iPhone 6 Apple can capture that resolution.

With respect to the front camera, rises to 3.7 megapixels with a luminosity of 1: 1.9, perfect for making selfies, even in low light. It supports also a new panorama, which opens in Note 4, to autofotos with a field of view of 120 °, similar to Groufies mode in Huawei Ascend P7. And surprisingly, this all is not enough. According to us, Sony is doing way better in the camera section.

They are using the 20.7MP sensor in the Xperia Z series high-end phones. And we expect not exactly same, even better in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. How it will happen? Would Sony manufacturer its best camera sensor exclusive for the Note 5 or we would again have to compromise at the tweaked 16MP Sony sensor on the Note 5, Well the fight is just begin and we heard the Samsung is creating its own camera sensor for its future smartphones.

Like the Galaxy Alpha, one of the most steadfast of Samsung in their latest handsets launched in the market is the platform S-Health, a service that, by applying the same name, can record and review sports, the food we eat and heart rate in real time. The application provides information on the exercise performed (using the pedometer function that uses internal sensors), calories and distance, depending on the profile created (sex, age, weight and height).

Also, if the data from ingested foods are introduced, calculates calories they bring and lets out a complete record to create plans for monitoring and physical activity specially designed for the user. How could it be otherwise, and like the Galaxy S5 and Alpha, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 incorporates in the back next to the LED flash, pulse sensor to measure heart haunting quite reliable. And now all this would be available in the Galaxy Note 5 too, with more features.