IPhone 8 and Its Increasing Craze


IPhone 8 is basically a smartphone with many applications in just one handy device. It gives you the freedom to practically do anything you can do on a laptop.

The first IPhone launched named ‘IPhone’ did not do well in the market and the company soon within a year and a half launched IPhone 3G which had better features.

The craze for IPhone leaped when the fourth generation iPhone 4 was launched. And since then Apple has introduced the range of iPhones with more advanced features.

The demand sky-rocketed and as the demand increased the number of applications increased too. Today more than 200,000 applications can be downloaded and installed on this phone.

It is not just a phone but a smartphone with Wi-Fi, multimedia features, a camera, a touch interface, G.P.S. technology and innumerable apps which you can download according to your needs. If you get bored you can even listen to music and make your day bright and entertaining.

IPhone is responsible to give employment to thousands by providing the programmers to display their creativity to the fullest and create applications which made them millionaires within months. The revealed features of iPhone 8 consists of a Super HD display and high functioning camera.

Out with friends, snap a few pictures and enjoy your iPhone 8 to its fullest. You can use it as a netbook, a notebook, a game console, a calculator, a music player and hundreds of other supporting software.

An IPhone 8 is so intelligent that it can differentiate between your touch when you want to swipe between two pictures or want to open one. It also can identify between the touch when you want to zoom in or zoom out of a frame by realising the ‘pinch’. You can log into your social networking sites like Facebook, myspace, gtalk, linkdin etc. on the go.

iPhone 8 is much faster, portable and almost congruent to the website surfed on a p.c. which is the main reason of its increasing the demand even more.

Business men use it to stay updated with the latest information on the share market. The students can share notes, ebooks, lectures and day to day information of the classes.

With the advanced technology of capacitive touch-screen people are going crazy over the advanced photo shopping applications like instagram and juxtaposer.

It is a smartphone in a true sense and will remain a prodigy even after the launch of its better and faster successors.