How to Use Social Bookmarking sites like Digg and Stumble to Gain Perfect Back links and Visitors


Today social websites and social bookmarking sites such as Digg, stumble, shetoldme and many others acts as a great source for getting backlinks and visitors for your blog and website.

Generally social bookmarking sites are the sites in which people submit or save their favorite links, images, videos, etc. for the future reference.

Today these bookmarking sites are helping out many webmasters by creating back links in abundance quantity, daily for their blogs and websites.

Sites like Digg, shetoldme, Stumble, Delicious, etc. are today most common used sites which are serving best for the webmasters and bloggers in providing the traffic and back links.



You can choose some of the best social sites for you to join from the list of social networking sites. Most of these websites are based on the voting process where users can submit articles or stories and can also vote for others which they think are the best.

Among these sites Digg is most popular as it gets lot of traffic each day and can return same to your sites.

How to Use The Social bookmarking Sites

You can register at these social bookmarking sites free of cost and can get the benefits. Then just create an attractive profile page that provides your viewers something new and innovative. You can also add your website link at your profile which helps you get more traffic.

On some of the sites like Digg you can also add links to your other social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook or Stumble. Different social bookmarking websites provides different services and you can make use of them accordingly.

You may submit your own blog posts or pages that you have created on your blog and receive high traffic through it. Additionally you also get the back links that increase your search engine rankings and helps you in increasing the organic traffic from these search engines.

Sites like stumble, Digg, shetoldme and others uses the system of voting and commenting by which the submitted items come up in the voting stream when voted positively by others.

Caution while Using Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites more importantly behaves as the social networking sites and should be used by caution. You should never try to SPAM the sites by just submitting the countless posts or content from your sites and blogs. This can possibly ban you from the sites and you would lose your all the back links created via these sites.

So to avoid all this just go for to “Digg” and stumble other submissions as well that are submitted by other users. Submit items not only from your site but do get involved in the site’s community so that your involvement looks natural to the site. This will make you use these sites in a natural way and helps in disguising your activities very well.

Social Bookmarking Sites Helpful in Increasing the Search Engine Traffic

As the links on most of the social bookmarking sites have “nofollow” attribute, many of the webmasters and bloggers thinks that these back links have no use to them.

But the truth is that they acts as very effective back links as the pages rank very high in Google and can send you the good traffic. Also these links passes great link juice to other search engines which do not follow the Do follow and No follow criteria for rankings.

Social book marking sites are day by day increasing its importance with hundreds of thousands of users increasing daily. Therefore using Digg and other similar social book marking sites to create back links and drive direct traffic to your site is a tool you should consider for your website.

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