How To Reserve Domain Name for Your Business


Setting up a website will essentially lend the power to verbalize one’s opinions and knowledge to the world at large through internet. Many services offer the ability to erect sites on the commercial domains; however it is wise to have the website founded on one’s own domain. This will confer upon the site owner absolute and unbridled authority over the content, presentation and other critical aspects.

For to reserve domain name exclusively for one’s personal use, a user can exercise multitude of options and seek the service of any vendor of his choice. The procedure to proceed professionally can however be concisely put as discussed below.

a) The first step involves confirming the availability of the name one has decided upon. Domain name registrar sites like GoDaddy, Namecheap and many others confer the ability to conduct the search through their specialized engines. The domain name should be creatively chosen to reflect the central theme of the site as well as ones business. A domain name registrar is the best place to embark upon the process to reserve domain name.

b) Once a name that is intended becomes available, one has to decide how to have the domain registered. Various top level domains like .com, .net, .biz, .org are available. One should never give up until the name of his dreams become available. Millions of domains are already floating on the online space; hence securing the desired name can be a tricky affair. Tweak the name with innovative additives to descend on the most appropriate one that will provide you with a cutting edge.

c) Once the selection of top level domains is pulled off for registration purpose, one need to moot on the length of period for which they want to reserve domain name for their business, company or personal use. This criterion can be affected by various factors like the cost of reserving the name, vendor’s reputation, longevity of the product being promoted or shifting brand loyalties. Domain names can be bought annually, increments extending up to a maximum of 10 years.

d) Once the name has been finalized coupled with the top level domain it is to be placed upon and the duration for which one needs to reserve domain name, the registrar is to be paid for registration of the domain name on your behalf. Once the payment formalities have been wrapped up, one holds the right for the domain name for the designated period of time.

Now upon completion of the domain registration, one should update his site’s name servers to specify potential visitors the IP address of his domain, to make the search easier. Hosting plans are also available with vendors that can be agreed upon along with registration. This will save the site owner from any additional hassle of having to manage server and set up other infrastructures.