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5 Tips for Article Writing and Marketing through Article Submission

Article submission is an efficient system to increase backlinks to the site. These backlinks are nothing but some links essential to get the website ranked high on the search engines. Whenever we search any site or for any keywords in the search engine we get a list of websites. That list includes various WebPages but with different rankings. Top rank sites are placed above and vice versa. To increase the visibility of the websites try to increase their rank in the search engine.

Article submission is a great way to increase a website’s rank in the search engine. The more the articles would be on any website the more the traffic would get interested in it. The larger the viewership, the higher the rank of the webpage or link would be on the search engine listing.

Articles containing links can only be made feasible when article directories permit webmaster to do so. The resource box in the article webpage contains such links. There are few steps for a successful article submission which are like:

1.      Write good nice articles with no errors and take care of plagiarism issues as well.

2.      Generate fascinating and relevant titles for the articles.

3.      Use keywords and use them only a few times in each article. Excessive usage of a keyword may gross up the whole article.

4.      Hire a SEO company or an expert freelancer article writer to help you write quality article and article submission service.

5.      Read customer views before hiring a SEO as it is an expansive affair and might cost you a fortune in the event you get stuck with the wrong ones.

The article to be submitted ought to be relevant, exact and up to the standards set by the forum. Articles ought to be informational and useful only then readers would come again and see other articles posted on the same webpage.

Article submission helps greatly in luring more traffic to a specific site, thus it can help the website in gaining more popularly over the net. Search engines who keep sites in rank based lists, will start keeping your website on higher ranks if article submission done by you attracts greater traffic. Plagiarism is a critical issue in article submission world, so care of that as well.


3 Top tips for attractive article writing and to earn easy internet money with your content writing skills

Content writing skills are must to have to write attractive and impressive article that is worth reading. More and more people get attracted towards the article that is knowledgeable and can satisfy their demands for which they are searching for on internet. Millions of people surf on internet daily and try to find out the solutions of their queries. And well written articles that include certain related keywords helps the people in getting their solutions.

Attractive article writing

At a single click you can get your problems solved on internet. Brilliant search engines serve you the solutions for each and every thing you may be looking for. And articles are the only methods that solve your problems. Article writing is thus a great business on internet which can help you to start easy internet money and can start your very own online business.

The main requirements are the effective content writing skills and passion towards article writing. Here are top 3 tips that can enhance your skills and make you perfect writer on internet so that you can publish your own articles and serve your readers while earning easy internet money for yourself.

  1. First of all choose your particular niche to write for which you are really comfortable writing. Choose the niche in which you have knowledge and can research various topics based on it.
  2. Stick to the niche and get into article writing consistently. Writing attractive articles and to gain content writing skills needs practice. More and more practice with your niche will make you perfect and you can write brilliant quality articles each day.
  3. Keep your articles short and up to the point. Do not stuff your articles with stuffs that are not related to your topic. Your readers finding this garbage will soon go off in between and will not care for complete reading of the article.

Get excellent article marketing services and solutions for article writing that can help you to get fast web exposure. Prav is a professional writer and article marketer who can help you brilliantly in growing your online blogging business.

How to Get Ideas for Writing Articles for Your Blog

Hi friends today in this post we are discussing some of the best ways for getting the ideas to write the articles for your posts you need for blogging or for publishing at article directories. This is I think is a most difficult task every blogger thinks of.

Starting from the day one when a blogger creates their blog, he is filled with so much enthusiasm and fades away as the day’s progress to months which reaches to nil by few months time.

How to get ideas to write? It should be in every bloggers mind who wants to earn a living form their blog. I just use some of the simple ways. I look at the other blogs of my friends that come in similar niche, I spend most of the time in reading them and then write the fresh posts inspired from the one I read.

I also watch people and talk to them and get a tip out from them. The most important thing to write article is one should have motivation to write an article on it. For instance a wrestler cannot write an article about how to do an open heart surgery, obscure is in it. So clearly find your niche.

Super fast writing is the fastest way of achieving success in the blogging. More you write more you earn. It sounds simple I know. But I know there are many who sit there and take 4 hours to write one article? You can’t do that. You need to churn out 5 articles an hour, at least.

Don’t sit there and say “I can’t do that”. Because you can…

I can write 5 best articles an hour and still have time to see about my blogs how they are going…

Most of the bloggers I have seen who says about what to write?

I think you can write on any topic you like, whether you know about it or not. The best way is to first find a keyword or a heading about which you are writing. You can then research on it and go through various article directories (best on is Ezine articles). This will give you out a clear picture of what you can write and you just need to start up there.

If however you are unable to write you can always use freelance writers to write for your website. We are offering great services to write for your blogs and articles submissions.

If you want to try out the Prav’s Services or want some free advice and tips or just want to discuss about your writing problems you can look out at our services we are just offering for the bloggers and webmasters who does not find time for writing.

“Always think before you ink” and start thinking wise which will just boost up your blogging business.