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Buy Now Pay Later: Offering Consumers A New Way To Shop In The Digital Age

In the digital age, prominent retail departmental stores across America are exploiting the opportunities that new technology provides them with to attract new customers to their existing client base. They are adopting new and innovative marketing techniques like ‘buy now pay later’ website to achieve their objectives. In these e-commerce websites, shoppers can choose from a wide range of consumer goods like computers, items of personal use, electronic devices and jewelry under one roof. Moreover, they do not have to leave the comforts of their homes and pay for the merchandise they purchase in convenient schemes other than credit cards.

What makes this e-commerce portal a class apart?

The Emporium Group, a popular retail store selling luxury goods of reputed brands, is reaping the benefits of this new-age technology and establishing the benchmark in this field. In fact, many experts within the industry say that the Emporium Buy Now Pay Later website is role model for other companies to follow. The high quality customer and delivery service that the personnel managing this e-commerce portal provide is attracting new shoppers to check out its merchandise. These retail professionals are not only proactive and helpful but they are always willing to go the extra mile in helping their clients search for the products they want to buy.

Convenient payment scheme

Unlike similar buyer now pay later websites, shoppers have the option to pay for the products they buy in a simple and convenient scheme without having to use their credit cards. This saves them money they would have spent on accumulating interest charges and hidden costs, which they would normally relate to such payments.  The rationale behind this payment scheme is that as long as customers can afford to pay for the minimum fixed monthly installments, they can purchase whatever goods they need from this online shopping portal. This is a boon for people who do have neither a good credit rating nor adequate cash with them at that moment to pay for their purchases.

Approval process

This popular ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ website has an easy and convenient approval system where it takes only 60 seconds for new customers to register themselves. Moreover, these shoppers can undergo this procedure without having to step out of their homes. They answer an online questionnaire that seeks their personal details and information regarding their creditworthiness. The portal treats the data that these buyers provide as confidential and does not disclose it in their credit report. Even people with a less than perfect credit rating can register themselves and shop in this online e-commerce portal for over 100,000 luxury products.

People logging on to the Emporium Buy Now Pay Later website for the first time can judge its popularity among retail shoppers from the numbers of positive customer reviews this portal receives. These clients even go out of their way to encourage other buyers to check out the exclusive range of luxury products this portal has to offer at the most attractive prices. This is the reason why this e-commerce portal is creating a new trend in the industry.

Save on Business Travel

It is often believed that business travel is an overpriced luxury that we associate with first class flying business men. However the truth is today with all the easy options to travel it’s becoming more common, and so the importance of knowing how to save on business travel is essential if we don’t want our business to have huge expenses.

save money

Best Flight Options

Don’t spend hours scrolling through the internet trying to find the cheapest flight, instead use a company like Travelocity that takes all hard work away, and they offer guarantees that if you find a cheaper flight they will match the price. In addition you can save more time and money if you take advantage of hotel and flight deals.



Most airports are outside the city and away from where you need to be. Taxis know this and use it offer prime rate prices, but you don’t need to be a victim of this money wasting. Try uploading the uber application to your phone and save money on all your local movements. You can also choose to use hotels that offer free shuttle bus services. Or if you are fit and healthy, what about renting a bike when you are in the city to commute in a clean and green way, and by far the cheapest.



Accommodation and Eating

Once again you can look on different travel agent sites to get the best deal, or last minute offers. Alternatively AirBnB can save you money on cheaper accommodation, and on food if you have access to a kitchen. You can prepare your meals and eat at home, where you can continue working without distractions. Or if you need to eat out, choose restaurants that offer free salad bars that you can fill up on with your main meal so you won’t want to spend much on more food later.


It is easy enough to travel for business and not incur huge expenses, just with a few small changes and you are on your way to seeing the pennies saved.

Benefits of Virtual Offices for Your Business

One of the biggest operational costs for a budding or a small business is that of the office space. Rent, utilities, office supplies and electronic infrastructure can punch a big hole in the wallet of a growing business. But a small business can take advantage of virtual offices. There are several benefits that such a company can gain from using virtual offices.

Benefits for Remote Workers

The following are the benefits of a virtual office for telecommuting workers.

  1. There is no commute time, and this is a major advantage for somebody who works from home compared to working in an office. You may spend two to three hours preparing for work and traveling to the office. But this time can now be spent working, and it will produce an increased productivity, and the employees will be more focused.
  2. Employees will quickly become more active. Research in an Australian university showed that sitting at your desk for many hours increases your risk of death by over 40 percent in the next three years despite other activities you are doing. But with a virtual office, your employees will move about more freely because they are not held captive at an office desk every day.
  3. The flexibility of working hours provides an opportunity to do activities that the employee will otherwise have to use a vacation to do. If you want to attend your kid’s graduation, it is no big deal because you will make up for the time later. And if you would like to have a workout at lunchtime, there is no problem because you have a shower in your house.

Benefits for Your Business

There are many gains to your business for employees being allowed to telecommute.

  1. You have access to global talent that does not need you to pay relocation fees. If you have a client in a different country and you need somebody to be there once a week, it is no hassle. If you have a virtual office, you can hire someone there who works on that time zone to automate video conferencing.
  2. There are no utility payments, office lease, no hardware, and every other cost associated with having a brick and mortar office space. All savings you make by avoiding these costs can help to improve your profit margin and allow you to invest more in your employees.
  3. You can make savings on technology. As much as “bring your own technology” (BYOT) started in schools, and it has been quickly adopted in the business world. Remote working allows your employees to have their preferred technology, and they can upgrade it at their convenience. While there are a few concerns about cyber risks with not having technology provided by the company, these can be managed easily using password tools, employee training, and monitoring.
  4. When you cease to monitor when people arrive at work and when they leave and begin to establish specific goals, you will realize an increase in productivity immediately. If your employees meet or exceed their targets, they will keep their jobs. But if they don’t, you will quickly see that and you can weed them out.

Virtual offices can provide your business with many benefits that will help you save in costs associated with running a brick and mortar office. If you need virtual office services, you can get them from providers such as

How to Sell My Phone for Cash?

Selling your mobile phone is not a tough task to perform but finding a right buyer is a tough task. If you are going to sell your mobile phone then you must be looking for new mobile phone too.  Majority of people simply go for the new mobile phone and they completely ignore their old mobile either by keeping it in the cupboard or by keeping it in a safe place.

They place the mobile phone in such a place for indefinite time period and if you ask them about the time for which they are going to keep it in that place then they don’t have any answer too. By doing this, you are going to make your mobile phone outdated in a certain time period and then you will have no option but to throw it in the dustbin of your house.  This is one of the worst treatments that any mobile phone could get from its owners.

phoneYou should try to keep your mobile phone away from such kind of treatment and for this purpose you should make sure that your mobile doesn’t ended up in the cupboard of your house. The best way by which you can save your mobile phone from such kind of treatment is to sell it on the same time when you buy a new mobile phone for yourself.

At that time, if you sell your mobile phone then you wouldn’t have left any spare mobile phone but you also get some reasonable amount of money too. In order to sell your mobile phone, you don’t need to visit the local market but you can sell it online on the internet as well.. If you are looking on internet for different sources then you can search out sell my phone for cash and you would get multiple options from which you can easily make a trade of your useless cell phone.

 If you keep your mobile phone in the cupboard for indefinite time period then you wouldn’t get anything from it except to throw it in the dust bin when it becomes outdated. Once your mobile phone is outdated then it would be of no use for anyone including you.

The best way is to simply sell your phone so that you can earn some reasonable amount too from that useless phone. To sell your mobile phone you can use multiple online platforms so that chances of getting more buyers become bright and the more number of buyers you will get, there are more chances that you will get good price for your mobile phone.

 If you want to start trading of used mobile phones then you can also do this very easily. Only you have to do is to just start search of mobiles which are available in cheap price and then you can sell them through internet by keeping small margins.

When you get lucky and got a chance of keeping a big chunk of margin then you can also go for it and hence you can easily start trading with just small amount of money and could earn a handsome amount of money from it. It’s up to you that either you look and sell mobile phone from online resources or from local market or from both. It totally depends upon you that with which source you want to carry on your trades.