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Techniques to Pull Traffic to Your Articles

The main reason we write an article or a blog or develop a website is for people to view it, read it and appreciate it. We always want more and more people to look at the work we do. There are certain techniques that if employed correctly will surely help your article reach a lot more people than it would without actually using these techniques. The quantity in which the readers visit your page or read your articles is called as the traffic that your article or web page generates.

Once we write an article and publish it on our blog, it is not wise to just let that article float on the internet. You will never be able to pull many readers to these articles as they will not be aware of such an article actually existing on the web. You will thus lose a lot of readers who might even have liked your articles. It is very difficult to get your article to the first page of search engines even if the article contains good keywords.

There are however some techniques that would not only help your blog attract traffic but also put it on the first page of search results on a number of search engines.

You can star off by submitting your article to one of the free publishing websites. One can easily find such sites on the internet. These websites will publish your article but unless you are very lucky they will not make it to the first few pages of a good search engine. This will however get you more traffic than you would get without the use of a publishing website.

Once your article is published you will have to put in a lot of efforts to promote it. You can make use of the social networking websites. These are a great source of publicity and the audience you can reach by sharing the link to your blog is huge. You can use the related webpages to promote your article. In case you also have a webpage you can work mutually with other web page owners and promote your blog or article.

The other technique is to get back links from other blogs or articles. There are many tools available on the internet, some of them are free, which can be used to generate back links to your article. The task of promotion of the blog or article is a continuous process if you want the blog to stay in the top few results on popular search engines.

Gust articles by popular writers are also an excellent technique by which one can draw traffic to one’s content. One can then involve more people to write articles for a certain fee so that they can then concentrate on expanding the blog and its advertising as such.

Squeeze Page Traffic Using Article Placing Techniques

With many new Search Engine Optimization techniques being introduced in the market every day, the basic technique of fitting in to the needs of the seeker often gets ignored. This age old technique however is an excellent method to draw more people to your blog and to your squeeze page.

There is often a scenario that the users look for the articles specific to their needs. The placing of articles in a group where you most want it to be read is a method to pull in more traffic to the page. In this way you can establish a relationship with the audiences and get them to not only come back but to also recommend you to other readers.

Squeeze Page Traffic

The article marketing techniques are essential to make sure that the things you write reach the audiences. The best way is to give the users the articles they are looking for. If a person on the internet is looking for a specific article or advice or information on a particular topic, and the person happens to look into your article or page, if the person finds this articles satisfactory or something he can put to use then the person is sure to come back to the page and also suggest the same to his acquaintances.

This is a technique that is tried and tested on a number of occasions yet it remains one of the most effective. This technique helps build long time relationships with the readers. The squeeze page becomes popular due to its utility and thus gets a lot of traffic.

The content of your squeeze page needs to be effective and find the right solution for the reader visiting it. The page needs to be updated regularly. The page needs to be placed in a category or group such that it meets the requirements of a specific search.

If your articles are related to the world of sports then make sure that the keywords place it in a group where they are being searched for sports. The content must also be well written and thus if you are not comfortable with the language you can hire writers to do it for you. They writer will not charge you more than a dollar for a 100 word article.

Make sure that the right information is sent to your readers. The content needs to be such that the need of the reader is met and he comes back to you in case he needs some more information later on. The business of articles and webpages runs on relationships between the writers or owners of the articles and the readers and this relationship should be handled with utmost care.


How Can Article Writing Get Traffic to Your Websites?

To get high traffic to your websites acts as the biggest achievement for a successful enterprise. It resembles the success of your internet business as well. To become a good traffic attractor the basic requisite you should have is the flair to good marketing skills. You need to do it by interest not by necessity.

Article writing is one of the most profitable ways which connects you to the rest of the world. What you write represents your individual personality to the world. Readers like reading relevant and to the point piece of writings only.

Article Writing Get Traffic

There are some proven ways to get traffic to your website through article writing. Some of such ways are given below:

Concise and relevant Article writing for the readers

To get good amount of traffic on your website you can incorporate an easy method of gaining full attention. Online readers like reading about the interesting stuff whenever they get a chance to. So incorporating article writing and posting relevant and concise articles on your website can drive more traffic.

Top article directories and search engines should have access to your articles so that greater amount of traffic could connect to your website anytime. Providing valuable and good quality article through article writing can increase your traffic multiple folds in a small span of time.

Posting classifies advertisements

Around a million of users are online all the time throughout the day, thus classified advertisements or we can say ads when posted on WebPages help the webpage owners to make good amount of money there and then.

These advertisements are regarding products and services which a reader might like to subscribe to. Promoters make agreements with webpage owners for posting their ads over the WebPages for some amount, and that amount works well for the webpage owner. They get easy finances and heavy traffic by this.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a quick fix method to gain larger amounts of traffic to a site. These are the common search engines which provide users the facility to search anything on the web world.

When a site brings a search engine on its webpage majority of the readers get used to it. They start sticking to that site. SEO works on the keywords which can be distributed in the form of MetaTags, title, article and alternate tags of the graphics on the WebPages etc.

Whatever you choose article writing goes with all. There needs to be good articles and text so that it impresses the people and helps you gets more traffic and profits in return.

Why you Need Improved Alexa Rank – Top 5 Tips to Improve your Alexa Rank

First of all before proceeding for the tips to improve your Alexa rank, you must know what actually Alexa rank is. Alexa rank is simply a measure of site traffic and web exposure your website is getting on internet. The low is the number of Alexa rank, the better is your overall rank considered on internet.

How does Alexa work?

It has been seen that from every 100 visitors that arrive on your site, 50 may have the Alexa toolbar installed on their site. Alexa measures your site’s search traffic and rankings by gathering data from these visitors who have Alexa toolbar installed on their site.

Improved Alexa Rank

Why you Need Improved Alexa Rank?

Better Alexa rank means lot to you. There are many reasons that you can explain for improving your Alexa rank. Some of these are:

  • To get better Alexa rank keeps you always inspired. You will be always active and try hard to improve the better rankings day by day. When you see the increase in your rankings you will feel satisfied with your efforts you are making.
  • More importantly this helps in increasing your site traffic by knowing various things about your sites. You can get better ideas for improving your sites rankings through this way.
  • Improving your Alexa rank will also help you in increasing your site’s value. You can get better advertisers for your blog and can get better revenues and profits from your blogs.

Top 5 Tips to Improve your Alexa Rank:

1- First of all install the Alexa toolbar on your site if you have not done it yet.

2- Install the Alexa toolbar on your site where it is easily visible.

3- Add Alexa stats to your site that attracts your visitors towards your site. It may be rank, graph, etc.

4- Write blog posts about Alexa rank and ways of improving it. You will get better known by this and can increase your rank dramatically.

5- Try to be active in social networks, forums, and other relevant sites.

You can try out various sites like digg, stumbleupon, reddit, facebook, technorati, etc. where you can find visitors that have Alexa toolbar installed and can help you to improve your rank.

These are some of the tips to improve your Alexa rank. Besides these there are many others like you can request reviews of your site on Alexa.

Also you should always try to go for the top ways by which you can increase your search engine traffic. The more targeted traffic you get better will be your Alexa rank.
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What are The 3 Major Types of Traffic that your Websites or Blogs can Get?

Today most of us start a blog to earn money through blogging. The key component of every website to earn money is always the traffic to a website.

You should therefore necessarily know the 3 major types of traffic that your website can get, so that you can benefit from all of them. More you get traffic to your website more you can make revenues from it.

There are many ways by which one can generate traffic to his blog and by concentrating on these ways; you can make more and more money through blogging, easily within few months.


The websites or blogs with no traffic cannot sell its products. Website traffic is essential and if there is no traffic, no one is going to come and read your articles and you will not be able to make any money from your blogs or websites.

There are three major types of traffic that a website or blog can get.

1. Paying For Getting Traffic

The most important way of getting traffic for your website is by using Pay per click advertising. This is widely used to get more and more traffic by paying for it. Google Ad words program, Bidvertizer, Yahoo Network Sponsored Search, etc. are some major names in the market of paying for getting traffic.

This technique is very successful but it is very essential to do lots of research for your chosen Pay Per click vendor. The price you would have to pay for each click depend on many factors such as how many people are competing for the same keyword and the position you want to occupy for that same keyword. If the competition is high, the cost will also increase.

2. Traffic Borrowing

Traffic borrowing is a method which does not prove to be beneficial for every individual working for his blogs. This is an option for those who cannot spend money on generating the traffic.

There are mainly two ways of borrowing traffic. The first method is what we call as link exchange. In this method you put links of another websites on your own site or blogs and in return they put your links on their websites. This is simply a give and take method.

The second method of borrowing traffic is the affiliate marketing. In this, you have to contact other companies or marketers who are having the products that complement yours. Now if they are interested, they can put an entry of your products on their blogs or websites informing their own visitors about your products. This will ultimately help in advertising your products and you can get a good traffic from it.

3. Creating your own Traffic

The best way to start bringing traffic to your website is by creating your own traffic. You can have your blogs or websites popular only by getting a good traffic. This will ultimately help you to earn good money from them. There are many ways of creating your own traffic. The most important and successful method is your good  up to date content.

If you have good content on your website, you will surely get good traffic. It is also important that you update your sites from time to time. Articles are the best source of generating traffic for which you can create articles on your chosen niche and put them on your blogs for getting regular traffic.

Directory submission is also one of the best techniques to increase your rankings in the search engines and thus increasing traffic for your blog.

If you want to use the Directory Submission Service, use the best one which will help you a lot in getting all the benefits you are looking for.

Directory maximizers provide their best services and are best. You can try out their services to get the maximum results.

How to Boost The Traffic For Your Business Blog by Creating Casual Look

When you are creating your blog for business, the biggest concern for you is too how to How to boost traffic to your blog. Traffic is the only factor which decides the success or failure of your business blog. Therefore webmasters and business people invest lots of money and time in knowing and implementing ideal ways to boost website traffic and for their business blogs.

The best thing to do when you create a blog for a business is to create one with a professional and casual look.

The visitors coming to your website, needs some important information that is ready on your blog. The information you provide should be seen as soon as possible, without finding it for, at your blog. Your visitors should feel that they are welcomed to your site which provides useful information to them.

If they get this, they will try again and again to visit your blog and you get traffic boost and increase in number of visitors day by day.

You should help your business blog to look professional and feel casual because you want your business to be seen as a professional. You should design your blog so that you appear as a well established and reliable online business company. People like to deal with established companies and believe in them, to get quality services.

Make sure the colors you use in your business blog, for the text and links, should be efficient, matching and appealing. Also focus on using the best available layout and themes for your business blog. These should be according to the nature of your business and should provide a nice picture about your business while maintaining a casual look throughout which indirectly helps to boost traffic to your blog

For instance if you are creating a business blog which is about money and finances, you could choose a theme which have some finance related picture at the header of the blog.

Also remember to keep the tone casual. You should focus on using simple terms and posting only, things in a conversational tone of writing so that each and every person can understand what you are trying to say. This way your visitors will find your content interesting and useful.

You may share your expensive ideas below at the comment section before leaving my blog. Hope fully this post has helped you in knowing about How to boost traffic to your blog.

3 Perfect Ways to Launch Contests on Your Websites to Gain Targeted Website Traffic

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Webmasters today continuously find newer and effective ways to increase blog traffic for them. In this race it is found that launching the contests on your blog or websites is one of the brilliant ways to gain targeted website traffic.

Today contests are the common ways used by many of the bloggers in this blogosphere, by which they are getting a tremendous boost in their traffic within that specific period of the contest that goes on increasing thereafter.

Moreover these contests increase the interest of the bloggers for your blog and you get increased number of subscribers for your blog. You can start it simple or can take some complex contests according to your niche and interest.


Offer them a prize like a small amount of money if you can’t afford bigger amounts. Or you can just offer your services if you are not planning for the money investment. Depending upon the size and nature of your prize you can easily gain targeted website traffic that can still go on tremendous boost after the contest also.

There are many of the ways you can launch and manage your contest. Here are the three simple ones:

  • You can simply ask your visitors to retweet the contest page where you have just detailed your contest. Ask them to retweet your different pages maximum in order to get an entry to the random draw. And offer the prize to the blogger who just retweets your pages maximum.
  • Similar to above you can also ask for the maximum comments on your blogs on different pages. But do clear them that these comments should be relevant and up to the point so that they do not post scam.
  • You can similarly launch a review of your site contest where participant have to write a short review about your services or products in their blogs to enter into the contest. And you will be paying the good handsome prize for this to motivate people to write about your services. You can get very good quality of the one way backlinks this way which can tremendously increase your sites performance in just no time.

Besides these 3 tips you can also launch the voting contest for your visitors where they need to vote for your site. You can just launch the traffic contest where your visitors need to send the traffic to your blog and you will be paying the site owner who sends the maximum traffic in the specific period of time.

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How Much Traffic Does It Takes To Have A Profitable Blog?

How much my blog is worth? Is it doing okay than others or still it requires something more? These questions are the most worrying one to most of the online marketers, and especially this one “how much traffic does it take to have a profitable blog?” Right here we are going to discuss all these worrying questions by taking quick and easy look.

Why This Question Does Not Have A Definite Answer?

If you are searching your answers or solutions for this question on the Internet, then it might be possible that you will not get a fruitful reply. Since it is not an easy question to answer and it again varies upon many things and factors.

Being profitable means something different to different individuals, for someone profit making may be anything over the cost of hosting and other blogging efforts that repays. Whereas for someone else, it means just earning a good amount that acts as an extra income. The truth is a blog is a super-hit for all sorts of reasons and there is “NOT” one size rule that fits all.

What Is More Important Quantity or Quality?

Many believe that to succeed with making money online, your blog just has to be visited by hundreds and thousands of viewers every day. True!! Getting traffic is certainly beneficial, but does it guarantee you that it will generate money for you?

The key to make money with a blog is based on the rate of successful conversion that takes place when viewers visit the place. There is no benefit of having thousands of hits every month if those viewers are not positively converting.

Where Your Blog Is Lacking?

Knowing this would let you help to work exactly to fill in the gaps about where your blog lacks. Listing down the points will save your time and allows you to work precisely on that.

  • No or less effective marketing strategies
  • Doesn’t know which audience to target
  • Boring content
  • No online visibility

So How Much Traffic Is Enough Traffic Or Is A Lot Of Traffic?

It is a favourite question and no matter what number you say well it doesn’t matter. So we make it this way the more the merrier. To be precise it depends upon the content and the products/services within that you are targeting.  If you are getting 80 hungry viewers each day than that it is what net profit – instant cash.

An important point besides you would like to bear in mind is “Getting lot of traffic” is what the value you are offering, whether you get 5 viewers or 50 they will not care if you don’t provide them the solution they are looking for.

Have a glance at below mentioned tips to draw the profitable traffic to your blog

  • Paying attention to your audience
  • Focusing on residual traffic
  • Writing on the correct niche
  • Rather focusing big from start, start small
  • Test your marketing strategy and make changes
  • Taking help of Facebook, Twitter and other social media networking sites

Traffic is the soul and blood of your online business; you are only then able to generate a generous amount of traffic when above factors only come into play.

Factors That Affects Visitors Volume for a Website

Getting increased number of visitors is the most important goal of any SEO strategies that most business owners employ on their website. If you want to grow your online business, then you must have to drive new and targeted visitors towards your website. An increment in the number of unique visitors to your website every month is a good sign of effective SEO campaign.

This indicates that your SEO campaign positions your websites in the right place with the appropriate keywords for the right people. But, can you say how many new visitors are required for your website as well as for justifying SEO campaign? Well, it depends on a number of elements.

Business size

The number of visitors that your website should get depends on the number of customers/clients that your business needs to become successful in the respective field. For example, an international company can’t survive with a few thousands of visitors every month.

It might have tens of thousands of visitors clicking the site every month to justify their SEO campaign and to help increase their business. To the contrary, a fast food shop could work with a few hundred visitors every month. It doesn’t need tens of thousands of visitors to develop the business.

Level of competition

Competition has vital role in determining the amount of combat that you need to make in order to get each single visitor to your website. For example, there are lots of SEO companies and individual consultants working in the market and competing with each other to earn the attention of same client. Each one needs to work harder to make his/her website excel in the crowd and get visitors for company website.

To the contrary, if you work in a particular area where the competition level is less; it might be your website and a few other sites vying for targeted traffic. However, your website will have more potential to get good amount of visitors as there are minimum options to choose from.

Anyway, you must remember that competition level is also depending on the search volume. If you work in a highly specialized area, then there may be chances that your keywords are not getting the same search volume that ‘SEO’ does every month.

Brand identity

As mentioned earlier, the fast food shop has customers in a few square miles of its physical location. The shop does not want visitors from 3 towns over finding the shop because their probability of becoming customer is too slow.  The fast food shop would never market their business through any newspaper advertisement, which doesn’t reach to people out of their physical location.

To the contrary, that international company is a global brand that will want to draw attention of visitors from England, US, Canada, Germany, France and a large number of other countries. It needs a much larger pool of visitors to attract than the fast food shop.

To conclude, the number of unique visitors that your site should get depends on your business. There are companies having 3,000 visitors each month and others that have 30,000. This does not mean the first company’s SEO campaign is less successful. If 3,000 visitors make sense for the website as well as the industry, then the company has everything on the right track.

Boosting Your Online Business Through Multi-Cross Country Domain Extensions

Most of the time, the new websites while looking for a domain name will pick a .COM extension, since; it is a common mind-set that it will provide a professional look and will be able to allure audiences. True in most of the cases, but have you ever thought that it would be more beneficial if you could try to put country domain extensions.

Your domain name symbolizes your website on the web, and there isn’t an easy way to change whenever you wish to, hence; it becomes important to be cautious while choosing one. Before discussing further, let me share some tips and ideas with you about country specific domain TLD.

You can reap in many benefits that can be gained by choosing a domain name with a country specific TLD, especially if you are thinking to target that particular audience of the country. The selection of the right country domain extensions is important because it will influence your website ranking in the various search engines.

Have a glance at below mentioned benefits especially if you are targeting one precise country’s buyers.

Buying Confidence

Having a country domain extension of some particular country will boost the confidence in the buyers while making purchase, considering the website to be local. It makes easier to follow up with the sales and other complaints. Also, if it’s possible then having a .COM and a country domain IP serves the right purpose both locally and internationally.

SEO Benefits

Thinking from SEO viewpoint, having country domain extensions will provide you a higher ranking of the website from that country bearing the extension.

Having a specific country domain TLD will also let your website included in other countries directories which will help stipulate your domain name. Getting your website through these directories is a great way of improving your rankings.

Gathering Information about Your Visitors Before You Started

The other great benefit of having country domain extension is you know that your audiences are most likely from which country; along with knowing where their taste and preferences lies. This becomes easy to target your customers. This way you can forward them to your main website, along with keeping your products or services displayed in their following country’s currency. This gives the customer a local feeling resulting into an easy sale.

I hope with the above mentioned benefits, the importance of having country domain extension is not overlooked, which has all the appealing opportunity to bring the customer to your website. It is quite simple as we make it by adding country domain extensions, which adds points to your page ranking.