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Windows Phone vs Android: A Critical Comparison of Features

The smartphone market has been set on fire with competing companies launching newer versions every other day with compelling features that have embraced the PC’s ease of use by their sheer immensity and comprehensiveness. The race to gain more customers between windows phone vs android ones and continuous attempts to outwit each other has resulted in pumping of dazzling enhancements that have taken the market by storm.

Live tiles form the interface of Windows Phone, which are squares positioned on the opening screen to represent various apps and interactively grant access to them. The tiles are getting more customizable allowing for squeezing in of added apps without giving a feel of congestion. Android phones already have tailored home screens wherein widgets can be resized, placed or removed with a simple swipe.

Another realm of difference in the race for supremacy between windows phone vs android ones is the mapping system. Android has its mapping system based on Google Maps paving way for 3D street views and indoor mapping. Motorist and pedestrians both stand to gain from the integration with Google which makes it convenient to decisively plan the journey through roads. Windows phone has embraced the Nokia mapping system by forsaking Bing to bring 3D navigation in real time.

Windows Phone camera has been given a makeover with a neat look making the diverse settings accessible through a small menu button. Android camera is faster than earlier versions with the integration of a rapid review system that makes editing and removing images a breeze. An ideal snap can be created with diverse scene modes, levels to customize exposure and white balance, panoramic setting and a zero shutter lag.

Windows phone comes equipped with Microsoft Wallet that allows for operation of any near field communication (NFC) technology which may come bundled with the handset. This will aid tying up with varied application on the smartphone paving way for payment through globally accepted systems like Paypal. Support for Bluetooth accessories via instant pairing will be there.

Windows phone vs android versions take a new edge with Google expressing its keenness to utilize NFC through services like Google wallet and Android Beam. The premiere mode grants instant media, apps and contact sharing among enabled handsets. Credit card details are also saved to facilitate instantaneous payments at stores. Google beam has been overhauled recently providing for instantaneous transferring of pictures, apps and videos along with pairing of NFC devices.

Android phones allow surfing internet through its standard browser which is stuffed with superb security features along with the capability to save web pages for offline surfing. Windows Phone packs in the latest Internet Explorer which is loaded with a phishing filter and smart screen service to make tracking by malicious sites really hard.

Windows phone allows easy storage and access of media through MicroSD card and allows apps to be installed on it. Android provides 60fps throughout the device and integrates Google Music to store and make music accessible with extended support for a plethora of audio video formats. Windows phone vs android race is likely to get more exciting and colorful in the near future as technological innovations will take a new turn.

Five Things to Know Before You Upgrade Your Android Cell Phone

With Android updates coming out almost every year, Android owners would definitely try to upgrade their phones with the latest Android version. This is quite simple, if done in the right way, as Android offers over the air updates, and therefore even laymen can upgrade their Android phones.

If the phone is not updated in the right manner, there is every chance that the phone bricks, which means that you will not be able to use the phone at all. Therefore, it is very important for you think twice before you upgrade your Android cell phone. Here are five things that you need to know before you download that file.

Most Manufacturers Offer Official Updates

Manufacturers like Sony, Samsung, etc. provide official updates for their bestselling models and others too. All you need to do is to go to one of their service centers, and your cellphone will be updated to the latest Android version in a safe manner.

Therefore, there is an option for you to upgrade your phone without any further issues. Before you decide to go DYI on your phone, try to check if whether your mobile phone manufacturer allows for official updates or not.

The Phone May Become a Brick

You do not need programming skills to upgrade your phone, but you will definitely need a lot of software and need to follow some steps to upgrade your phone.

If you do not have the software when wanted, you might suddenly turn your phone into a brick, and you will have no other option but to buy a new phone. Therefore, before you decide to upgrade your phone installation, make sure that you have all the installation files, and that you do are completely sure of doing what you are planning to.

Some Old Phones May Upgrade, but the features and speed may not be that great

Computer users will know this. Some games work on older graphics cards, but the quality is so low that you do not actually feel like playing any of the games for a longer time. The same goes for Android phones with an older processor.

The newer phones have processors that are almost equal to computers a decade back, so anything older might not actually be a good draw on the new operating system. Therefore, even if the Internet is crying itself hoarse about the fact that your cell phone will support the new operating system, do not try it, as it might not be too good for your processor, and you might have to flash and go back to the older version of Android.

It is a Risk

If you look over the Internet for flashing options, also look at the comments sections below. You will routinely read that ‘the camera doesn’t work anymore’, or the ‘bluetooth doesn’t work anymore’ and horrors… sometimes you won’t be even able to SMS!

This is all a risk and even if it happens in one in every ten thousand phones, with the cost of these phones, we can only suggest not flashing your phone on your own.

It may be worth it

Taking all of this into consideration, if you do actually flash your Android phone and it works, you will be very happy with the final product. Of course, you need to be careful enough to do it the right way. The latest version for the Android phones is Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

These are the five things that you should know about flashing your Android phone to upgrade to a better operating system.

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Roy Blogs at Android Mag. Know more on Firmware pre upgrade instructions and imaging app for android on his blog.

Free Android Apps that Inspire

Have you been looking for a little encouragement lately? Whether it’s through hearing new ideas, seeing new things or receiving valuable advice, inspiration can be found just about anywhere, including on your smartphone.

Although they may seem like unlikely sources, there are several mobile phone apps on the market that were designed to spark creativity, self-improvement and higher thinking. The following five free Android Apps are a few examples of mobile inspiration at your fingertips!


You may or may not have heard about the nonprofit organization known as TED. Devoted to spreading good ideas, TED started out as a conference for technology, entertainment and design, but today its goal has widened to encompass a range of conference speeches aimed to enlighten and inspire.

Every year, TED holds two conferences and posts the best “talks” on its website for all to view for free, and now the organization has an app for mobile Android devices. With more than 1,200 TEDTalk videos and audios, the TED App allows you to listen to some of the world’s most extraordinary people from anywhere with an internet connection.

Daily Inspiration & Quotes

Need some encouragement to get out of bed in the morning? This is the perfect app for just that. Set the app to notify you of a new inspirational quote at the same time every day (right after your alarm goes off, perhaps), and use the accompanying motivational message to learn how to apply the quote to your life.

You can also share quotes with your family and friends through Facebook, Twitter, email and text messaging, as well as save favorite quotes for review. Many quotes are geared towards encouraging success, peace, thankfulness and mindfulness.

PR Genie, For PR Inspiration

Need some quick tips on how to market your company or business to the media? This app shows you how to get your business talked about in print, on the internet or through radio or TV waves. The media is only interested in newsworthy stories, and the PR Genie, For PR Inspiration App shares ideas that will inspire you to do something that could generate a newsworthy press release.


The Official NASA App includes an impressive list of features that will surely reignite your childhood space exploration dreams. You can view thousands of amazing images from NASA IOTD, APOD and, watch on-demand videos and current visible passes for the International Space Station, stream live NASA TV, read current mission news and NASA Twitter Feeds and much more.

If you are short on motivation, this app will certainly remind you of the endless wonders of our universe; a great resource for instant amazement and gratitude.


Until Pinterest comes up with a mobile version, Springpad is the app for saving, sharing and acting on what’s you enjoy and love. With this app, you can save anything from anywhere; including pages and images you have found on the internet, articles and photos you have clipped from newspapers and magazines and photos you have taken with your phone.

You can even record voice memos, scan barcodes of products you are interested in purchasing and save addresses of places you have been or want to visit. You can then access all these things from your phone or any other computer device. The barcode scanning feature also automatically provides you with reviews and related links to more information.

To download these apps, you must own an Android device. Each of these apps can be found and downloaded through the Android app resource, Google Play.

This is a guest post by Aniya.

Aniya Wells is a freelance writer and blogger whose writing interests are decidedly consumer-focused. In an age in which consumers have access to unprecedented amounts of information, Aniya hopes to help her readers decode this information to make better decisions about online degree programs, personal finance, parenting, health and more. She can be reached at