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How to Go for iPhone Repair

Instead of purchasing a new cell phone, many people are opting cell phone repair when minor damages such as water damage, cracked LCD screens, clogged headphone jacks etc. Until recently, only the manufacturers undertook the cell phone repair jobs. However, now customers bring in a faulty phone to any of the cell phone repair centres.

There are several reasons as to why you should always try to get the cell phone repaired before actually replacing it. Cost factor is the foremost reason.  Even an iPhone repair may cost you around a $50 to $200 whereas replacing your mobile requires investing total cost of the handset that may range up to thousands of dollars.

Data loss is another issue with replacing your handset. Replacing new handset might result in data loss. Cell phone repair may save you from losing any vital data such as contacts, passwords, files etc.

However, there are some downsides to iPhone repair as well. Time factor is the prime issue. Besides, iPhone repair is not being 100% sure that the repair will last and that you will not end up in the same situation again.

Before going for a repair option, it is vital to fix your cell phone repair cost.  Cell phone repair option depends mainly on whether your cell phone is under manufacturer’s warranty cover and what the fault is.

Software issues like not showing menus properly, phone freezing can be resolved easily without undergoing any repair work. If the mobile set is under manufacturer’s warranty cover, it can get serviced by contacting your service provider.

If you decide to repair your cell phone, before turning over your phone for fixing, ensure to check the credentials of the technicians. Choose iPhone repair centre that has technicians have experience and know-how to repair your model phone. . It is important to ask for warranty for the repair services. Reputable technicians will guarantee their work without any hesitation.

Before getting repaired, determine whether iPhone repair will be reasonably worth. In several cases, the price tag of parts and labour would beat the cost of your phone. Eventually, buying new handset is the best option.

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Free Android Apps that Inspire

Have you been looking for a little encouragement lately? Whether it’s through hearing new ideas, seeing new things or receiving valuable advice, inspiration can be found just about anywhere, including on your smartphone.

Although they may seem like unlikely sources, there are several mobile phone apps on the market that were designed to spark creativity, self-improvement and higher thinking. The following five free Android Apps are a few examples of mobile inspiration at your fingertips!


You may or may not have heard about the nonprofit organization known as TED. Devoted to spreading good ideas, TED started out as a conference for technology, entertainment and design, but today its goal has widened to encompass a range of conference speeches aimed to enlighten and inspire.

Every year, TED holds two conferences and posts the best “talks” on its website for all to view for free, and now the organization has an app for mobile Android devices. With more than 1,200 TEDTalk videos and audios, the TED App allows you to listen to some of the world’s most extraordinary people from anywhere with an internet connection.

Daily Inspiration & Quotes

Need some encouragement to get out of bed in the morning? This is the perfect app for just that. Set the app to notify you of a new inspirational quote at the same time every day (right after your alarm goes off, perhaps), and use the accompanying motivational message to learn how to apply the quote to your life.

You can also share quotes with your family and friends through Facebook, Twitter, email and text messaging, as well as save favorite quotes for review. Many quotes are geared towards encouraging success, peace, thankfulness and mindfulness.

PR Genie, For PR Inspiration

Need some quick tips on how to market your company or business to the media? This app shows you how to get your business talked about in print, on the internet or through radio or TV waves. The media is only interested in newsworthy stories, and the PR Genie, For PR Inspiration App shares ideas that will inspire you to do something that could generate a newsworthy press release.


The Official NASA App includes an impressive list of features that will surely reignite your childhood space exploration dreams. You can view thousands of amazing images from NASA IOTD, APOD and, watch on-demand videos and current visible passes for the International Space Station, stream live NASA TV, read current mission news and NASA Twitter Feeds and much more.

If you are short on motivation, this app will certainly remind you of the endless wonders of our universe; a great resource for instant amazement and gratitude.


Until Pinterest comes up with a mobile version, Springpad is the app for saving, sharing and acting on what’s you enjoy and love. With this app, you can save anything from anywhere; including pages and images you have found on the internet, articles and photos you have clipped from newspapers and magazines and photos you have taken with your phone.

You can even record voice memos, scan barcodes of products you are interested in purchasing and save addresses of places you have been or want to visit. You can then access all these things from your phone or any other computer device. The barcode scanning feature also automatically provides you with reviews and related links to more information.

To download these apps, you must own an Android device. Each of these apps can be found and downloaded through the Android app resource, Google Play.

This is a guest post by Aniya.

Aniya Wells is a freelance writer and blogger whose writing interests are decidedly consumer-focused. In an age in which consumers have access to unprecedented amounts of information, Aniya hopes to help her readers decode this information to make better decisions about online degree programs, personal finance, parenting, health and more. She can be reached at