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5 Major Offsite Business Success Figures Making You SEO Naturally High Ranking

With millions of websites competing for traffic, you can only be wise to employ SEO services to boost your website’s visibility. This will eventually translate to the financial success of your website.

Using tools like link building, blogs, and articles, the SEO expert looks to raising your site’s chances of higher ranking by various search engines.  One has to place importance of SEO practices both onsite and offsite in order to realize good results.

Natural SEO

On site search engine optimization analysis

With SEO, your website will be analyzed, then optimized to be search engine friendly. The experts will consider factors like descriptions, title tags, Meta tags, links, keyword density, site maps and so much more, which search engines use to rank your site.

You should know that writing newcontent that is SEO friendly is time consuming and difficult. Using key words, the SEO experts will write rich and informative content that will compel Internet users to visit your site. This will increase traffic and thereby raise your rankings.

However, some of the major offsite engine analysis techniques will be embedded in the following:

  • Link building– With the key words often used by the visitors linked to your site, you are ensured of gaining traffic. Link building is an important SEO activity since its main aim is to direct visitors to your website.  Care should be given on how the links are made to ensure they do lead to yours or a particular website. Poor link building is detrimental to the success of your website. Links are not only meant to be in your site alone, you may also wish to have other website owners create links that lead to your site. Bloggers do this as well, all in a bid to generate traffic.
  • Press releases – Accurate, informative and compelling articles are amongst the things that give you high rankings. It is vital to use language that is easy to understand avoiding jargons at all costs. This will enable many users to gain from your site and share it with others.
  • BloggingThis is a nice way of getting naturally inbound links. It is important that you have your own blog at your website to help you make commentary more easily at websites that link back to your site. Remember, your search engine ranking gets higher, the more other sites link back to you.
  • Keyword research – many internet users will use particular keywords to search for the service or goods that they are looking for. The SEO experts are keen to know what these words are, and will link them to your site. Depending on the density of your content, together with the key word, your website will receive high ranking to appear on the first pages of the search results.
  • Social media Here is where word about your site is likely to spread. SEO will ensure that your website is exposed and shared virally, which in turn will direct users to your site.

Learn to work out your SEO ventures with natural SEO techniques. This is the only way Google and other search engines will respect the efforts placed in making your site have a high ranking, and thereby translate to better viewership.

Author Bio:

Nicole McGrey is a teacher at Edinburg High School for 5 years now and is currently taking PhD at University of Illinois. Her writing includes few notes about Eric Schiffer seop . Follow her on Twitter @NicoleMcGrey

SEO: The Way to a Better Future for Business Websites

In spite of the Google panda and penguin updates creating several adverse situations for the search engine optimizers, their market is still in the flourish. However, those professionals who have been using black hat techniques to get their job done have faced termination.

Therefore, the Google algorithmic updates have never worked against those websites, which were optimized through white-hat techniques, they were never meant to. Search engine optimizers need to understand the fact that these algorithms are not aimed at making things harder for them. Panda and Penguin are meant to make sure that only quality websites are ranked high in the SERPs.

SEO for Business Websites

Relation between Online Businesses and SEO

Businesses that function in the internet market have no room to deny the indispensability of search engine optimizers. These people are experienced group of individuals who are well equipped in the strategies and techniques of employing optimization techniques. The need to hire these individuals, lies in the fact unless a business website climbs up the ladder of the search engine results page it will never be able to yield the targeted ROI. No user will take the pin of looking beyond the first few results shown in the page.

Therefore, the target rank of a website should be in the first five, or at least in the first page of the results. Since, the competition will be with some thousands of other websites, improving the search engine rank will not be an easy task. It needs professional handling, which can only be done by an able search engine optimizer.

How SEO Works

Legitimate set of SEO strategies are termed white-hat techniques and they include techniques like Directory Submissions, Article Submission, Blog Posting, Social Media marketing etc. The prime requirement to carry out these strategies successfully is to have high quality, relevant and informative articles. The better the quality of these articles the more will be the number of their readers. As the readers increase in number, there will be an automatic betterment of traffic. As a result, the rank of the WebPages will also increase.

Guest Blogging

As far as submitting articles to various guest blogs are concerned, the optimizers look for websites of the same niche. The right niche is the primary requirement to get a blog post published in a guest site. With these submissions, the guest site allows a direct link to the blogger’s website. Now, if you the article posted is informative and good in quality, the readers will be glad to click on the link and get to the blogger’s website, and hence become potential buyers.

Article Submission

Article submission is one in almost the exact way of blog submission. The only difference being in the fact that one would not need to look for websites with a similar niche. Moreover, guest blogs are unique, i.e. one post can be submitted in one site only, but article submission is not that strict. The same article can always be published in more than one site. What is important is that the article would need to be qualitatively superior.

Author’s bio – Alisa Martin is a well known author writing articles on Website Design Melbourne. She suggests her readers to visit for further information.


Local SEO – Geo-Specific Optimization for Search Engine Marketing

Any big or small business will benefit from SEO. A little bit of investment made on local SEO can help business target customers from certain demographic locations. These days, people no longer use their phone books or business cards to search for products and services.

Local SEO

They just turn to laptops, smartphones, or tablets to locate the neighboring places that deal with the products or services they are looking for. They use search engines or online directories. If your business does not show up while someone searches for local keywords, then you are missing out on hot leads. They will be unaware of your business existence.

With the proper implementation of SEO techniques, more and more potential customers will start visiting your website. You will need to be proactive with your website visitors, in order to convert them as your customers. It will also involve long term engagements with them. At the same time, you will need to do local SEO, so that you can target the customers from specific cities or places.

For instance, keywords like ‘electrician in New Jersey’ or ‘office space in Atlanta’ will have lesser competition when compared to ‘electrician’ or ‘office space’. If your business caters to the needs of the customers in a specific area, then the tips below can help you get better results.

  • Online local community – Firstly, get your business listed in the local directories and forums. This will help you get better search results related to your business niche in that specific region.
  • Get listed on Google and Google Maps – Users searching on Google Maps and Google search can see your business details. Your website, address, and contact number can be listed. Invite users to write reviews about your services, because Google will confidently credit your site for offering useful business.

Google result page rankings are hard to achieve, because hundreds of firms are waiting to appear under the search for ‘electrician in New Jersey’. Make certain that the listing information is accurate, and matches your site. Additionally, you will also need to acquire backlinks from other local sites.

  • Update your information – Your domain name registration must be done with your existing business address. It is worth checking because Google considers this information, while ranking websites for local searches. Better check and update this information to successfully attain geo-specific optimizing services for your website.
  • Offline community – Participating in local community campaigns and supporting local charitable trusts can get you local press coverage. Getting your website in the newspaper can highlight your significance in the neighborhood.
  • Remember other search engines – Google is the Granddad in the search engine market but it does not mean that you must only consider it alone. Bing Maps and Yahoo local also offer local business services. So list your business profile on these search engines as well.
  • Consider utilizing multiple domains – Most of the international businesses will have multiple domains or sub-domains to target certain regions. If rankings for local searches carry primary importance, then selecting multiple domains can be worthwhile. Search engines optimize your top-level domain, to find out if it is applicable to a country.
  • Look beyond traditional search engines – Certain people hunting for local services will not necessarily go to Google, Yahoo or any traditional places. They will turn to local business listing websites. While posting ads on free or paid classifieds, you will need to make sure you choose the right city and categories.
  • Give importance to your address – If you desire to attain high rankings for particular service in a specific region, then it is important to give your address on the contact page. Naturally, mention your location on your web pages, so that search crawlers can recognize your association with that specific place.
  • Don’t push away non-local clients – Several businesses are capable of offering nationwide services. If your services can be offered to non-local regions, then specify this clause on your website.
  • Mobile optimized website – Today, people are using mobile phones and tablet PCs to get internet access. Therefore, the web designs must be compatible with smaller screens as well.

Local businesses rely heavily on natural local search traffic. Hence, having your site optimized for local searches will help you in achieving your business goals better.

Pinterest: The Power of Pinning for Your Blog Marketing and SEO

Pinterest has about five million users presently, and is yet rapidly growing. Nearly 1.5 million unique users visit Pinterest daily, spending at least 10 minutes a day on the site. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media that is attracting a bigger mass using its visual feature. Umpteenth users are flocking to the site for not only window shopping or entertaining and recreation but also to trade.

As the name has it all, Pinterest is all about pinning the favourite things that are featured on a board. And the ‘Like’, ’Repin’, ’Comment’ and ‘follow’ allow us to pin and get them in our collection. This is similar to bookmarking our favorite urls.

Pinterest uses a heavy emphasis on sharing images and one can use it like any scrapbook or even as shopping carts with items of choices. Because of its easy accessibility and connectivity across the global it is developing as a marketing platform for anything and everything from books, stationeries, costumes, other varied products, services and many more.

Pinterest (Photo credit: stevegarfield)

Pinterest a tool for SEO

SEO specialist looks at different websites and uses them to their benefit. Since Pinterest is growing rapidly, so is the domain authority. This is the reason why Pinterest had also become one of the most favorite sites among the SEO experts and professionals.

1. Each ‘Pin’ for an Item has a link to the original url it is generated from, unless one uploads it from a personal computer. These links help in building quality back links.

2. Follow links are found on the pins and these can be put on the description field of the pins.

3. Rich keywords are used to attract the users and to determine what your pin is about and search engines then catch them soon.

4. Different tags like has H tags in the pins help in identifying the pins and display them in search results better.

Because of its massive growth Pinterest is encouraging the users to improve the overall presence of the website and thus the SEO is very effective here. This Search engine optimization is a technique which helps to manage and format the website as the count of page views and pinning increases. So with Pinterest actually SEO works as if it is automatic inbuilt.

Once the article, link or item is published for the Pinterest the viewers can avail just by searching with the related keyword through any search engines. Thus marketing and SEO is itself done once the Pinterest gains popularity. The keywords of the pinned items get focused and thus the item and related website which helps the overall business in getting popular.

To maximize the exposure and use of the pinned Items SEO plays the vital role. Business should include links to their websites from their Pinterest pins. Potential customers can find more about your products and services and also give their own feedback which can in turn increase the productivity of the website where it is pinned.

Search engines always look for the Pinterest board so posting fresh, useful content help contributes to the overall online advertisements on the website. SEO has now found a great and powerful assisting tool called Pinterest. So why not make use of it. Just sign up there, if you haven’t yet.

Author bio: This article is written by Kelvin. If you are looking for an answer to how to Do my own SEO effectively and profitably, here you can check out a good site to get an answer.

Impact of SEO after Penguin Update on Online Businesses

Latest SEO after Penguin update from Google has greatly changed the ambiance of internet marketing.

Article writers are forced to get rid of the old techniques used to help websites or web pages climb top of search engine page results. It has also closed down many link building sites that helped getting other websites to the top of Google page ranking.

One of the popular sites is BuildMyRank (BMR), which were used as the first choice to find the required elements in order to get a website first on Google page ranking. The changes caused to close BMR down have come as a surprise to many. The sudden closedown of BMR has made a chain reaction to other businesses, particularly the ones whose services are largely lying in writing SEO articles.

Google Penguin

It is an algorithm update by Google, Inc. Google Penguin update aims to even out the playing field of websites in search engines. This update was announced on April 24, 2012 and from the time it went live, it instantly made babbles in the online community.

Google Penguin is a forerunner to Google Panda that was brought out in February 2011. Google penguin update has affected those numerous websites that proceeded against the guidelines of Google. There were lots of websites ranked top on search engines by using black hat SEO techniques, and this supplied search engine pages open to irrelevant data.

Black Hat SEO techniques include stuffing in keywords, participation in link schemes, deliberately making duplicate contents, dissembling and others. The black hat SEO techniques caused problems to clients, especially to those who wanted some additional data about particular websites. The website in the top page ranking does not necessarily cater to clients’ requirements.

This has made big problem to websites offering right services and relevant data to clients as they are overshadowed by other websites. With Google SEO after Penguin update, black hat SEO websites were punished by being poorly rated in the rankings. This gave way for genuine websites that provide relevant data and services to rate top in rankings.

Google Penguin update statistics

As per Google estimate, around 3% queries in Chinese, English, German and Arabic languages were affected along with other language that are more prone to be spammed. When Penguin 1.1 version was released, another update on May 25, 2012, about 0.1% of English searches was affected.

Great results of Google Penguin

Google Penguin has blocked the operations of businesses that used back hat SEO techniques and are dependent with links provided by systems such as BMR. And other Black hat users. SEO article writers looked for new ways or alternatives to again exploit Google Penguin update to their favor. But, Google has strictly guarded the elements that are used in their latest update in order to protect it from abuse.

The good news is that writers and web owners now turn to white hat SEO, which is more reliable and profitable in nature. White hat SEO is used to educate a website’s clients or its readers. The SEO after Penguin has added a positive change in the landscape of internet marketing.

The winners of this update are the writers, website owners or moderators who excellently work to provide best quality content and also the site visitors who browse the internet to get reliable data or services to address their requirements.

Can I Recover from Penguin and Panda or Should I Start New Blog

This is most probably a question which is scratching the minds of professional bloggers and online business owners. We have seen tough time where Big G has made the things, gone upside down.

Where most of the online business owners had seen a downside of their online business, many professional bloggers are turning down their low quality blogs and are concentrating more on higher authority websites and blogs that gives value to the users.

Recovering from Panda was made possible for many website owners but recovering from Penguin seems to be quite difficult. And in the event more and more people are now thinking to start a New Blog and Start Fresh with a New Website. But do you actually think that this is a solution to the problem.

No! Not so, as far as I think.

Starting fresh with your old site can also do wonders if you are capable of identifying the problems and the mistakes you have made (according to G). If you can look at your link profile and can judge what has gone wrong and how you can recover from it, I believe you are very near to recovering from penguin update.

Recovering from Penguin Penalty – Is It Possible

Start collecting all the details about your baclinking patterns and try to balance them by making newer backlinks that are more authoritative and powerful for your brand.

I agree that not many people think, they can recover from Penguin. But I truly believe that if you can make the changes and can judge what is best for you NOW, you can recover from it and beat the Animals such as Panda and Penguin.

Starting a new website cannot be always profitable as you need lots and lots of time, efforts as well as money which you had invested before. But trying to make the changes can still help you recover from the Penguin.

  • Create and add more interesting & useful pages to your blog and get them indexed.
  • Try to get backlinks with the help of guest posting at other fellow bloggers (that are high Page Ranked).
  • Say good bye to spinners and software for content creation. Instead try adding unique and quality content (manually written) to all the pages you use for marketing.

And when you have done this all, you are ready for getting recovered from the penalty. The only thing that is required is to start and wait for getting the profitable results which may be profitable for all.


List of Top 25 RSS Feed Directories to Boost Site Traffic and Search Engine Rankings

English: A simplified version of the RSS feed ...
English: A simplified version of the RSS feed icon. Can be used as is, or as a basis for further development. This is a rendered version of File:Generic Feed-icon.svg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

RSS feed directories are something that is useful and effective to grow your site traffic and search engine rankings. Every blogger and webmaster should go for it in order to boost up their site rankings in no time at all.

Submitting your feed to Top 25 RSS Feed Directories gives proves to be very useful for you and you can get fast online exposure with it. RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is an exciting way by which you can deliver your latest blog post and articles to the targeted people that are interested in reading your content.

RSS or Real Simple Syndication enables the people to read your content without the need to visit your site or blog. Submitting your RSS feed will enhance your site search engine rankings and provides you positive results gradually.

RSS feed directories and submission is simply a process that is easy and affordable for you. If you have extra time you can do this on your own or just to save your time you can hire the experts and professionals who can do this for you at a very affordable price. With the RSS feed directories and submission you give your readers more ways to read your content at their ease.

More people you will reach to, more profits can you make with your blog. Thus RSS feed directories and submission is something that you need to do and should not miss out when you want to have a good readership for your blogs.

RSS feed directories submission in three easy steps

This is the submission that will also help you get more and more backlinks for your WebPages blogs and sites and thus helping in enhancing the search engine rankings for your site.

You can do the RSS submission in these three easy steps

  • First find your RSS Feed URL. If you have the WordPress blog than this is usually (
  • Find some top RSS Feed directories that are free to submit.
  • Just sit relaxed and submit the feed URL to these sites free of cost.

Some of them may require you to register at their site. If you want to save time you can just skip those and forward to another ones. You should submit your feed URL slowly and start submitting 4-5 feeds per week.

List of Top 25 RSS Feed Directories

Here is the list of top 25 that I have found over internet. These are in no particular order and you can use them according to your own ease.


Just comment below and tell the readers to share more of such feed directories. 🙂