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How to Grow the Popularity of Your Website and Manage Its Online Reputation?

When it comes to impressing your customers, and grabbing the top spots on Google SERPs, you need to gain a lot of social love, and manage the online reputation of your site/brand. So, here are a few tips that can help you in the process.

Online Reputation

Blog Commenting is a Dying Art

Blog commenting has been one of the oldest forms of link building, but it has been losing significance, primarily because SEO agencies have been using automated tools to blast out spam comments, in the hope of building links from non-moderated blogs. But, that’s certainly not the way to build quality links through blog comments.

If you really want to achieve great results, you ought to master the art of blog commenting. And, if you manage to do so, you’d be surprisingly pleased with the results.

Create a Buzz in the Blogosphere

If you want to garner the attention of bloggers, you can’t afford to miss out on Technorati as it is the biggest search engine for blogs. After getting registered, you can starts tracking the blogs that may consider linking to yours. After registering, simply subscribe to the RSS alerts; this way you get to know each time someone writes a blog post about your brand.

Alternatively, you can make use of SEO tools and plugins like BackType. It is a commenting solution, which allows you to claim your comments on few specific blogs, and target a particular keyword. You can also view the conversations from a specific post or article and can subscribe to that particular conversation using this plugin.

Make Use of the Advanced SEO Tools

It’s extremely critical to use advanced SEO tools provided by reputed sources like SEOMoz or Ahrefs, to carry out competition analysis, keyword research, and formulate a game-plan to outsmart your online competitors. Without the power of these tools, managing everything manually can be painful, and very inefficient.

Unless you know what your competitors are up to, it can be quite tough to formulate a strategy to outsmart them.

Managing Your Online Reputation

Another tool called ‘Social Mention’ works almost like Google alerts, and it is customized for social media. Social mention helps in tracking and also allows you to be in touch with the immediate conversations, and also catches various web pages containing the specified keyword presents on the blogs, articles, news, videos, and comments.

You can choose to subscribe to feeds and receive the email alerts or download Excel file containing all the images. This can also help you in managing your online reputation, and address negative feedback in an effective manner.

Click here to know more about online reputation management.

Don’t Try Your Luck with Shady Black-Hat SEO Tactics

You may succeed in achieving good results with black-hat SEO during the initial stages, but the major drawback with such shoddy tactics is that they don’t work in the longer run and once you falter, which you’re bound to, in due course of time, you may have to start looking for few more such low value tactics and the process would continue killing more and more of your time and not adding value to your website(s). Far worse, you may even end up getting your website in Google, and all major search engines, and may be forced to change the domain name, and start all over again.

So, work ethically and patiently on growing the reach of your website on social media, and invest quality time and efforts on the branding process, and you can rest assured that the results will certainly be quite encouraging.

Author Bio

Jean Claude Sampras is a social media marketing consultant who has been working in the field for past 7 years. Click Here to know more about the reputation management process.

Marketing Your Business with Print: 3 Easy Steps

Print marketing has long been known as one of the most effective mediums for growing your business. Throughout the decades as new technology – and some has even gone, the conversion rates of print marketing campaigns like magazines, direct mail, and even simple brochures have lasted throughout. If you’re just beginning to understand the value of print marketing, and you’d like to be best prepared for the campaign launch that will truly succeed – this article will give you some great tips for setting your business up for success. By targeting the best audience, choosing the best print marketing materials, and ensuring your tracking – you can greatly improve your return on investment with print marketing – here’s how.

 printTargeting the Best Audience

Unlike some digital marketing that will blanket the web with messaging without care on concern for its audience, print marketing is much more engaging to its audience – and is also more of an investment than most digital marketing campaigns. For these reasons, it’s definitely worth the time to target your best audience in a print marketing campaign. This may mean purchasing a list for a direct mail campaign, placing a print advertisement in the most relevant magazine or simply participating in the post office’s Every Door Direct Mail program where you hit every address in your zip code with printing. This is going to be most relevant for companies that do work like landscaping, plumbing, or anything else where anyone is a viable customer. Either way, consider who you’re sending print marketing materials to before you send them – it will greatly improve your outcome in the end.

The Best Print Materials for You

We know that print marketing is engaging, inspiring, and almost always gets return on investment – but that doesn’t mean that all print marketing materials are the same. Sometimes the simplicity of a well-designed business card can get the job done in the right situation, like marketing within a fancy gift basket – to tell the audience who created the gorgeous products inside. Other times, it’s going to take all the flaunt and flattery of custom printing effects like gold foil embossing, die cutting and UV coating to wow your audience and catch their attention. Either way, it’s best for you to consider the feeling you want your customer to get when they hold your print piece in their hands – and go from there. Just like any automobiles, home decorating, or any other product that has a wide variety in its desired outcome – so too does printing.

Tracking: Your Key to Understanding Success

With any marketing campaign, proper tracking is essential if you want to understand if the campaign did in fact have a traceable effect on your business. Unlike digital marketing, there aren’t cookie and click tracking tools build into your custom postcard, or brochure mailer. Instead, it’s best to include some unique tracking telephone numbers – or even a unique coupon code that is only given to customer in one region through one medium. This will prove the success of your print marketing campaign in comparison with your other mediums, beyond a doubt. One of the greatest failures you can make is in creating a fantastic marketing campaign that has little or no way to prove what results it made against other campaigns of your peers and competition. Tracking is key – make a plan, and put it in place before you print!


As you delve deeper, and research the benefits of print marketing more and more – one thing rings true: the best thing you can do to ensure success within your efforts is to get the work done and execute! You can’t afford to just think about “what you could do” that might make a difference – you have to think about what you must do that will make a difference, and execute on it. Print marketing is one of the most effective means for generation sales and results – but you have to execute!

Pinterest: The Power of Pinning for Your Blog Marketing and SEO

Pinterest has about five million users presently, and is yet rapidly growing. Nearly 1.5 million unique users visit Pinterest daily, spending at least 10 minutes a day on the site. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media that is attracting a bigger mass using its visual feature. Umpteenth users are flocking to the site for not only window shopping or entertaining and recreation but also to trade.

As the name has it all, Pinterest is all about pinning the favourite things that are featured on a board. And the ‘Like’, ’Repin’, ’Comment’ and ‘follow’ allow us to pin and get them in our collection. This is similar to bookmarking our favorite urls.

Pinterest uses a heavy emphasis on sharing images and one can use it like any scrapbook or even as shopping carts with items of choices. Because of its easy accessibility and connectivity across the global it is developing as a marketing platform for anything and everything from books, stationeries, costumes, other varied products, services and many more.

Pinterest (Photo credit: stevegarfield)

Pinterest a tool for SEO

SEO specialist looks at different websites and uses them to their benefit. Since Pinterest is growing rapidly, so is the domain authority. This is the reason why Pinterest had also become one of the most favorite sites among the SEO experts and professionals.

1. Each ‘Pin’ for an Item has a link to the original url it is generated from, unless one uploads it from a personal computer. These links help in building quality back links.

2. Follow links are found on the pins and these can be put on the description field of the pins.

3. Rich keywords are used to attract the users and to determine what your pin is about and search engines then catch them soon.

4. Different tags like has H tags in the pins help in identifying the pins and display them in search results better.

Because of its massive growth Pinterest is encouraging the users to improve the overall presence of the website and thus the SEO is very effective here. This Search engine optimization is a technique which helps to manage and format the website as the count of page views and pinning increases. So with Pinterest actually SEO works as if it is automatic inbuilt.

Once the article, link or item is published for the Pinterest the viewers can avail just by searching with the related keyword through any search engines. Thus marketing and SEO is itself done once the Pinterest gains popularity. The keywords of the pinned items get focused and thus the item and related website which helps the overall business in getting popular.

To maximize the exposure and use of the pinned Items SEO plays the vital role. Business should include links to their websites from their Pinterest pins. Potential customers can find more about your products and services and also give their own feedback which can in turn increase the productivity of the website where it is pinned.

Search engines always look for the Pinterest board so posting fresh, useful content help contributes to the overall online advertisements on the website. SEO has now found a great and powerful assisting tool called Pinterest. So why not make use of it. Just sign up there, if you haven’t yet.

Author bio: This article is written by Kelvin. If you are looking for an answer to how to Do my own SEO effectively and profitably, here you can check out a good site to get an answer.

Secrets To The Viral Marketing and YouTube Video Marketing

When it comes to tapping the most potent online marketing technique that can capture the attention of the public then it is none other than viral marketing and YouTube video marketing. This specific method effectively takes the advantage of present date social networks to produce a boom in the product awareness.

Viral marketing has come a long way from word of mouth phase to the most impressive approach provided by YouTube i.e. YouTube video marketing.  People these days are using this marketing technique because it has an ability to reach a larger amount of masses in less of time. Let me share some of the absolute important viral marketing secrets that video maestros utilize to get their videos noticed instantly.

Number one is to fit in the catchy tag lines, intros, headings and other essentials of relevant content. The mistake more people do is to capture the video using a simple webcam and with no editing or fashioning, they used to set-up on to the YouTube. But the thing to understand is that one single good quality and attractive video can do wonders.

So, it is important that you focus on your content by presenting attractive captures that allures the audience making them to click on them.

The next thing is to include some graphics. This is a hi-tech world, and people want something flashy and amusing. There is lots of software out there which will allow you to insert the action right into your audio-video.

The next thing to do is to share interesting and unique posts. This is the most important and obvious thing which should not be overlooked. To make your video stand exclusively along equally doing the job to convey the message than, think about the 3 vital questions when you are on this step:

  • How can I be different from which is already been floating out there?
  • What genre will hear this message?
  • How specific it is to be made?

Then comes, doing SEO to capture the traffic. This is very much vital part in recognizing your audience taste; clarify what kind of keywords they could be using to get the solutions from the search engines. For example, your videos are associated to real estate then the video should be intended with the relevant keywords. Add a bit of description, tags and title to it.

Viral marketing through YouTube video marketing will act effectively in targeting a specific audience.