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Video Backlinks Helps Getting More Hits to Your Website

You are keenly submitting your tutelages to the varied article directories to increase your traffic as well as your website grading, but all in vain. You have tried hard to find the loophole, but it is adamant to not to work. Me too have fought hard in establishing myself, the reasons I was lacking, and you might be lacking could be the same i.e. video marketing.

Ever tried to get out of the routine back-linking, and try to renovate them into media formats? This idea didn’t click, Okay but why not give a try and see. For me it certainly worked, it will work for you too. While trying out these kind of online marketing tactics, one should consider it from the similar kind of view point i.e. SEO viewpoint.

Video Backlinks

Audio video marketing is considered to be the highly effective medium that attracts visitors to the website. When there is huge number of masses starts taking notice of your visuals, than there are high possibilities that they are going to be glided to many places.

Now that your videos are having enough mobility, they habitually are getting noticed into varied search engines that help them to get the better page standing. Through this method your video backlinks helps you to get the latent output, which is still a dream to achieve both in monetary as well as getting recognition.

I am going to explain it here that why video backlinks plays a major role in reaching the superior website ranking. Being a non-techie person, I was not able to process further, but the know-how of the SEO pattern certainly helps with your video marketing campaign to get you the backlinks.

While marketing your site, we calculate how many backlinks you get back on your website. With an example it would be easy to do it. If your advt. appears on the main page of the magazine or newspaper, a lot number of masses are going to ask in and find it about, so think will it bears the similar influence if placed that advt. on the second or inside page? I don’t have to answer this, we all know it. So, if you have designed a potential video you are for sure going to great traffic of backlinks.

How many times people visit your website and is clicked for any number of reasons, all these activities are tracked by these searched engines, and if these clicking’s are showing a substantial figure then it will spontaneously give you the authority of your web content. With the help of audio video marketing there are high prospect to enhance your clicking.

You just have to gather 4-5 pictures relevant to the web page and think of appealing tag lines using a video application that simply merges with the pictures, get some sound in it and you are done it all.

Video backlinks are the primary components that help your website rank better in the search engines. With the increase in your backlinks means your videos are actually doing good and helpful in driving traffic to your website.

Guest Posting or Article Directory Marketing – Which Path to Follow For Efficient Link Building?

Internet blogging is growing day by day. Youngsters are considering it as a serious employment option but to succeed in it, you need to have a clear state of mind. You must have the ability to draw in large number of traffic which can be done only by effective link building.

That is when the dilemma starts to occur. As the topic suggests, there are two proven ways (Make no mistake, link building is not limited to these two techniques only) to build links and they are Guest posting and Article Directory Marketing. Let us do a comparative analysis on them and see what works better:

Guest Posting or Article Directory Marketing

Article Directory Marketing

What is it?

Article directories are data warehouses that contain numerous articles posted by various authors. By posing the articles to these directories, the authors will get a chance to promote themselves and their product. On most article directories, there is a small ‘about me’ column under every post where the author could describe about himself. This lets the clients know about him.


After you publish your article to these directories, you will get some traffic. Since these websites have traffic all the time, there is no time barrier to your work. If the client likes your work, he will contact you through your e-mail address or telephone number. Moreover, there are author resource boxes, where you can add your links with relevant anchor texts, if a reader finds it interesting, he is bound to click on those links and get to your website.


  • There are literally thousands of article directories available in the internet. One has to submit his article manually to these directories and it consumes loads of time (You can use article directory submission software, but, from my personal experience, I’ll advise you to stay away from these). You could even end up submitting your work to a directory which hardly attracts traffic. It will end up being a colossal waste of time.
  • These directories contain various topics and sub-topics under that. It is very common for authors to submit their work in the wrong topics. By doing so, the traffic to your articles will be limited giving you no profit.
  • Also, if you have a site for selling something, chances are unlikely that you will get some customers from an article directory. They are mostly interested readers, hardly customers. There is an exception to this rule though if your article somehow gets ranked highly in Google (Again, after recent Google Panda update, article directories have been hit hard and chances of such an article being in the first page are leaner these days).

Guest Posting

What is it?

There is a subtle link between the adjectives easy and hard. Guest Posting comes under that link.

Guest Posting is nothing but publishing a post in a relevant blog in your niche. It serves both purposes, the webmaster gets valuable content and the author gets link backs to his site.

In order to do this, you will have to find a site that suits your niche. Just Google and you will find thousands of blogs. Most of these blogs will accept guest posting. A good idea will be to search the phrase “Write for us” and you will find plenty of blogs interested in getting a guest post.

Now, the choice of the site has to be good. It has to be an already established site with natural traffic. Then, observe the way their authors write their post. There must be a pattern. Observe that and e-mail your post to the website owner. Once it gets posted, continue your discussions there.

Pros and Cons

Once you start guest posting, you will be able to put links to your site inside that post or maybe, through an author resource box. Fill proper anchor texts and link back to your site (However, never spam the website with links, if this happens, the webmaster may never accept your guest post at the first place).  This will automatically congregate you some visitors. Moreover, you will also get some valuable backlinks to your website.

The best part is that the traffic you get through guest posting is invaluable. You basically hijack the traffic of an already established website of your niche and you are given the opportunity of turning them to your regular reader as well. Also, Google loves in-content links these days, so, you will get plenty of link juice.

There is not a particular disadvantage to Guest Posting in general. It is a tried and tested method of effective link building. The only con may be that you need to write a unique content for each guest post unlike article directories where the same article can be republished in several of them. However, if you ask me, I won’t call it a disadvantage. I personally own a discount coupon blog that gives away many coupon codes such as psprint gift code, diamonds USA coupon etc.

For promotional purpose of the same, I write some articles and published all of them into article directories. Well, many of those articles got syndicated into other websites (They were of good quality after all) and I saw some traffic as well. However, when I started guest posting into other blogs, the results were marvelous. Not only that I was getting at least 10 times more traffic than that of article directories, most of the visitors from those guest posts were genuinely interested in my blog and I basically created a loyal reader base.

So, as we saw above Guest Posting is way better than Article Directory Marketing. Though article directory marketing might generate you traffic, it will never give you a solid reputation or a returning user base. Through guest posting, you will be able to build backlinks with websites that are related to yours. Moreover, it could really establish you on the scene. Hence, if you want to build effective links, then Guest posting is for you.

This is a guest post by Costea. A writer with an interest in sharing online marketing tips, Costea also writes about special discounts and coupon offers such as psprint gift code and diamonds USA coupon. She currently writes for CouponTriumph, a coupon blog that makes available psprint gift code and diamonds USA coupon.


Easiest Ways for Getting Link Popularity for Blogging Business

Link building or Link Popularity is a best method to prove your credible online presence. If you want to gain more exposure and more web presence, you need to study very effective ways of link building strategies that help you in getting success in your blogging business.

In these tight market conditions, where every single cent is valuable for you, you want best and effective methods that are free for building your Google backlinks. Especially if you own your own online business which is small or medium scale, you need better SEO backlinks and better link building strategies for your blogging business, to get more exposure.

Here are some of the easiest ways of getting link popularity with free backlinks, which will expand your SEO backlinks and help you in getting better rankings.

Develop Unique Content worth Reading

Developing unique content is always one of the best methods of getting better link popularity by free methods. Nobody wants to link with the web page which is not worth reading or which is not worth sharing.

People automatically share your web page with their friends, if you develop the unique content which is worth reading and useful. Once you have developed great content, gaining links from various trusted or authoritative sources will be a lot easier for you.

Try out Social Networking and Social Bookmarking

Social Networking and Social Bookmarking is another greatest and easiest ways of getting Link Popularity. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc. and social bookmarking sites like Digg, Stumble, Delicious, etc. are available for sharing and bookmarking useful content which is eventually ranked high by the search engines according to their popularity.

Today most of the search engines crawls the sites by their link popularity on these social networking and social bookmarking sites. Spreading the word about your site and online business blog, will truly ensure in getting free backlinks for your blogs.

Post Comments on Various Relevant Blogs Regularly

Posting of useful and nice comments is also a better and easy means of getting link popularity in less time. Most of the bloggers allows commenting on their blogs freely. This attracts more and more visitors to their blogs which enables these visitors in getting free link popularity.

You should target the blogs that are relevant in your category and post some of the nice comment regularly. Make sure that you have something informative to share with your fellow bloggers while commenting. This ensures your comment for getting approval as many of the comments get unapproved due to spreading spam commenting.

Getting Link Popularity from SEO Friendly Directories

Getting Link Popularity from SEO Friendly Directories is one of the best methods used. There are several link directories and article directories that accept your link and articles for free. These SEO friendly directories provide you with free one way backlinks that have much importance and effectiveness in search engine rankings. These are today the best method for getting perfect Google backlinks for your business site and online business blogs.

Directory submission is one of the best Link building techniques that can be done on your own or by hiring some experts. The most important condition is that it should be done manually and not automatically. As various SEO directory submissions service makes the submission auto, you should avoid using them as it can penalize your blogs.

If you are looking for best directory submission service, you should hire a directory submission service, which helps you in getting effective link popularity for your business blogs. These are experts in their fields. Directory Maxi miser is one of the greatest services that I found effective. They help manual web directory submission and help gaining Link Popularity fast for your business. You should try out their services to ensure the benefits they provide you.

Don’t forget to download a FREE E-BOOK on Directory submissions and know about A-Z of Directory submission at the right corner of this site. This explains all the benefits of directory submission in detail and a step by step process which are involved and should be focused on while doing directory submission.

These all methods are free ways of getting link popularity and increase your SEO back links. This also directly helps in increasing your site traffic. Also you will get better search engine rankings and search traffic, together with all these methods.

What are Deep links and In-bound links?

Inbound Links or Deep links are one of the best ways to get  good page rank for your site and building back links. Unfortunately there are various bloggers, I come across who haven’t heard of the deep links and inbound links. In this very post I am talking of deep links and inbound links to explain some basics of these links and how they are beneficial for your web page.

A Link is created when you link your site to any other domain whether yours or any others. A deep link is created when you link to an article within the particular domain. The domain being the same, you just create the different links within your present that provide your visitors the knowledge of your previous posts.

One of the main advantages of creating in-bound links is that it provides a tremendous increase in page views for your blogs. As the Deep links usually point to a specific piece of information or relevant topic on the inner page, these also increase your CPM and revenues. Your visitor in this way will remain for long on your site and go through all the useful pages while surfing through your inner pages.

Google and other search engines, when determining your ranking and placement in the search results, count these inbound links very positively. These are counted as an effective back linkswhich gives your various pages of the blog, more exposure to the search engines.

Deep linking should be an important part of your natural SEO strategy in order to achieve higher rankings of your internal pages or sub-pages in search engines. Your inner pages get well indexed and also get more traffic through the back linking strategy used this way.

Deep linking strategy can also be one of the best strategies used by you, if you want to direct targeted visitors from search engines or other related pages straight to your internal pages instead of letting all traffic flow through your main page which may result in loss of traffic once this traffic reaches your internal pages.

Linking back to the internal pages also let know the search engines that you have interesting content not only on your index page, but throughout your website. Back linking from the particular and proper keywords also increases your search engine rankings from these keywords.

According to my experience and observations, deep links are one of the most important factors that search engines take into consideration while determining the authority of websites, while assigning your page ranks and also while indexing your site.

Thus as a rule, when writing a new blog post for your site you should always take care of deep linking some of the keywords used in the post to your previous post of the same or the other blog of your own or you can also exchange it for some other sites. This is today’s fastest and one of the greatest methods to earn you some money also. Bloggers I know are making some thousands of dollars, by placing the advertiser’s link in their post, every month.

75 Best Ways of Getting Backlinks for your Websites and Blogs

I think every blogger complains of having lesser time wasting of time, in making back links for their sites.

In my never ending quest of getting more back links for my blogs I have tried many methods and it has consumed my much precious time, which I may have used for my main job. But the results are coming day by day of that time which I used for link building.

At that time I never knew that it will help me in future in this way. The whole process was actually very tiring for me, the whole day long I was busy in submitting my blogs link to the directories, spending time on social sites, submitting articles to the article directories, commenting on high page rank sites, etc. etc. which you know is the main trend of building links.

The process is of course slow and monotonous, but when it reaches its higher limits and as the ‘clock goes on ticking’ you will start getting the fruits from the plant which you have grown some time back.

In this very post I am discussing the 75, very hard hitting and very effective methods of making perfect back links for your websites and perfect blogs. They helped me a lot and I hope you will be also helped by these techniques and strategies. You can use and apply many method from these tips to your site and feel the difference it creates day by day.

1. Comment on Do-Follow blogs (meaning the link in your comment will be followed by a spider)

2. Post your link in forums, and your forum signature.

3. Write an article and submit to article directories.

4. Don’t forget to link from some of your older, more established sites.

5. Hold a contest, and require that they link back to you for an entry.

6. Send off interview templates to big bloggers, and post up completed interviews.

7. Create a WordPress plugin.

8. Design a hot WordPress theme, and distribute it for free, requiring they keep your link in the footer.

9. Create controversy (be careful and don’t get into something you can’t handle)

10. Find a scammer/shady website or blogger, and make the world known about it.

11. Join Sindiket Forum for free Internet Marketing Learning Forum Sindiket

12. Submit a press release about your new product or news.

13. Submit your site to free directories (careful, only SEO friendly ones)

14. Submit your site to paid directories.

15. Submit articles to article directories.

16. Submit posts to blog carnivals.

17. Email a webmaster, and ask for a link.

18. Offer to buy a one way link from another relevant website.

19. Send unsolicited, yet awesome articles to other bloggers to reference or post.

20. Let your networked friends know that you’ll do reviews and testimonials.

21. Buy reviews on pay-per-post or a similar service.

22. Get on the Digg front page (and watch your serve to report breaking news (hard, but very effective).

23. Start a community helpful website, and get on the local news – they love it.

24. Set up an award system on your site, and have readers vote on best site.

25. Review bands, local restaurants, and small shops and get links on their sites in return for the exposure.

26. Crack the top 100 in Technorati, or create the largest MyBlogLog community.

27. Check who links to your competitors, and get links from them!

28. Start a content writing service website, and have clients link to you for a discount.

29. Make a super crazy viral type video, and get it on Youtube.

30. Network with like-minded individuals offline. Talk to them about tossing your link up on their site.

31. Review stuff on Amazon, and put your link in your profile.

32. Create a Linked-In page, and make sure to put your link on it.

33. Speaking of that, do the same for Facebook, Myspace, stumble and others.

34. Hire good writers to pump out quality content.

35. Write about the hottest celebrities, and make it unique. People love Hollywood.

36. Join the BBB (Better Business Bureau) for a free link.

37. Post a bulletin in your Myspace account about your new site.

38. Throw a relevant link in a Craigslist ad.

39. Create your own SEO tool.

40. Buy TV air time on a small station flashing your URL.

41. Buy Radio time for a short commercial spamming your URL.

42. Put bumper stickers on your car with your link on it.

43. Look for older, higher PR sites with Guestbooks, and sign them! Easy links.

44. Create viral link bait.

45. Write and give away a free E-book.

46. Offer an on-page language translator to reach out to other countries, which can lead to new links.

47. Buy post level links from other bloggers/webmasters. (usually cheap)

48. Don’t be afraid to ask for links, you just never know!

49. Do pro-bono work for a non-profit, and they may link to you.

50. Offer to be a guest blogger or regular contributor on a bigger blog.

51. Apply to for a topic that you can write about.

52. Sell items on ebay and agree to donate proceeds to charity – they will link to you.

53. Hire someone from a webmaster forum to submit links for you.

54. Trade articles with industry related webmasters.

55. Rewrite old content they may have been buried to fast…breath new life.

56. Find out about getting a link on your local libraries website.

57. Launch an affiliate program for your site, ebook, or product.

58. Technorati tags all of your posts for good Technorati exposure.

59. Take advantage of “old world media” (newspapers, magazines).

60. Rent links from Text-Link-Ads or similar service.

61. If you have the ability, create a Firefox extension and release it.

62. Answer questions on Google Groups and link if necessary.

63. Call in to a radio show and shamelessly plug your site!

64. A good PPC campaign can draw exposure which could = links.

65. Head over to the slums (chat rooms) and mention your site if appropriate.

66. Create a controversial political cartoon and get it some attention.

67. Most local Fox sites have a blogging community you can tap into.

68. Hire someone to do everything in this list. Outsourcing is cheap and fun.

69. Get business cards, and distribute the hell out of them for exposure.

70. Drop your link on Xbox live.

71. Mention your link when you’re playing online PC games.

72. Donate a larger sum of money to a small charity in exchange for a link.

73. If you’re in school, put your link on your college website (even sneak it in for a free .edu backlink – lol)

74. If you have family friendly content, get a link from your Church’s website.

75. Set up a Squidoo lens with good content, and link to your site from it.

7 Best Ways to Get More Backlinks After Google Updates

There are many best ways to get more backlinks to your site. Here I am discussing the 10 Best ways to get more backlinks, which I think have worked best for me and can work best for you also. Enjoy reading them and hope that you will get more and more back links from these methods.

Get More Backlinks the Right Way

1. Do Guest Posting on other Blogs

Many webmasters think that Guest posting can be worthless and time consuming. Writing for others does not make sense to them and they think that it is better to write for their blogs than to write for others. But the truth is that you can generate very good quality backlinks with this method. You can choose high PR sites for writing guest post on. The best part is that these backlinks are given to you for free. The only thing you require is a good quality article for promoting your site on other sites. So i think that this could be the best method to get the back links if you can afford some extra time only.

2. Do Commenting on Do follow Blogs

This is also a far best way to get more back links in a short period of time. Some blogs allow for links back to your blog when you leave a comment to their posts, these types of blogs are considered do follow blogs. Find relevant niche do follow blogs and leave good comments. If you will give the good comments related to their post most probably your comment will be approved and start showing on their blogs.

3. Joining the best social sites like Digg, Stumble, Facebook, etc.

This method is absolutely solid, but for an active member. You have to visit these sites daily or at least 3 times a week. Submit top stories that you have created and when you write the best articles, submit it and share it with your friends on these social sites.

These sites can help you to make more and more back links, face book being one of my favorite. Also you can visit these sites daily and make some new friends and join more groups and communities, in this way you will get more and more contacts and by giving your links on these sites they will help you to gain more traffic.

4. Join the Digital Point Forum the Best Technology and Webmasters forums

Although there are more top forums for you but my favorite is the Digital point forums where you can do the utmost everything you can think. You can share your information with the best webmasters and members out there. Becoming an active member and adding your links in signature area of your member profile is quite helpful.  You can also exchange links by contacting the other members out there by personal messages. And if you are willing to pay for the high PR links you can purchase there as well.

5. Publish Articles on Other Websites

Ezines, information sites, media sites, even article banks. This works well if they are high quality. You can find site to submit articles to by doing a Google search, e.g. – intitle:”submit an article” business – this produces over 1,000 results. Spend time looking for niche ezines and newsletters that serve your market, scan the type of content they publish and adapt your writing to their style.

6. Use Yahoo Answers

I found out about this one, when one day I was looking at my back links on a blog of mine, and noticed a link from Yahoo Answers. Someone had referred a blog post of mine as an answer to a question and without the notice of mine i got such a valuable link at this site. I started using this site on my own and promoted my other sites by getting valuable backlinks for them in a similar manner.

7. Create a great and good content for your readers

It is placed in the last but in my view it should be first one. OK, it’s an old trick, but it still works. As it’s been said that content is a king. Just keep publishing great stuff. Writing good and frequent posts is one of the greatest and positive methods to increase your back links. By giving some good matter for your visitors and readers will compel them to come on your site regularly and will make them to add your site to their site or a blog.

Although there are many more ways for getting good backlinks but it is losing its importance if you are using un natural methods. Google now sees very natural and high quality backlinks as a best backlink that will help hit your site ahead in search engines. So try to build natural backlinks and start it with sharing high quality content with your readers. Over time you will see that you will get the backlinks automatically as more and more people will share your content regularly.

Back Links by Writing Articles

There are number of ways today available for you by which you can gain backlinks and writing articles is probably one of them. If you are good at writing then you can use your better content writing skills to gain some quality links.

The best way of getting more back links is to give your audience a reason to visit and make them provide the necessary and useful things they are searching for.

Since many web users search for useful information all the time and can’t get it appropriately, if you can show them that you have the information they’re interested in, you can attract more visitors to your site or blogs. Writing articles can help you a lot in gaining backlinks if you do it correctly.

Here it is how you can do it effectively and correctly, take a look.


Writing articles for online marketing

One traditionally strong online marketing technique often employed by online businesses is by their writing skills. You can just write an article on about any subject imaginable, as long as you is knowledgeable about it or if you are really passionate about it.

Once you have written it, you can publish it online and it can circulate around the whole Internet giving you more and more visibility and acts as a perfect source of online marketing for you.

People read this article, and then, if they want to know more or just respect the knowledge in it, they may follow a link from the bottom to the website of the article’s author.

Articles can be of different shapes and sizes

The best articles can be developed and created in many shapes and sizes. They can be of any length, from as few as 100 words to thousands. They can cover any subject matter. Many of them are about the Internet, since most of the people online are interested in reading about it, but there are plenty of other topics as well.

Many of the times people creates the articles about their websites and online business and use them only as  a source of marketing and many of the times people creates the articles just because they love creating it and love to write.

There are also plenty of places for posting such developed articles. There are today countless article databases and article directories which respects the writing skills of the writers and accepts their articles for free.

These article directories and databases have been set up just for the purpose of such people who want to post their articles and get more and more visibility through them.

Interested online business people can also publish their articles on their own business websites as well as submit them to small media outlets, such as blogs and local news websites. Their main goal is to get them out to as many people as possible, so that as many eyes as possible see the link at the bottom of the article and gets converted into the profits they are looking for.

Importance of quality articles

One of the most important aspects of the quality articles is that they reflect well on the author and his or her business. Although the article is informative on some subject, its ultimate purpose is to bring in potential customers to the website which converts into huge profits for them.

But do keep in mind that if your article informs well but does not convince people to click the link that is imposed, then it is not even worth taking the time to write the article.

Also a quality article may take on a life of its own. It gets repeated and repeated and never dies. People may see it and decide to feature it on their own websites by recreating it. It is a form of viral marketing, but it is entirely legitimate and people even appreciate it.

Try out our services regarding article writing, marketing and article submissions at Prav’s Services

What are Backlinks and Link Building and How are These Important For Websites?

What are backlinks and link building is the first question which comes in the mind of most of the new bloggers when they think of SEO (search engine optimization).

To get started with all about perfect blogging and getting profits with your business sites and blogs, concept of Back Links and Link Building is much essential to know and implement.

Most of the bloggers, who have just started blogging, often are not familiar with these terms. As far as I am concerned I also doesn’t knew about it when I started blogging. I have gained much knowledge by reading great articles about it the all day long.

I fetched more and more articles directories and other websites for understanding these terms and to know that what actually are the back links and link building.

Basically a Backlink is a link located on a website that leads to your website and tells the people about your site and where it is located. It is also many times known as incoming links, inbound links, or in links. In short backlink is a link pointing back to your site.

Back links and link building is the most important factor which decides the fate of the blog or a site. It is the only main factor in SEO (search engine optimization) which decides and affects the ranking, number of visitors, page rank and hence the profit gained by those visitors for a particular site or a blog.

As a summary you can say that backlinks are the back bone of your website or blog without which your existence into an online business is not at all possible. Yu should therefore learn best ways of getting backlinks for your websites and business blogs which can help you get success in your online business.

How are Backlinks Important for your Website and Blogs?

Backlinks are important for your website in two different ways, both of which have their own importance. Firstly, backlinks helps a lot for providing direct targeted traffic from other sites to your blogs. Secondly it provides the link popularity and increases your search engine rankings for your specific used keywords.

All of the Search engines have a portion of their algorithm, which determines which of the websites and blogs should come up in the top of search results. This mainly depends upon the link popularity or backlinks. Now every backlink a website has that is crawled and indexed by a search engine is counted as a “vote” for the site’s value and usefulness, which increases its link popularity.

The more higher quality backlinks a site has, the higher its link popularity is, and high link popularity leads to better search engine rankings and better website visibility overall.

Quality of the backlinks is much more important than the quantity. If you have better linking websites that links to you and are of same theme that describes your site, this will be act as a quality link for you and will provide much more link popularity than any others. Therefore any link from a site with content that’s closely related matters a lot to your site and you should closely focus on getting the quality backlinks while going for link building.

Sometimes called inbound links, Back links are the lifeblood of Search Engine Positioning. In order for a website to be on the top of search engines like Google the website has to have a large number of Backlinks. The more established, high quality and high Page Rank the website that contains the link has, the more power it has to help the linked website with its search engine position.

Inbound links plays an important role to either make or break your website. In the earlier days when inbound links from other websites was the essential source of traffic, directories and other sources were least into affect. But today due to gigantic databases and the fast, frequent crawling of search engines, directories and links from popular sites were what could make or break a website. Inbound links also are into affect and can elevate the websites’ performance but, they are only half of the benefit as compared to the directories.