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4 Important Google Analytics Features to Utilize

If you run a website, one of the best ways to figure out how to increase traffic and your conversion rate is to use data from analytics. Using Google Analytics, a free tool, you are able to track your visitors, conversion rate and traffic sources.

While the tool provides a huge amount of data, there are some specific sets of information that you need to pay extra attention to so that you can ensure the success of your website. Here are the data sets you should be focusing on: Conversions, Content, Search Engine Optimization and Social.


The goal of most websites is not to simply have people visit it but to have a high conversion rate. A conversion rate is simply the number of people who visit a site and meet a certain goal divided by the total number of visitors a website has. For example, if 10 people have visited your site and five of them purchase something from you, you have a 50 percent conversion rate.

Conversion rates can also be related to the number of people who sign up for a mailing list, fill out a form or take a survey. Google Analytics allows you to set up goals and tracks conversion rates for eCommerce and a variety of other website actions. Your conversion rate is a much better indicator of website success than the number of visitors you receive.


By looking at the content data from Google Analytics, you can tell which of your pages are the most successful and have the highest number of hits. Knowing which are the best and the worst performing subjects on your site enables you to focus on creating content that is most likely be successful and avoid wasting your time on topics that are of little interest to your visitors.

Using the information provided by Google Analytics, you can see the number of visitors to each page on your website, how long people stayed on that page and which links on your site receive the highest number of clicks.

Traffic Sources: Search Engine Optimization

Under the “Traffic Sources” menu, you should see a “Search Engine Optimization” sub-menu. From there, you can look at what people searched for to find your site. This area of Google Analytics provides invaluable knowledge about how your SEO content and practices are working.

In addition to seeing what search terms people used to find your website, you are able to see your website’s search engine ranking, your click through rate and chart your ranking progress over time.

Traffic Sources: Social

Another important section of the “Traffic Sources” menu is “Social.” While social media does not provide nearly as much traffic to websites as search engines can, social media can provide more targeted traffic. Most visitors that are referred from a social media site are more likely to improve a website’s conversion rate than those that arrive from search engines.

To ensure that your social media campaigns are working, you can track not only the number of visitors from social media sites, but how many people link to your site through social media networks.

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Google Panda Update Have you got affected by it

You all must be aware of Google Panda Update or Farmer update, until now. This is a major change made by Google, in February 2011, in its search engine algorithm which impacted countless websites across the World Wide Web. If you have not heard about it and have experienced a sudden drop down in your website ranking this may be one of the major cause.

Google Panda or Farmer update is actually aimed at decreasing the rankings for the websites that were not of high quality. The sites that offer duplicate content, regenerated content, insufficient information, etc. are the main target and had experienced great drop down in their rankings.

On the other hand this update provided many of the new bloggers and webmasters a positive impact. These are the webmasters who actually own decent websites with quality content and are still waiting for getting higher rankings. You won’t believe that some of my websites that were ranked on Google page four or five has suddenly come up to first or second page without any extra efforts after this update. And this all happened without my notice. The only thing I had done was, worked hard and fed my websites with regular original and quality content.

One of the most obvious targets of Google algorithmic improvement is some major content farms and the sites with lots of repeated content, and article directories such as were no exception to this. Sites that do have scrap content were also affected with this. More and more sites that copy and paste the content from other sites are also largely affected. No doubt, it is a step taken by Google to get disciple all across the web. Low quality content was doomed and got down of the searches.

In short it is now important to get into the change. If you are not having quality content on your website or blogs, you would not be making profits in future as you were making until now. It is therefore important that write quality articles that are original in nature and do not ever rely on those scarps that you can get on article directories for free.

Or if you think that you can’t do this, there are numbers of quality article writing services and article marketing services that can benefit you a lot. You can hire us for all your needs regarding articles now. Take the action now, evaluate, update and improve your rankings by adding quality articles to your websites and blogs because the worse you can experience is being completely removed from Google search engines, and you surely do not want this to happen for your site.

Google Page Rank Update April 2011

Oh yes!

I was waiting for this for long time. Now, looks like Google have considered my site and re-ranked it well. New Google Page Rank update April 2011 has certainly bought me the happiness that I was lacking. Cannot wait to share my happiness with my friends, my blog has finally not Page Ranked “0”. It has jumped up 2 Page ranks and I am extremely happy about it.

You all know what page rank means to all of us. Although it does not play a big role in search indexing and SERP rankings, it is still a valuable method by which most of the advertisers and bloggers judge the importance and health of a website. Page rank is still a valuable thing when you are selling your blog ad space or link spots. No doubt you can get better advertisers if you have a better page rank.


My real concern is not to get high prices for my link spots or ad spaces. As this is the real shit thing that made my blog to suffer from long time. Instead my real concern is to get better rankings in search engines and to get more readers so that I can reach out to maximum number of bloggers and can help them in their article writing, article marketing, SEO and link building campaigns.

I know most of you bloggers are still waiting for getting a good page rank. But I can only recommend that keep your website clean and work hard, you will achieve it in near future.

Hoping for your success…