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Google Penalizes Over-Optimization through Penguin Updates

There is widespread criticism and speculation over Google’s Penguin update. For people who have no idea about Google Penguin update: this is the name given by Google to the web spam update that was released just a few days ago. This updates sought to penalize websites conducting over-optimization.

Google has turned the world of SEO upside down. Their new algorithm targets websites which are over-optimized. To understand the meaning of over-optimized it is important to understand two types of SEO: Black hat and White hat. Black hat is an SEO process where experts try to trick Google while White hat SEO practices are in accordance with Google’s practices.

Black hat SEO is also known as black hat web spam. To achieve higher rankings many sites use technique that never benefits the users. It is a sort of shortcut for earning high page rankings in Google. Black hat SEO provides ground for undeserving sites to get high rankings. There are various types of web spam techniques used such as link schemes, keyword stuffing, etc. Google has always been against these evil practices.

Google put forward a few points defining web spam or over-optimization. Earlier Google launched a new page layout that sought to reduce the rankings of websites not providing good content to the visitors on a regular basis. After this came the Google Penguin updates. This update reduced the rankings of websites not abiding by the existing quality guidelines set by Google. Though Google has been against web spam right from their initial days, but the changed algorithm marks a drastic improvement.

Penguin would make sure that web spam is reduced and high quality content is always available online. Google has still not discussed their specific signals, because they do not want the black hat SEO experts to manipulate new way outs just yet. Google wants the webmasters to develop quality websites and provide good experience to the visitors. Penguin also cries out for the use of White hat SEO processes at all times instead of web-spamming.

It is quite clear that Google wants to make online world more visitor oriented. Proper SEO training and knowledge is thus essential. The webmasters using spam tactics for improving their ranking have no place to hide now. But, which spam tactics are not allowed by Google? Keyword stuffing and spun content are two examples.

Keyword stuffing is one of the foremost techniques used by Black hat SEO experts to insert more keywords in the page (for which they would like to rank). Keyword stuffing is easily decipherable. It is like throwing all keywords into one section of web content. Such content are only for the web spiders, human visitors cannot derive information or sense from it.

Spun content on the other hand is one piece of original content that is reorganized and then republished multiple times. Some words in the content are shuffled here and there to fool the plagiarism checkers. But the content remains the same throughout contents. There are links put into the content to increase the internal link structure of any website.

Google Apps and Many Benefits To Tag Along

Google like we all know is considered to be the best when it comes to offering apps. Google is been offering easy to use apps for online business owners who are looking out for increasing profit along with affordable costs.

Google apps for business is presently used by over 50 million of users worldwide for their online businesses.  This is the number which is continuously on the rise due to the fact that the apps are consistent showing productivity which isn’t easy to deploy to that of usual desktop programs.

These apps efficiently meet the user’s requirements since; they are offered by Google created using reliable technology which meets the security concerns in mind. These apps let the employees from one company to communicate with other employees within the same organization seamlessly despite of geographical barriers.

Tools like Google Talk, Calendar, Gmail, and Google Docs allows the employees to log in from any secure Internet connection to access mails, talk instantly and to share any other internal information. This collaborative approach makes the routine errands smooth and easy.

Businesses in every field can reap benefits when switched to this web based collaboration and communication suite. The apps by Google are productive, guaranteed to reduce the cost in short span of time and reliable. Google apps lets businesses to get the best IT solutions than spending less of resources and not to forget the overheads expenses.

Google apps are not only ideal for small enterprises, but are also great for big companies. With unlimited storing of online docs offered to businesses, who wouldn’t want to try out these apps.

Also, these apps don’t limit its offering to Laptops or Desktops, but are compatible in iPad, Blackberry, Android cell phones, Tablets and iPhones. There is also 24*7 customer service option available ensuring that your business never suffers a slow down with any of its problems.

You can provide your employees freedom and ease in work in terms of messaging and other day to day office relevant work. Additionally it keeps the network safe from malicious virus and spammers, and phishing. With these apps, you get fifty times email storage space compared to other apps available in the market or on the web. It is now easier to focus on development and growth rather than thinking on how to reduce the maintenance cost.

So, when business switches to the Google apps they are safer in the knowledge because of the fact that the world’s greatest innovative organization continues to develop and innovate new features to it.

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The Basics Of Google Panda In Black & White

It would be easy to look at the search engine algorithm changes made over the years and assume that Google has a small stable of animals in their care. Don’t let the cute and cuddly names fool you, though, as the cuts delivered by Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird can cause damage to a website that is impossible to recover from. Before we go into a little detail about Panda, you should understand why Google even makes these changes in the first place.

Google Panda

It is the goal of every site owner to land at the top of the search engine rankings, as that is where the vast majority of potential sales and leads come from. There are those that would try to cheat the algorithm by using Black hat SEO techniques to land at the top. Google makes these changes so that those who stick by the rules can get the credit they deserve, dropping the less deserving back down to where they belong.

The Panda upgrades have been delivered by Google to specifically target the content that appears on websites. Quality content gets a higher ranking and improves the chances of a website taking the top spot. When Panda 1.0 was released back in 2011, the goal was to target low quality content farm websites that were dominating the top spots. Subsequent updates were made to combat the moves made by the owners of those sites to stay on top.

That included such nefarious tactics as “scraping” content from original sites and trying to pass it off as original. Other updates saw more relevance being given to sites in different languages, as well as giving preference to larger sites and those that were heavily involved in Google+.

The question that I’m sure most of you have at this point revolves around what type of things on your site content will not sit well with Panda. There are several, but among the most important are a lack of fresh, original content, stuffing keywords into you articles, short visit times on any given page, too many ads crammed into one space, and a high percentage of duplicate content throughout the site, to name but a few.

One of the biggest items that needs to be addressed in order to avoid upsetting Panda is the way in which you build links. Your goal should be to create quality links as opposed to simply building thousands of links with the same anchor text on sites that are simply not relevant. Links built through e-mail and high quality directories are still very much considered to be positive, so think about going that route.

What you need to be aware of is that Google does not do anything to hide these facts, and they have a set of guidelines that is incredibly easy to follow. If you can stick to what is contained within those guidelines, your site will likely remain totally unaffected any time a new version of Panda comes wobbling along.

Author bio: This is guest post by Mark Ford. He is the Owner of Red Website Design – One of the UK’s leading Website Design companies.


Google Panda Update and Your Bouncing Rate

Google’s Panda update has been in the news from quite few months. The rankings of some top websites have decreased dramatically which in turn had hurt their revenues to great extent. Many big websites updated their staff count and many have already out of the businesses.  One of the major factors that are now being considered by Google is the Bouncing rate of the websites.

It’s natural that the websites with low quality information and articles have a high bouncing rate which is now tremendously looked for by Google. If you have not cared for this until now you should work harder to get your pages updated so that you get low bouncing rates.

What is actually bounce rate?

High bounce rate simply means that the visitor, visiting your website bounces back to the search engines or other WebPages to get quality information they are searching for. This happens only when your site has low grade content and cannot satisfy the needs of the readers.

Bounce rate is a thing which is not considered as a ranking method until Google Panda update. But now Google will be using the tracking methods to track the bounce rates of the sites before providing the relevant results to the searchers.

This simply means that the sites with high bounce rates have to suffer. Also the sites with low quality content pages that are unable to keep their users engaged will have to suffer. One of the best ways to overcome this problem is to use high quality content and original articles on your site, without which it’s now impossible to rank high in search engine Google.

At Prav talks you can get high quality articles for all your blogging and marketing needs. So if you think that you are not good at writing get high quality services at very affordable prices.

Importance of Quality Content for Your Websites after Google Panda Update

It has been said that quality content is always, and will be a King on internet. No matter you own clothing or an electronics business online, you always need to have quality content to get more sales and leads from your websites.

Developing quality content is not always an easy task for all. But there are always better options for you to get quality articles. You can hire professional web writer or article writing services that can help you in long run.

According to the latest Google Panda update it is now impossible for you to rank high your website if you have scrap or copied content. Websites which were originally ranked high had already experienced a drop down due to the Google Panda update or Farmer update.


It’s clear that search engines do not see from where your content has come, whether it’s you or an article writer that has written the content. But it does see that the content you post on web is really important for the users and is free from plagiarism.

It has become very much important that you write original articles that are intended for your readers and not for search engines. The articles should be error free, grammatically correct and holds value for your users. This simply means that an article written after original research and rich in high quality information will definitely show off positive results and can give you more quality traffic; not only traffic but its targeted traffic that you are aiming at to increase your leads and sales.

How to Add Quality to your Articles for Improving Search Engine Rankings after Panda Update

Here are some tips that will add quality to your content:

1.      Add descriptive Title and ALT attributes that include your main keywords.

2.      Include long tail keywords in your content after researching about what your readers are looking for.

3.      Think of the phrases that your readers search for, while Googling. Then distribute them throughout the content.

4.      Avoid duplicate content and articles from content farms, Not only for your websites and blogs but also for article marketing.

5.      Also use original and quality content for your affiliate pages as well.

6.      Use genuine and relevant links on your blogs or websites.

7.      Do not cloak or hide the links that redirects to other pages or irrelevant websites.

8.      Avoid creating the pages that are malicious behavior (like sites with viruses, Trojans and other badware)

Hope this all really help you in improving your website’s ranking after Panda Update. So, always try adding quality and informative content and be safe.

Happy Blogging….

Prav Garg…


10 Perfect Tips on How to Avoid Google Adsense Account from Banned Out

If you are serious about blogging for money you should use one of the most important ad networks for your blog which is well known as Google Adsense. But as the Adsense have very strict rules and regulations for the publishers who wish to run the ads served by Google, it should be noted that you fulfill their terms and conditions and work according to them so that you can earn decent income online for lifelong.

If you have just crossed the first stairs of getting approved into Adsense, maintaining into it is a challenging job which not everyone can get through. This is the post to help my dear friends who are new to Adsense. This will help them in continuing in Google Adsense.

Read the following if you don’t want to ban out from Google Adsense.

1- Do not publish or add the Adsense code on the sites that contain prohibited contents such as pornography, gambling, hacking news, violent topic, advertise of alcoholic drinks, tobacco & tobacco related products. This can result in immediate banning of your adsense account.

2- Do not ever say your visitors to click on your ads. Many bloggers do the mistake by adding the caption on adsense ads like FAVORITE SITES, HOT SITES, and EXCLUSIVE ZONE. Avoid using all that.

Never try to write any words that will make others to click Adsense ads like “Click & Win Prize”, “Click to Earn” etc.

Also don’t click on your own Google ads – I suspect this is the most common reason people are banned. You can’t click your own ads for any reason.

3- Avoid adding duplicate content by just copying  and pasting from other sites. However you can remake and rewrite it in your own words. Avoid carbon copy.

Many websites have same topics that you have. It does not mean that you just copy any article from that site & paste it in your blog.

4- Never put Adsense code on same page where there is no content and also don’t try to tamper with the AdSense code.

Unless you have permission you shouldn’t change the AdSense code. Some publishers have agreements with Google to do this but if you’re a normal publisher you are not allowed to make such changes.

Again – if in doubt contact the AdSense team.

5- Never promote your site (which contains Adsense ads) in pop up ads.

6- Do not ever sign in AUTO-SURF website. Auto surf sites generates artificial clicks & impressions. The visitor who surfs your website is not counted as a real visitor because the visitor surfs only to earn page impressions & nothing else. It is prohibited in Adsense policy.

7- Indian and China friends have to wait for 6 months till their site gains publicity. Google accepts only 6 months old blogs from India and China.

8- Your site should have some proper traffic when you sign in for the Adsense account other vice it will not be accepted.

9- Never indulge in the click exchange programs with your friend. Of course, first it will show an increase in your Dollars of Adsense account but Adsense will automatically track the fraud clicks and Ban your account.

10- Finally before placing Adsense code in your blog or website try to read carefully all the Adsense policy. It will give you a clear view about Adsense policy.

How to Submit Your Blog to Google?

Submitting your blog to Google makes a difference the people visit your blog. If you have very fewer number of visitors to your blog you can easily increase the number by letting Google know your blog.

This can be done in an easy way which most of the Bloggers don’t know about. If you have created your new blog and if you want to submit your blog to Google so that people will know about it easily while searching on Google, you can submit your blog to Google by following these easy steps.

Image via CrunchBase

Remember one thing that the main source of traffic to your blog is search engines, and the most famous search engine is Google Search Engine. So submitting your blog to Google Webmaster will not only increase your blog traffic but will increase your Page Rank also.

If you have not heard of Webmaster account on Google here it is. Click on to your Google account or “My Account”. You will see the webmasters account in the section. You can open it by using the same account details as you use at Blogger or G mail.

Now when you are there, you will be asked to enter your site URL. Enter your blog/website URL and click “Add Site“.

Then you will have to verify your account. There are two methods to verify your account:

  • Adding a meta tag
  • Uploading a HTML file

If you are a blogger you can use “add a meta tag option” and if not you can use second option also.

For Bloggers: how to submit sitemap to your Google webmasters account

Click on Add a Meta tag and you will be given a code. Just Copy the code given and open Blogger.

After that click on the Layout >> Edit HTML.

Search for and paste that Meta Tag code just after. Save your template. After saving go back to Google webmaster and click on verify.

After verifying go to Sitemaps in the left sidebar.

Then click on Add a Sitemap. In the drop down menu it will ask you to put the Sitemap URL. There are only two ways to add a sitemap and they are:

Just enter your desired option and click Add General Web Sitemap
Congratulations! You have submitted your blog to Google Webmaster…

Exciting New Technology from Google – The Glass

Most mildly technologically savvy individuals will by now have heard of the hottest new product on the market: Google Glass. And with many touting this new device as a revolutionary step forward in mobile communication, Google’s new high-tech baby certainly seems to be generating a great deal of excitement. But is it really the breakthrough Google claim it to be, or will its many flaws render it a mere fad?

One thing is for sure: Google will need to make good on its promise to restyle the headset if it expects the masses to invest. Indeed, although they have not been openly seeking partnerships with eyewear manufacturers, major manufacturers and brands like Luxottica and Oakley are reported to be hot on their heels about developing their own stylized version of the Glass (for more information, check this article). So what is Google Glass and can it really change the way we view and use mobile technology?


Why all the fuss?

Google Glass is the first of its kind on the market and represents Google’s forward-thinking attempt to bring some of the most essential elements we associate with mobile technology to eye-level. With its integrated camera, microphone, touchpad, Bluetooth and wireless capabilities, and a prism screen, Glass allows wearers to connect to the Internet and subsequently search online, navigate using GPS, read and send messages, take photos and films, and hold teleconferences through a simple series of voice commands or taps of the touchpad.

What makes Google Glass all the more exciting is the many possibilities its creation has opened up: from real-time translation and transcription functions to live traffic, travel and sports updates, all shown to the wearer from within a ‘heads up’ display. Of course, with great power comes great responsibility and some of the apps being developed for the Glass, such as face recognition software, have raised some privacy concerns among observers.

And that’s not the only problem

As has already been alluded to in the introduction, the Google Glass headset is not exactly the epitome of sophistication. The rather clunky battery pack and hardware sit to one side of the headset, spoiling the symmetry of the frame and giving it a very science-fiction-like feel. And while we are on the subject of batteries, this one is fairly short-lived.

Indeed, the device’s current consumption rates cannot be sustained for any reasonable length of time, reducing the headset’s practicality and appeal considerably. Other problems that have been flagged up also include a fairly poor display quality and its current price tag – developers have shelled out $1,500 a piece – which will have to drop significantly if the product is to succeed on the mass market.

Watch this space

The jury is still out on Google Glass. Although its implications are hugely exciting and the technological advances made to create it are undeniable, its practicality and value for money will continue to be compromised if Google does not seek to remedy its flaws before a competitor succeeds in stealing the show.


My Site Ranked on 1st Page on Google but Not Getting Sales

Having your website ranked top on Google (or 1st page of Google) search results does not mean that you will get much increased sales and leads. There includes a lots of reasons for not getting enough sales even your website is ranking top on Google and other search engines. First of all, you have to take a look on the appearance of your website.

Your website may have had the same look for years. Having more advanced looking website will help you become more credible to potential clients and customers. This way, you will be able to organize your website so that clients may easily get your contact information and other pages. The most important reason for not getting increased sales and leads may be related to copy. You know what is copy?

Copy is the content persuading customers to give you their money. Having a top ranking website that lies on 1st page of Google and other search engine results is only a part of getting more sales and leads. The other part is promoting potential customers to pay for your products or services. Now, the question is how we can accomplish this?

The answer is pretty simple. Just have a good copy (content) on your website. When customers visit your website, they are more than probably already interested in your products or services. However, they also have doubts and concerns about doing business with your website. Therefore, having a good copy of your website will remove the doubts and concerns of customers and will make interested visitors as paying customers.

Factors that decides best lead generation

Go and consider any of your website pages. Now imagine that you are visiting the page for the first time, and ask yourself certain questions such as, the purpose of the business, customers of the business, trustworthiness of the business, practicability of products or services, and so on.

If the web pages give right answers to your most questions, then you can ensure that you are on the right track to taking away visitors’ doubts and concerns. The more doubts that the website pages remove, the more probably they are to pay you. You must tell your website visitors that why they need your products or services.

When people visit your website, they will have one question in mind at the end. What is in it for me if I give the company my money? They don’t care whether your business lies on 1st page of Google or 2nd or 3rd.

So, provide them with the benefits of what you are offering and you may expect the best lead generation that you dream of. You must appeal people’s emotions with providing information about your products’ benefits. Moreover, emotions are the reasons why we purchase certain things. So, always consider the content on various pages of your website.

Do your web pages tell visitors what they will get if they pay for your products or services?

If not, then think of the same and convince your visitors to pay for your products or services and get something beneficial in return. Keep these points in mind and work on the same to get more sales and leads to your top ranking website.

4 Important Google Analytics Features to Utilize

If you run a website, one of the best ways to figure out how to increase traffic and your conversion rate is to use data from analytics. Using Google Analytics, a free tool, you are able to track your visitors, conversion rate and traffic sources.

While the tool provides a huge amount of data, there are some specific sets of information that you need to pay extra attention to so that you can ensure the success of your website. Here are the data sets you should be focusing on: Conversions, Content, Search Engine Optimization and Social.


The goal of most websites is not to simply have people visit it but to have a high conversion rate. A conversion rate is simply the number of people who visit a site and meet a certain goal divided by the total number of visitors a website has. For example, if 10 people have visited your site and five of them purchase something from you, you have a 50 percent conversion rate.

Conversion rates can also be related to the number of people who sign up for a mailing list, fill out a form or take a survey. Google Analytics allows you to set up goals and tracks conversion rates for eCommerce and a variety of other website actions. Your conversion rate is a much better indicator of website success than the number of visitors you receive.


By looking at the content data from Google Analytics, you can tell which of your pages are the most successful and have the highest number of hits. Knowing which are the best and the worst performing subjects on your site enables you to focus on creating content that is most likely be successful and avoid wasting your time on topics that are of little interest to your visitors.

Using the information provided by Google Analytics, you can see the number of visitors to each page on your website, how long people stayed on that page and which links on your site receive the highest number of clicks.

Traffic Sources: Search Engine Optimization

Under the “Traffic Sources” menu, you should see a “Search Engine Optimization” sub-menu. From there, you can look at what people searched for to find your site. This area of Google Analytics provides invaluable knowledge about how your SEO content and practices are working.

In addition to seeing what search terms people used to find your website, you are able to see your website’s search engine ranking, your click through rate and chart your ranking progress over time.

Traffic Sources: Social

Another important section of the “Traffic Sources” menu is “Social.” While social media does not provide nearly as much traffic to websites as search engines can, social media can provide more targeted traffic. Most visitors that are referred from a social media site are more likely to improve a website’s conversion rate than those that arrive from search engines.

To ensure that your social media campaigns are working, you can track not only the number of visitors from social media sites, but how many people link to your site through social media networks.

Author Bio:

This is a guest post by Brain Host Company. Brain Host is a web hosting company that offers superior shared hosting, 24/7 customer support, and an extensive collection of training materials and resources for website owners.