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Domain Name with WWW or without WWW

There are instances where you may have seen certain domains which are named without www like and there are still many which you have seen as

But what is the basic difference between these two and what to choose for your domain name is still the question for many of the new bloggers and webmasters.

Most of the webmasters who are new in blogging don’t just bother about looking at this issue. They simply think that these both are just having same name and they can access their websites and blogs without caring for it. But it can make big difference when they get high backlinks and when other sites generally link to them one way.

So what’s the Basic Difference between the two domains with the prefix www and without www?

You may be surprised to know that search engines like Google, Yahoo and others treat these two links as different sites. What can you think it may result in a long run?

In a long run you may end up with the two sites that are different names but are having same pages and content. For instance if you are successful in getting high backlinks after some time from which part of them are for www and part are for non www, you will be actually getting some low backlinks according to the search engines that contribute to each of the two differently. Also there arises duplicate conflicts for the two sites and your site can be negatively affected by the search engines.

What should you do to avoid link popularity spreading between www and non-www domain?

The very first thing you have to do is to register for Google Webmaster Tools. It’s a free to use by Google by which you can get all the stats and analytics about your site and how it is going in search engines. By just adding simple codes within your sites you can know it all free of cost. If you have a Gmail or blogger account or maybe you have feed burner account you can login from that also.

After registering there you should decide about your domain name whether you want it as www or without www. This is an essential decision of yours which can result in better search engine rankings if you opt for one. After you have decided for which to have you can use very important feature of Google Webmaster Tools for setting your preferred domain.

For adding your site to this tool you should verify your site with both the domains i.e. with and without www. After adding and verifying your site you can change the settings on My Sites page and then clicking Preferred Domain from the Diagnostic tab.

You can then choose from the following:

  • Display URLs as
  • Display URLs as
  • Don’t set an association

This is the part where you have to choose your option carefully. When you use one of them Google will crawl through that page only and also see the other part as the same. This does not create any confusion for the search engines and your site can be better ranked. Also you will see your URL which you choose in the browser whenever you open your webpage.

If you choose don’t set an association, Google may treat the www and without www versions of the domain as references to separate pages. This all helps Google to pass out all the ranking to one domain that you have selected. This therefore results in getting better page rank and indexing.

Here is a quote from Google’s help center which may help you out in understanding the things better:

“The preferred domain is the one that you would liked used to index your site’s pages (sometimes this is referred to as the canonical domain). Links may point to your site using both the www and non-www versions of the URL (for instance, and The preferred domain is the version that you want used for your site in the search results. Once you tell us your preferred domain name, it may help us determine PageRank for your site more accurately.”

Also keep in mind that after choosing the one you should now follow this particular format of your domain for building all the outbound as well as inbound links for your site.

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Top Keyword Research Tools to Find Right keywords for Your Online Business Blogs and Free Blogging

You know that keywords are really important for your online business blogs and to get success in this competitive blogging world. There are today many top keyword research tools, free as well as paid, which you can use for getting things easier and familiar.

These tools let you know about the right keywords that are important for your free blogging. If you don’t have enough knowledge about the right keywords for your online business blogs you can use these keyword research tools free of cost.


Most of you are optimizing your site’s content according to certain keywords and phrases. But before using these keywords and phrases you should make sure that how popular these keywords are and how often these are searched.

Optimizing your site’s content for the keywords and phrases that nobody searches simply means that you are wasting your precious time and will get least benefits from it. Your site’s content developed in this way will not be having higher potential to gain much traffic from the search engines.

First and the most effective keyword research tool is Google Adwords Keyword Tool ( This is the right Keyword Tool that allows you to research for all your keywords and phrases. Not only about the right keywords, but it also tells you about the approximate average number of searches for that particular keywords in a month. Also it suggests some of the alternative keywords and phrases for you.

This is a tool which is  free of cost and you can use it without a need of login. Here you have to simply type your keywords or phrases in the box provided, optionally you can choose for your language and country and can also put your site’s URL. Then just hit the submit button. You will be instantly served with great results.

Secondly there is a keyword research tool called as Wordtracker Free Keyword Suggestion Tool ( This is another great keyword research tool where you can get a list of up to 100 related keywords. You also get the approximate number of daily searches for each keyword phrase.


Keyword Winner – A Revolutionary WordPress Plugin


Using perfect keyword research tools for free blogging

As such if you want to use only free service, there is no better than Google Adwords keyword tool and the Wordtracker keyword tool. These are best and you can use them for your free blogging.

But it is always advisable, to use and check at least two such keywords tools for your Online Business Blogs. As no keyword research tool is 100% accurate, you can also consider using some of the paid services for your top keyword research. Actually what you pay is what you get, therefore paid services can deliver better results for you.

I found one best keyword tool and a plugin for wordpress sites that can help users in lowering down all their stress regarding the keyword research. Just follow the link and find it yourself how it can benefit you all naturally.

Keyword Winner – A Revolutionary WordPress Plugin

5 Top Ways on How to Generate Search Engine Traffic for your Business Blogs

Today there are many ways by which people try to generate traffic for their business blogs. But have you ever wondered that what type of traffic is more beneficial for you.

Your blog actually gets different types of traffic and to get maximum benefits you should focus on search engine traffic which is vital for your online business profits. Generating search engine traffic is not an easy task for all and it requires lots of efforts and targeted marketing strategies.

A search engine actually sees the level of effort you have putted down in establishing your online presence.  The more presence you have on various different sites and social networks the higher will be your rank in the search engines and higher you can generate traffic from these search engines.

Here are 5 Top ways on how you can generate search engine traffic for your business blogs.

Article Submissions

Articles submissions to the online article directories are one of the very brilliant ways to get search engine traffic to your blogs. Write an article that hits your visitors mind and submit it to the various article directories.

This will make your online presence strong by providing you effective one way backlinks. And you could be getting high search engine traffic for your efforts that can bring out higher revenues for you in near future.

Social Networking and Bookmarking

Social Networking is a very effective marketing medium in today’s world. Today people are using this as their best ways to get search engine traffic by making their online presence strong. You can join various sites like facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. where you can submit your updates and get lots of traffic for free.

More you need is patience and believe me the time is not so far when you will see good profitable results very soon. So just participate in more and more social networking and bookmarking sites and see the difference it creates.

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is also a great way to increase your search engine ranking. It helps in getting high search engine traffic. There are many blogs running stronger than yours from your particular niche.

Just make a list of some good ones and comment on them regularly. This will create a strong web presence by expanding your community relationships.

Forum Postings

There are also many different forums online which you can find that lie within your industry. You can create a strong web presence there by actively posting comments on these forums. This will generate more online exposure for your website and helps you in generating search engine traffic as well.

Directory Submission

Directory submission is one of the best ways to get quality one way backlinks free of cost. Submitting your site to hundreds of quality directories can make a strong web presence for your website and you can generate fast search engine traffic growth by this.

One of the best services you can use out is of directory maximiser. They are genuine and best in their field and can help generate very effective manual submissions for you that can increase your site’s ranking well.

3 Factors that Matters Most When Writing a Perfect Size Blog Post

Webmasters, most of the times, are really confused about how long their blog post should go to attract more viewers and customers.

They are unaware of  how long their blog posts should go when they are writing it. And in the event they simply write in a haphazard manner. But the fact is that there are many factors that decide the size of blog post when you are updating your blog and you should follow some of the rules while hitting the publishing button for your post publishing.

Many bloggers just don’t care at all about their blog posts and just write anything they want on different pages of the same blog. Their posts can be sometimes at some pages are about only 100- 150 words and sometimes it goes to 1000- 1500 words. But this is not a good thing for your blog.

Here are 3 factors for you that help you to decide how long your blog posts should be, in order to write a perfect size blog posts to attract more viewers and customers.

How Frequently You Post

This is the first and the foremost important factor that decides the length of your blog posts. According to the great webmasters and this blogger’s world, it is an accepted rule that more frequently you post, shorter can be your posts. Vice versa is also just true, that is if you post often, you should post longer posts so that it can attract your target audiences more.

Many people who likes to read daily on internet, concentrates on writing shorter posts. They prefer to read the shorter articles that matters most and provide them valuable information they are looking for.

There is big advantage of posting daily and updating your blog daily. While posting shorter posts daily you are pinging search engines about your new content that is regularly added up on your blog. This gains you much of link juice by these search engines and you will be getting more and more visitors in return.

How Consistently You Post

Your visitors and readers want some consistency form you. This makes them easy to know when you are going to post next new article on your blog. But this is the consistency that also matters most when you are writing your perfect size blog posts. This may seem similar to the first factor that is how frequently you post but is totally different from it.

When you know that you will publish your posts four to five times a week, just do it. You will have that much time to complete your job in a week and that decides how long your posts should go. As perfect size blog posts should be around 1500- 1700 words long you should maintain that flow of writing without disappointing your readers.

This way you know that you are going to develop 3 or 5 or may be 7 posts of the required length in a week. If you are finding less time to write each day you should look to develop 550- 800 words blog posts for your blog that’s also good enough if you try to maintain your post frequency.

What You Are Talking About

After knowing what you are exactly talking about in your next posts, you could get a clear picture about how long your perfect post size should go. You should also get the picture about how will you talk about it so that your readers may find it interesting and useful.

You should include the information which is much demanding and useful for your readers in a manner that they should not get bored of with your lengthy posts.

For instance if you are just talking about some news let it be some sports news, you should try to be short. This is the news which lots of people may be looking at. They want to grab it fast and easy without knowing many details. Thus you should be to the point and say it short.



Add Videos to Your Blog to Earn Money Through Blogging

Today there are many ways to earn money through blogging. Videos are one of them and can earn money through blogging easily for you.

If you are capable enough to make videos on internet then you have a very good chance to earn money from them. Also there are many methods by which you can put your videos on internet to attract more traffic and earn money.

You can also sell your videos to other websites and demand for a suitable price. Also, it is seen that many people sign up a video site and upload their videos there and then receive a percentage share of the revenue generated by their videos.

But putting videos on one’s own website is one of the favorite options of the webmasters to earn money through blogging.

To earn money through blogging from your videos, you should try to make those videos which are in demand at that present time and are related to your blog. Good videos always generate good money. Videos should be of the kind which can attract more and more traffic to your blog.

Usually it is seen that funny videos are in more demand as it attracts a high traffic. Funny videos are liked by everyone irrespective of their age and thus it is a demand of every working site whether business or any other. If you can create a very entertaining video then you can probably earn money through blogging by placing these videos on your blog.

Other popular internet videos, which you can place on your blog to make money blogging, can be those that can stock. People like watching things which are different and unique. These videos are very demanding today. In such videos people do something crazy or stupid and public like such things.

Such videos may include jumping from a high building or setting them on fire. Videos with such stupid and crazy things attract a lot of traffic and help increase blog traffic which makes your site popular.

You can also make videos and sell your videos to other sites using the videos. Sites using such videos are always looking for such crazy videos and you can easily sell them your videos to help them earn money through blogging.

You can earn a good sum from your videos, it is just they should be unique and interesting. One of the best sites where you can join and add videos to your blog is You can get more information on this site at Earn Easy Money by Adding Videos on Your Blog.

What is Perfect Size Blog Post for You and How to Write It?

Bloggers often seems to get confused regarding the perfect size of the Blog Post. Many of the bloggers have many basic questions about posting when they just start their perfect blogging.

Here I am trying out to answer some of these questions by giving some of the tips about writing perfect size blog post.

Your articles are your currency for your blog. If you own your own unique and well written articles that are interesting to read, it hardly depends on how long or how short it is, for getting you success. You articles are the only way of your success towards your online blogging business and therefore you should always concentrate on improving your content writing skills.

What is the perfect Size for Your Blog Post?

From the deep research of many of the bloggers friends, regarding the post size, it has been concluded that different post size works for different niches. They says that post length strongly depends on a blog niche.

However, according to the deep researches and discussions, average post size of about 500 words is necessary for getting better results in today’s online blogging business.


Of course, you can write and post some large or short posts in your blogs that helps them to rank better; you should also focus on this average number of post which decides your perfectness of the size of your blog post.

What is needed to Write Perfect Size Blog Post?

Writing a unique and good content with perfect size blog post needs some Writing skills. If you write 1000, 1500 (or even 5000 jumbo) words blog post and publish it into your blog; this does not necessarily means that it gets at the top of the search results in Google. It does not at all guarantee you that it works perfect for you. It also does not confirm that it is the best quality post on internet with so many words.

It is your writing skills and experience that works best for you. Developing such a unique article that is liked and read by your readers is a challenging task. And your better writing skills, which improve with time, can only guarantee you to develop such effective and productive post.

Writing Perfect Quality or Perfect Size

Articles are very important for you. A unique and perfect article helps you to provide different type of traffic from different sources. This includes search engine traffic, which is most targeted and important for your blogging business.

The more quality articles you have on your blogs, more quality and targeted website traffic you earn from various sources. Therefore writing perfect quality post is much more important than writing a perfect size blog post.

Compare Post Size with Other Relevant Niche Blogs

Comparing your perfect size blog post with others will let you know that, whether you are developing the right size blog post or not. As various different niche blogs works best with different blog post size, you should compare your blog with some relevant blog in same niche.

It is not necessary that if the other blogger friend is writing posts of a certain length, then you should do the same. May be you can write short length with better quality, that ranks better than them. Most important thing for you is to, do different and unique and try to stand out of the crowd.

This will necessarily helps you in writing perfect size blog post for your blogs, which rank high in search engines. If you want more information on building perfect blog for you or your blogging business, I strongly recommend using the Easy Blogging Guide that will illustrate, step by step, how you can develop what you know today, into a resource, known as Perfect Blog.

Why Should You Start Blogging?

Weblogs and free blogging platforms are today becoming very much popular. These are helping the people to start blogging with for free. One of the most important reasons to start blogging with the free platforms is their simplicity and ease to start.

Today there are tons of free blogging platforms and blog services which are providing necessary instructions and guides all the way to start with them.

Greatest advantages of blogging is that you can blog about any subject you like or imagine about. You can just share all your thoughts with your friends and people all around the world. With free blogging you can just get yourself visible around the whole world.


The other great advantage to start blogging is that you can get in touch with people from all around the world who have similar interests. People can see you through your blog and give their comments, feedbacks, and compliments about liking and disliking your blog.

You can be known from the national level to the international level with the help of your blog if your blog have something special and interesting to share for.

Other positive thing about blogging is that you can easily keep your data safe on internet. This data can be anything from text to pictures and from audios to some interesting videos. You can upload just anything into your blog and keep them safe over internet and if you don’t want it to share with others you can also keep them as your private blog.

Blogging can be done just from any location of the world with an internet connection. You just have to create your account and you can log in to your personal blog dashboard area from anywhere if you have an internet connection and your PC or Laptop.

The ease and possibility of updating your blog from any location have enabled many people into the online business to start their personal and business blogs by which they can easily make money blogging. These people earn money through blogging even if they are on the move for most of the time.

So if you are looking for starting the blog you should not wait for it but start it right now. Who knows that you could be blogging for money within few months from now?

How to Use Social Bookmarking sites like Digg and Stumble to Gain Perfect Back links and Visitors

Today social websites and social bookmarking sites such as Digg, stumble, shetoldme and many others acts as a great source for getting backlinks and visitors for your blog and website.

Generally social bookmarking sites are the sites in which people submit or save their favorite links, images, videos, etc. for the future reference.

Today these bookmarking sites are helping out many webmasters by creating back links in abundance quantity, daily for their blogs and websites.

Sites like Digg, shetoldme, Stumble, Delicious, etc. are today most common used sites which are serving best for the webmasters and bloggers in providing the traffic and back links.



You can choose some of the best social sites for you to join from the list of social networking sites. Most of these websites are based on the voting process where users can submit articles or stories and can also vote for others which they think are the best.

Among these sites Digg is most popular as it gets lot of traffic each day and can return same to your sites.

How to Use The Social bookmarking Sites

You can register at these social bookmarking sites free of cost and can get the benefits. Then just create an attractive profile page that provides your viewers something new and innovative. You can also add your website link at your profile which helps you get more traffic.

On some of the sites like Digg you can also add links to your other social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook or Stumble. Different social bookmarking websites provides different services and you can make use of them accordingly.

You may submit your own blog posts or pages that you have created on your blog and receive high traffic through it. Additionally you also get the back links that increase your search engine rankings and helps you in increasing the organic traffic from these search engines.

Sites like stumble, Digg, shetoldme and others uses the system of voting and commenting by which the submitted items come up in the voting stream when voted positively by others.

Caution while Using Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites more importantly behaves as the social networking sites and should be used by caution. You should never try to SPAM the sites by just submitting the countless posts or content from your sites and blogs. This can possibly ban you from the sites and you would lose your all the back links created via these sites.

So to avoid all this just go for to “Digg” and stumble other submissions as well that are submitted by other users. Submit items not only from your site but do get involved in the site’s community so that your involvement looks natural to the site. This will make you use these sites in a natural way and helps in disguising your activities very well.

Social Bookmarking Sites Helpful in Increasing the Search Engine Traffic

As the links on most of the social bookmarking sites have “nofollow” attribute, many of the webmasters and bloggers thinks that these back links have no use to them.

But the truth is that they acts as very effective back links as the pages rank very high in Google and can send you the good traffic. Also these links passes great link juice to other search engines which do not follow the Do follow and No follow criteria for rankings.

Social book marking sites are day by day increasing its importance with hundreds of thousands of users increasing daily. Therefore using Digg and other similar social book marking sites to create back links and drive direct traffic to your site is a tool you should consider for your website.

One best tool that can help you in social bookmarking your pages automatically, is known as Social Monkee.

I am using this excellent tool from last few months and got excellent results. So i want to share it to you, so that you can also get benefit from it. Get more knowledge about it here: Social Monkee Bookmarking

Starting Up of Money Making from Blogs

Starting up of Money Making Blogs is not as hard as you think of.

For this you must know the basics of the blogging and should have proper knowledge about what you are going to do and how.

Of course to start a money making blog needs much patience and will power together with consistency and regularity to achieve your goals.

Can I Make Money Blogging

This is a first question that I asked myself when I started blogging.

It took me months to get up started and hold on to the regularity and consistency, when I tried out blogging without knowing even about the basics of it.

I was also not knowing about what it will lead and how will I get my goals of success. The actual thing I have with me is my passion to start with  money making blogs.

I developed my simple ways and follow simple rules that others adopted. I sat down for hours, just looking for other’s blogs and reading those quality contents present there.

They highly inspired me to write some of the quality contents and to continue with it.

As passion is the most important thing which will help you to achieve all, in money making blogs, one should always blog in a much passionate way.

And as I am passionate about it I worked hard and even harder.

I got my writing skills better as days passed. I wrote more and more quality contents and added them regularly on my different blogs. Actually the problem then I faced was the number of visitors I am getting.

Money Making Blogs – Low Traffic is a Real Problem

One need to have all the knowledge about search engines and back links before they can start getting the visitors to their web-pages. Visitors coming from search engines are most important and for this reason it is extremely important to implement better ways of getting them to make money from blogs.

As the visitors coming from search engines increases, the revenues your blog makes also increases. I tried out many ways to increase the rankings in the search engines and studied better ways on how to increase the page rank of my site.

These all helped me a lot to achieve and get started in what I wanted to. I got the right path for me there and now I understand what I want and what should I do to achieve my goals of starting up of money making blogs.

10 Perfect Tips on How to Give More Time for your Blog and Blogging

Every blogger wish that he should give more and more time to their blogs. They always complain about having lack of time to update their blogs, without which their blogs can’t survive in this blogosphere.

I think most of the bloggers, have to think about it and act on these tips, which can really save time and redirect the time saved in more useful things which can really help to make our blogs PERFECT.

You don’t really need more hours in a day, when you can do your work in present working hours, after saving time to relax and enjoy your life.

By an effective time management and planning we can make a day of 24 hours look like a day having 36 hours. Here I’m explaining about how to effectively save time and use for blogging and promoting your blog.

1. Stop using too many social sites like Twitter, orkut and facebook. In spite you can use only one and concentrate on it. This will effectively save your time going again and again to the different sites and doing that same boring task again and again. You can make new friends on one site and do your best to promote your blogs on it.

2. Stop looking at your site stats daily. Most of the bloggers, I have seen are much worried about the visitors coming to their blogs and the clicks received. They check these stats daily which make no use but only waste your time. You can instead just check this once a week.

3. Do not check your earnings daily. The bloggers are also seen who are very much excited to know about their earning. They check their Adsense account twice or thrice daily. This will not make your balance to increase. But you should stop seeing it daily and save this time to utilize it for some more useful ways which can actually make your Adsense balance increase. I don’t mean this for those bloggers who are earning more than $100 per hours, which I think are rare to find. They should no doubt check their earnings every hour…

4. You should also stop worrying about the links that you are gaining and about the page rank. Checking every now and then will not make your page rank to increase, instead you should work for the effective ways by which you can increase your link building and page rank which will further help you to make your blog, The Perfect one.

5. New Bloggers are also worried about the look of their blog. I think you should stop experimenting with it every day. Instead you should pick a best template for your blog which suits the niche of your blog. Once you have selected it stop caring about it. May be your visitors are in love with your design and template and when you care much about it and changes it, they can be lost. This will save your much precious time which can be more effectively used in other ways.

6. Do not check your mail every hour, unless you have some important things on it. Checking the email every time will waste your 2 minutes every e mail checked. However if you have to you can roughly go through the subject and delete it if it’s not mattering you.

7. Bloggers spend their time on Digg and stumble, submitting their posts. But you can effectively save your time if you don’t care about your post’s popularity on Digg or stumble. Sites like these are very effective and do their jobs whether you check it or not.

8. Stop using Gtalk or messenger every hour. If however you want to use it to contact with your friends, you can try it once a day for few minutes. Once you control it you can save your time for blogging.

9. Do not worry about the sales your blog is giving by the affiliate links on your blog. You can check your earnings once a week in spite of checking it every day. This will save your much precious time.

10. Do not check your Google reader every hour. This can also make you do your best jobs for your blog.

Now when you have followed all these steps, you will save more than 50% of your time in a day. You can utilize this much precious time for your blog. From today stop reading and start writing the great articles and go through the best possible ways which can make your blog stand out of this blogosphere…