3 Factors that Matters Most When Writing a Perfect Size Blog Post


Webmasters, most of the times, are really confused about how long their blog post should go to attract more viewers and customers.

They are unaware of  how long their blog posts should go when they are writing it. And in the event they simply write in a haphazard manner. But the fact is that there are many factors that decide the size of blog post when you are updating your blog and you should follow some of the rules while hitting the publishing button for your post publishing.

Many bloggers just don’t care at all about their blog posts and just write anything they want on different pages of the same blog. Their posts can be sometimes at some pages are about only 100- 150 words and sometimes it goes to 1000- 1500 words. But this is not a good thing for your blog.

Here are 3 factors for you that help you to decide how long your blog posts should be, in order to write a perfect size blog posts to attract more viewers and customers.

How Frequently You Post

This is the first and the foremost important factor that decides the length of your blog posts. According to the great webmasters and this blogger’s world, it is an accepted rule that more frequently you post, shorter can be your posts. Vice versa is also just true, that is if you post often, you should post longer posts so that it can attract your target audiences more.

Many people who likes to read daily on internet, concentrates on writing shorter posts. They prefer to read the shorter articles that matters most and provide them valuable information they are looking for.

There is big advantage of posting daily and updating your blog daily. While posting shorter posts daily you are pinging search engines about your new content that is regularly added up on your blog. This gains you much of link juice by these search engines and you will be getting more and more visitors in return.

How Consistently You Post

Your visitors and readers want some consistency form you. This makes them easy to know when you are going to post next new article on your blog. But this is the consistency that also matters most when you are writing your perfect size blog posts. This may seem similar to the first factor that is how frequently you post but is totally different from it.

When you know that you will publish your posts four to five times a week, just do it. You will have that much time to complete your job in a week and that decides how long your posts should go. As perfect size blog posts should be around 1500- 1700 words long you should maintain that flow of writing without disappointing your readers.

This way you know that you are going to develop 3 or 5 or may be 7 posts of the required length in a week. If you are finding less time to write each day you should look to develop 550- 800 words blog posts for your blog that’s also good enough if you try to maintain your post frequency.

What You Are Talking About

After knowing what you are exactly talking about in your next posts, you could get a clear picture about how long your perfect post size should go. You should also get the picture about how will you talk about it so that your readers may find it interesting and useful.

You should include the information which is much demanding and useful for your readers in a manner that they should not get bored of with your lengthy posts.

For instance if you are just talking about some news let it be some sports news, you should try to be short. This is the news which lots of people may be looking at. They want to grab it fast and easy without knowing many details. Thus you should be to the point and say it short.